Word "INSTANT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)
blink of an eye, flash, heartbeat, jiffy, new york minute, split second, trice, twinkling, wink

Part of Speech:
a particular point in time
minute, moment, second

Part of Speech:
occurring with no delay
relief was instantaneous
instant gratification

Crossword Clues for INSTANT

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Clue Source Date
Quickly prepared in street by worker maybe The Times Cryptic 27 Jun 2022
Jiffy The Telegraph Quick 09 Jun 2022
Second pressing The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Apr 2022
Short moment The Times Concise 31 Mar 2022
Demanding some coffee The Times Cryptic 24 Mar 2022
Powdered coffee The Guardian Quick 21 Feb 2022
Tick brown cans you need to recycle The Guardian Cryptic 04 Feb 2022
Like some miso soup USA Today 17 Nov 2021
Mo preserves bronze with fallen head The Telegraph Toughie 22 Jul 2021
Like some ramen and coffee USA Today 29 Apr 2021
Immediate The Telegraph Quick 17 Apr 2021
Snap New York Times 17 Apr 2021
TNT as in explosive flash The Sun Two Speed 30 Mar 2021
Immediate The Sun Two Speed 30 Mar 2021
____ Replay was a 1978 album and single by Dan Hartman The Times Specialist Sunday 07 Mar 2021
The moment for some coffee? The Sun Two Speed 18 Feb 2021
Tick isn't confused with insect The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jan 2021
Minute, hot insect under stone The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jan 2021
No time at all Newsday 12 Nov 2020
Quick coffee The Sun Two Speed 07 Nov 2020
& 19 Down Exchange online giants Massenet, Brahms & Liszt? The Telegraph Toughie 09 Oct 2020
Immediate flash The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jul 2020
Immediate Irish Times Simplex 04 Jul 2020
Coffee time? The Sun Two Speed 16 Jun 2020
Coffee in a moment The Sun Two Speed 06 May 2020
Isn't worried by insect's heartbeat The Telegraph Cryptic 05 May 2020
Play ain't about national school with the lead from Brief Encounter? Irish Times Crosaire 25 Apr 2020
Split second Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2020
Quick coffee? The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2019
Brief moment The Times Concise 22 Oct 2019
Very short time The Times Concise 13 Sep 2019
Tick in street, tiny creature The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2019
Mo isn't running with a new top on today The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jul 2019
Second isn't bad, crawler trailing behind The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jan 2019
Second favourite bit of data about November The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jan 2018
Flash The Washington Post 17 Sep 2017
Flash LA Times Daily 17 Sep 2017
Moment The Times Concise 27 Jan 2017
Sun bronze held by tin sprayed and twinkling The Telegraph Toughie 13 Dec 2016
Moment; immediate The Telegraph Quick 31 Oct 2016
Coffee in street obtained by worker The Times Cryptic 24 Oct 2016
What a spray may provide New York Times 13 Oct 2016
Blink of an eye New York Times 24 Sep 2016
Blink of an eye Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2016
Immediate; moment The Times Concise 10 May 2016
Moment Premier Sunday 08 May 2016
Second The Telegraph Quick 23 Mar 2016
What a spray may provide
Blink of an eye
Moment The Telegraph Quick 03 Sep 2015
Moment of time The Telegraph Quick 15 Aug 2015
Isn't having change of heart over worker, say, for moment The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Feb 2015
Like some coffee and potatoes
Like Cup-a-Soup
Split second
Without a wait
Like some coffee
Like some coffee
Brief time
Kind of coffee
Quick coffee
Certain coffee
Not brewed, perhaps
Not brewed
Coffee choice
Not brewed, perhaps
Coffee choice
Type of coffee
Coffee type
Kind of coffee
Kind of tea.
Kind of coffee.
One kind of coffee.
Prepared quickly.
New-fangled coffee.
The current month.
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