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Word "IRIS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
diaphragm consisting of thin overlapping plates that can be adjusted to change the diameter of a central opening
iris diaphragm

Part of Speech:
plants with sword-shaped leaves and erect stalks bearing bright-colored flowers composed of three petals and three drooping sepals
flag, fleur-de-lis, sword lily

Part of Speech:
muscular diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil which in turn controls the amount of light that enters the eye; it forms the colored portion of the eye

Crossword Clues for IRIS

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Clue Source Date
Flower or part of the eye USA Today 25 Feb 2021
Perennial plant The Sun Two Speed 16 Feb 2021
Girl in boudoir I saw The Sun Two Speed 16 Feb 2021
Woman taking shelter regularly during air raids The Telegraph Toughie 10 Feb 2021
Blue-violet shade New York Times 10 Feb 2021
Pigmented eye part Universal 03 Feb 2021
Part of the eye Newsday 02 Feb 2021
The cornea's coverer Family Time 01 Feb 2021
Light controller in a lens LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2021
Org. receiving returns The Washington Post Sunday 31 Jan 2021
Pupil-size controller Newsday 31 Jan 2021
Cornea neighbor Newsday 24 Jan 2021
Part of eye The Telegraph Quick 13 Jan 2021
Colored eye part LA Times Daily 12 Jan 2021
Van Gogh flower Universal 11 Jan 2021
Flower that may be "bearded" Universal 10 Jan 2021
Part of your eyeball Family Time 27 Dec 2020
Flower from the Greek for "rainbow" LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2020
Flower from the Greek for 'rainbow' The Washington Post 27 Dec 2020
Wild flower in a Louise Gluck title USA Today 25 Dec 2020
Body part that's also a woman's name New York Times 24 Dec 2020
Showy flower Universal 19 Dec 2020
Coloured membrane in flower The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2020
What helps a pupil grow? Universal 11 Dec 2020
Good name for an optometrist? Universal 10 Dec 2020
Some looker in Fair Isle The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2020
Sword-shaped bloom Newsday 04 Dec 2020
What surrounds the pupil New York Times 02 Dec 2020
Eye part Eugene Sheffer 26 Nov 2020
Candice Patton's role on 'The Flash' USA Today 22 Nov 2020
Michigan's state wildflower is one LA Times Daily 14 Nov 2020
Light-regulating eye part USA Today 12 Nov 2020
Girl from Dublin leaving hospital The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2020
Colorful part of the eye Newsday 03 Nov 2020
40 Down's diaphragm Newsday 30 Oct 2020
__ West, wife of DC Comics' Flash The Washington Post 25 Oct 2020
Eye part around the pupil USA Today 19 Oct 2020
Sword-leafed flower Newsday 18 Oct 2020
Spring flower LA Times Daily 12 Oct 2020
Colorful eye part Universal 09 Oct 2020
Crocus cousin Thomas Joseph 07 Oct 2020
Rainbow Eugene Sheffer 05 Oct 2020
Something of a looker this particular Murdoch? The Telegraph Toughie 15 Sep 2020
That's one in the eye for current teacher retiring Irish Times Crosaire 12 Sep 2020
Colored part of the eye Universal 23 Aug 2020
Eye color location Jonesin 18 Aug 2020
Bearded flower The Washington Post 16 Aug 2020
Tiberius' missing tube found in the garden Irish Times Crosaire 08 Aug 2020
Spring bulb Canadiana 03 Aug 2020
Plant and part of the eye Irish Times Simplex 24 Jul 2020
Girl in Kashmir isolated The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2020
One of the flowers from Trim, in a manner of speaking Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jul 2020
Eye part that may be blue Universal 02 Jul 2020
State flower of Tennessee USA Today 02 Jul 2020
Coloration in the human eye Newsday 25 Jun 2020
Pigmented ring The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jun 2020
Pupil's place The Washington Post 10 Jun 2020
Female - bit of a looker The Sun Two Speed 10 Jun 2020
Author Murdoch played onscreen by Kate Winslet and Judi Dench New York Times 07 Jun 2020
"Bearded" flower Family Time 17 May 2020
Eye opener? Premier Sunday 17 May 2020
Crocus kin LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2020
Crime fiction author Johansen Universal 27 Apr 2020
Beardless bloomer, perhaps The Washington Post Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Flag The Telegraph Quick 02 Apr 2020
Girl in Ismir I saw The Sun Two Speed 01 Apr 2020
Its first letter sounds like where it's found USA Today 28 Mar 2020
Flower or eye part Family Time 23 Mar 2020
Apt name for an eye doctor USA Today 10 Mar 2020
Flower that may be purple Universal 06 Mar 2020
Woman something of a looker? The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2020
Apt name for a botanist Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2020
Agent virtually upended into plant The Telegraph Toughie 20 Feb 2020
Murdoch who received the 1978 Booker Prize for "The Sea, the Sea" LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2020
Murdoch who received the 1978 Booker Prize for 'The Sea, the Sea' The Washington Post 06 Feb 2020
Green ring, perhaps The Washington Post Sunday 19 Jan 2020
Blossom with a "beard" The New Yorker 06 Jan 2020
Eye part that may be gray Universal 05 Jan 2020
Source of biometric data digital assistant turned over? The Telegraph Toughie 31 Dec 2019
''Bearded'' flower Family Time 30 Dec 2019
Camera lens part USA Today 23 Dec 2019
It controls the size of the pupil Family Time 15 Dec 2019
Woman from Limerick perhaps in need of husband The Telegraph Toughie 05 Dec 2019
Bit of a looker found in Fair Isle The Sun Two Speed 04 Dec 2019
Eye part spelled with two i's Universal 30 Nov 2019
Photographer's diaphragm Family Time 11 Nov 2019
Bulb that blooms Newsday 01 Nov 2019
Eye part covered by the cornea New York Times 14 Oct 2019
Greek rainbow goddess The Washington Post 27 Sep 2019
Tennessee state flower The Washington Post 22 Sep 2019
Blue ring, at times The Washington Post Sunday 15 Sep 2019
One raised in 20 down and in the flowerbed Irish Times Crosaire 14 Sep 2019
Flower in Van Gogh works USA Today 10 Sep 2019
Camera lens feature The Washington Post 01 Sep 2019
Purple flower Newsday 28 Aug 2019
Pupil surrounder Universal 25 Aug 2019
Bit of a looker, flower girl? The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2019
Divine messenger New York Times 17 Aug 2019
Flower named for a goddess New York Times 13 Aug 2019
Often-brown eye part Universal 12 Aug 2019
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