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Crossword Clues for IOS

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Clue Source Date
What Macs run on Newsday 09 May 2021
iPhone software USA Today 03 May 2021
Android alternative LA Times Daily 25 Apr 2021
Cyclades island Eugene Sheffer 23 Mar 2021
Safari runner, at times New York Times 11 Mar 2021
What Apples run on Newsday 21 Jan 2021
Apple's mobile platform Universal 17 Jan 2021
Apple phone software Jonesin 29 Dec 2020
Platform for Apple products USA Today 22 Dec 2020
Siri runs on it Universal 21 Dec 2020
Apple platform LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2020
Cyclades isle Eugene Sheffer 01 Dec 2020
Greek island in the Cyclades Irish Times Simplex 19 Nov 2020
Alternative to Android Wall Street Journal 20 Oct 2020
FaceTime platform USA Today 18 Oct 2020
Platform for iDevices Premier Sunday 18 Oct 2020
Platform for Siri The Washington Post 14 Sep 2020
What Apple tablets run on Newsday 20 Aug 2020
Android counterpart USA Today 12 Aug 2020
Apple mobile platform USA Today 17 Jun 2020
20 Questions category New York Times 30 Apr 2020
Platform for 1-Across The Washington Post 22 Apr 2020
Platform for Apple devices USA Today 01 Apr 2020
Apple's mobile devices run on it Jonesin 31 Mar 2020
___ 13 (2019 Apple release) Universal 16 Mar 2020
What iPads run on Premier Sunday 16 Feb 2020
App Store platform Universal 23 Dec 2019
What Apple phones run on Newsday 18 Oct 2019
What some smartphones run on New York Times 16 Oct 2019
What Apple's mobile devices run on New York Times 01 Oct 2019
It's Android incompatible The New Yorker 16 Sep 2019
Apple apps use it Premier Sunday 26 May 2019
Platform for 5-Down New York Times 15 May 2019
Android competitor Universal 10 Apr 2019
Platform for many tablets New York Times 24 Mar 2019
Apple platform seen in kiosks? The Washington Post Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Google : Android :: Apple : __ The Washington Post 03 Mar 2019
Apple software platform USA Today 19 Feb 2019
Windows competitor The Washington Post 15 Feb 2019
Platform for the podcast app Overcast The Washington Post Sunday 13 Jan 2019
Neighbor of the island Santorini New York Times 16 Nov 2018
Platform that many things run on New York Times 26 Oct 2018
Apple creation New York Times 10 Oct 2018
Apples run on it The Washington Post 23 Sep 2018
Android rival Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2018
iPad platform The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Apr 2018
What 46-Down runs on New York Times 20 Mar 2018
What Siri runs on The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Feb 2018
Platform that runs on iDevices Premier Sunday 04 Feb 2018
Android's counterpart New York Times 14 Jan 2018
Greek island in the Aegean Sea New York Times 09 Jan 2018
One of the Cyclades Thomas Joseph 20 Oct 2017
Greek island Irish Times Simplex 19 Oct 2017
Siri's platform The Washington Post Sunday 10 Sep 2017
Platform for Apple mobile devices USA Today 15 Aug 2017
iPhone platform The Washington Post 07 Aug 2017
Software on Apple smartphones USA Today 20 May 2017
Apple core, for short? The Washington Post 05 Mar 2017
Aegean island where Homer is allegedly buried The Washington Post 14 Feb 2017
Platform that runs on Apple devices Premier Sunday 12 Feb 2017
Apple devices run on it New York Times 02 Aug 2016
Androids don't use it New York Times 25 Jun 2016
Hand-held platform New York Times 04 May 2016
Runner of many Apple devices New York Times 28 Apr 2016
Moths with eyespots on their hind wings The Washington Post 14 Jan 2016
Google : Android :: Apple : ___ Jonesin 10 Sep 2015
Aegean island LA Times Daily 04 Aug 2015
Island in the Aegean New York Times 12 Mar 2015
Macs run it
Homer's final home, reputedly
Platform for many apps
Many tablets run on it
Apple's alternative to Windows Phone
iPads and iPhones run it
Windows alternative
Apple's counterpart to Windows
What some Apple devices run, briefly
Platform for modern Apple devices
Island where Homer is buried, by tradition
Apple's mobile/tablet devices run on it
Aegean Sea island
Moths with colorful eyespots on their hind wings
Island in the Cyclades
Popular Aegean island
Island on which Homer is said to be buried
Greek party island
What portable Apple products run
Colorful moths
Aegean island on which Homer is said to be buried
Android alternative for smartphones
Island where Homer is supposedly buried
Aegean tourist mecca
Aegean island near Naxos
One of Greece's Cyclades Islands
Island where Homer is allegedly buried
Island near Naxos
Island SSW of Naxos
Showy moths
Isle where Homer is buried, supposedly
Island said to be the home of Homer's tomb
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.