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Crossword Clues for IWON

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Clue Source Date
Victorious shout Universal 06 Mar 2021
Victor's cry Eugene Sheffer 06 Mar 2021
Excited cry after scratching a lottery ticket New York Times 21 Feb 2021
*Triumphant cry (Hit!) Universal 30 Jan 2021
'Victory is mine!' USA Today 28 Dec 2020
Exultant cry in a casino USA Today 27 Dec 2020
Champ's boast USA Today 21 Dec 2020
Shout of victory New York Times 01 Oct 2020
Triumphant outburst Newsday 02 Aug 2020
Victor's shout USA Today 17 Jul 2020
Lucky ticket holder's cry New York Times 22 Dec 2019
''You didn't defeat me!'' Newsday 09 Dec 2019
Remark from the victor The Washington Post Sunday 24 Nov 2019
Victor's gloat Premier Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Exclamation after using a scratch-off, maybe Universal 25 Sep 2019
Cry of victory Newsday 31 Jul 2019
Firm refusal The Washington Post Sunday 30 Jun 2019
Exultant exclamation The Washington Post Sunday 05 May 2019
''Victory is mine!'' Newsday 07 Jan 2019
''Gin!,'' essentially Newsday 11 Aug 2018
Champ's cry The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Mar 2018
"Victory is mine!" USA Today 21 Feb 2018
Possible comment after sweeping Newsday 10 Feb 2018
Obscure The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Sep 2017
Exultant cry New York Times 18 Aug 2017
Excited cry in a casino New York Times 11 Jun 2017
Triumphant shout The Washington Post 29 Mar 2017
Triumphant boast New York Times 09 Feb 2017
"Bingo!," essentially
Triumphant cry The Washington Post 16 Dec 2016
Victor's reaction Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2016
Victorious cry Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2016
Champion's cry USA Today 24 Jun 2016
Joyful shout Newsday 15 Apr 2016
Rare cry from the slots LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2016
Shout of triumph Newsday 04 Jan 2016
Text from a champion Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2015
''Oh, lucky day!'' Newsday 21 May 2015
''Checkmate!'' Newsday 20 Mar 2015
Victor's boast New York Times 18 Feb 2015
"Oh, lucky day!"
Lucky lotto player's shout
When repeated, a happy cry
Gleeful cry
Victor's outburst
Triumphant taunt
Happy casino cry
"Hurray for me!"
When repeated, lucky lottery purchaser's cry
"Congratulations to me!"
Victory cry
Game cry
Leader's last words, perhaps
Cry from the victor
Lucky lottery player's cry
Victorious outburst
Shout heard around slots, on occasion
Joyful cry
Gloating cry
Champion's shout
Arms-up declaration
Lottery player's cry of elation
Cry of glee
Champion's boast
Jubilant cry after the game
"Glory is mine!"
Victor's declaration
Defeater's cry
Lottery player's happy shout
Game player's gleeful cry
Exuberant casino cry
Gloating words
Self-congratulatory statement
Self-congratulatory cry
"How ___ the War" (cynical 1967 parody)
Triumphant words
Lottery player's exultant cry
Lottery cry
Victor's excited cry
Taunt re past triumphs
Cry after "Yippee!"
"How _____ the War" (1967)
Victor's eventual cry
"How ___ the War" (1967 film)
"In. Your. Face."
"Checkmate, sucker!"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.