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Crossword Clues for IRKED

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Clue Source Date
Exasperated USA Today 18 Mar 2021
Ticked off Thomas Joseph 21 Jan 2021
Drove up the wall Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2021
Made angry Newsday 17 Dec 2020
Made upset Newsday 23 Sep 2020
Annoyed The Times Concise 04 Sep 2020
Bothered or pestered Family Time 22 Jun 2020
Cross New York Times 24 Nov 2019
Put out Wall Street Journal 04 Sep 2019
Ticked The Washington Post 10 Jul 2019
Cut by point of knife, one bloodied makes wound up The Telegraph Toughie 05 Jul 2019
Miffed The Washington Post 07 Jun 2019
Rankled Wall Street Journal 29 May 2019
Drove to distraction USA Today 18 May 2019
Galled Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2019
... annoyed having one end of stick splitting beetroot The Telegraph Toughie 22 Feb 2019
Provoked Inland Revenue with King Edward The Sun Two Speed 09 Sep 2018
Bugged Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2018
In a fit of pique USA Today 14 Jun 2018
Put out, angrily Universal 11 Apr 2018
Less than happy Newsday 30 Mar 2018
Irritated Universal 21 Feb 2018
Rubbed the wrong way Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2018
Drove to irritation Universal 20 Oct 2017
Bugged and bothered Universal 24 Jun 2017
Wound up mini grandfather clock at the back with two keys The Telegraph Toughie 03 May 2017
Irritated, vexed Irish Times Simplex 18 Jan 2017
Put in a foul mood Universal 22 Nov 2016
In a snit USA Today 31 Aug 2016
Teed off LA Times Daily 21 Jul 2016
Got under the skin of New York Times 25 May 2016
Bummed out Newsday 22 May 2016
Peeved New York Times 09 May 2016
Upset The Washington Post 17 Feb 2016
Bothered Universal 17 Nov 2015
Liqueur first to last has journalist disgusted The Telegraph Toughie 01 Sep 2015
Angered Newsday 13 May 2015
Displeased LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2015
Hot under the collar
Got on the nerves of
Got the goat of
A bit put out
Seeing red
Got under one's skin
Cheesed off
Really bothered
Not happy
Got to
Made mad
Really bugged
Got under (one's) skin
Troubled (by)
Grated on
Bent out of shape
Put off
Got on one's nerves
Not pleased.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.