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Crossword Clues for IRONORE

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Clue Source Date
Steel factory input Universal 22 Feb 2021
Steel source Newsday 19 Dec 2020
Shipment to a mill New York Times 21 Nov 2020
Magnetite, e.g Universal 19 Nov 2020
Raw material for steel New York Times 20 Oct 2020
Furnace input Newsday 09 May 2020
Magnetic mineral Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2020
Useful mineral The Times Concise 05 Aug 2019
Mined find Premier Sunday 02 Jun 2019
Smelter intake Wall Street Journal 16 Feb 2019
Mesabi Range yield USA Today 14 Feb 2019
Hematite, for one Premier Sunday 20 Jan 2019
Mining stuff Premier Sunday 14 Oct 2018
Smelter's need Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2018
Hematite, e.g New York Times 05 Aug 2018
Irish individual keeping gold, metal extracted from this? The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jul 2018
Mineral Renoir mixed with ochre initially The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2018
Magnetite or hematite Wall Street Journal 07 Feb 2018
Hematite, e.g.
Smelter stuff Newsday 07 Dec 2017
Smelter input Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2017
Smeltery delivery Newsday 30 Jul 2017
Raw material used to make steel Jonesin 20 Jun 2017
Smelted stuff Premier Sunday 04 Jun 2017
One of those heavy metal Deep Purple types with No 1 ran off initially with one of the sisters Irish Times Crosaire 27 May 2017
Magnetite, for one Thomas Joseph 23 May 2017
Good discovery for a miner Universal 22 Mar 2017
Miner's discovery Universal 04 Mar 2017
Hematite or magnetite USA Today 26 Feb 2017
Material for a smelter Wall Street Journal 10 Jan 2017
Source of metal The Times Concise 25 Oct 2016
Major export of Western Australia New York Times 01 Oct 2016
Haematite obtained from robust seaweed The Telegraph Toughie 17 May 2016
Rock or mineral from which a hard magnetic metal can be extracted The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 May 2016
Metal in its raw form The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2016
Crude stuff written in biro? No really! The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2016
You can dig it LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2016
Steel mill delivery Newsday 13 Dec 2015
Blast furnace input Newsday 11 Oct 2015
Valuable resource — gold — hoarded by Irish individual The Times Cryptic 23 Apr 2015
Steel mill input Premier Sunday 15 Feb 2015
Blast furnace fodder
Raw metal for smelting
Steel-mill delivery
Mesabi Range product
Cargo on the ill-fated Edmund Fitzgerald
Limonite, e.g.
Steel foundry input
Smeltery stock
Raw material for a steel mill
Hematite or limonite
Mesabi Range resource
Material searched for in vein?
Resource of western Australia
Mesabi Range export
Major export of Brazil and Australia
Refinement candidate
Cargo on the Edmund Fitzgerald when it sank in Lake Superior
Source of the most widely used metal
Mesabi Range output
Raw material for a steel factory
Birmingham resource
Edmund Fitzgerald cargo
Mesabi yield
Magnetite, e.g.
Miner's find
Turgite or limonite
Shipment to a steel mill
Smelted material
Smeltery fodder
Steelmaking need
Smeltery input
Mine strike
Minnesota resource
Taconite, e.g.
Limonite, for one
S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald's cargo
Raw metal
Refined find
Mesabi Range find
Refinement subject
Crust component
Mined-over matter?
Siderite, for one
Mesabi Range wealth
Magnetite, for example
Fool's gold, e.g.
Metal container?
Picked-out material?
Smelter's intake
Taconite, for one
Steelmaking stuff
Taconite or siderite
Mill stone?
Steel ancestor
Raw material for smelting
Steelers' need
Mesabi output
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.