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Word "JAMB" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
upright consisting of a vertical side member of a door or window frame

Crossword Clues for JAMB

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Clue Source Date
Doorway part Premier Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Door frame component Jonesin 26 Jan 2021
Door keeper Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2021
A window may go in it New York Times 10 Dec 2020
Doorframe part Premier Sunday 25 Oct 2020
Side of a doorway Newsday 22 Sep 2020
Door support The Washington Post 16 Aug 2020
Doorway piece The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jun 2020
Doorframe piece Eugene Sheffer 30 Apr 2020
Door part Thomas Joseph 11 Mar 2020
Part of a frame job?
Door piece Jonesin 06 Aug 2019
Door frame part USA Today 21 Jun 2019
Doorway side post The Times Concise 31 May 2019
Frame component New York Times 07 May 2019
Fix top of bedroom doorpost The Telegraph Cryptic 01 May 2019
Part of a door frame USA Today 28 Apr 2019
Frame upright USA Today 27 Apr 2019
Door frame upright USA Today 08 Apr 2019
Door frame Family Time 23 Dec 2018
Doorway side The Washington Post 01 Nov 2018
Something might hinge on it Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2018
Post of door The Telegraph Quick 07 Sep 2018
Doorway frame Family Time 09 Jul 2018
Entryway piece Family Time 10 Jun 2018
Either of two side posts on which a lintel rests The Times Specialist Sunday 27 May 2018
Vertical door part The Washington Post 13 Nov 2017
Window component New York Times 23 Sep 2017
Member in a frame job Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2017
Part of a doorframe USA Today 04 Jun 2017
Doorway sidepiece Family Time 07 Nov 2016
What door supplier verbally promises for tomorrow, not today? The Telegraph Toughie 01 Nov 2016
Part of doorway to get stuck reportedly The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Oct 2016
Hinge holder LA Times Daily 07 Oct 2016
Preserve second-class post The Telegraph Toughie 31 May 2016
Window frame part USA Today 20 Apr 2016
Arch support The Washington Post 29 Nov 2015
When called out, fix part of window frame The Times Cryptic 30 Oct 2015
Doorframe USA Today 21 Oct 2015
Entrance support LA Times Daily 04 Sep 2015
Preserve British entry by post? Au contraire The Telegraph Toughie 01 May 2015
Side of a door
Doorway component
Door-frame part
Door neighbor
Entrance side
Doorframe's vertical part
Strike plate's place
It's perpendicular to a threshold
Architectural upright
Window-frame part
Door frame member
Window segment
Door frame piece
Door post
Either side of a doorway
Side post
Frame part
Doorway feature
Lintel adjoiner
Entrance feature
Vertical doorpost
Side post of a door
Part of a frame
Frame side
Door feature
Doorframe component
Door frame side
Threshold adjoiner
Window piece
Vertical side of a doorway
Entryway framer
Opening sidepiece
Window side post
Upright framing piece
Doorframe upright
What a hinge might connect to
Part of a window frame
Place for part of a hook-and-eye assembly
Doorframe segment
Window side
Part of a doorway
Opening side
Door frame, in part
Member of a frame
Entrance part
Side of a window
Part of a door
Frame's upright member
30-Down part
Vertical side, as of an arch
Vertical post
Framing piece
Frame piece
Door-frame upright
Window's support
Leaning post
Piece of door siding
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.