Word "JETTISON" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
throw as from an airplane

Part of Speech:
throw away, of something encumbering

Crossword Clues for JETTISON

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Clue Source Date
Plane is cutting weight in offload The Times Cryptic 12 Apr 2022
Discard stone — it upset child The Guardian Quiptic 21 Mar 2022
Drop a stone? One’s required to cut weight The Times Cryptic 10 Feb 2022
Throw something overboard Irish Times Simplex 10 Nov 2021
Discard The Telegraph Quick 06 Oct 2021
Junk is not moving at bottom of stream The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Aug 2021
Discard The Telegraph Quick 10 May 2021
Abandon visitor from afar in a variety of joints The Telegraph Toughie 26 Mar 2021
Get rid of black -- it's no different The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Nov 2020
Discard black metal boxes thus The Telegraph Toughie 10 Nov 2020
Aircraft is not flying - get rid of it Irish Times Crosaire 04 Nov 2020
Throw black rock like that into container The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2019
Throw overboard The Telegraph Quick 29 Jun 2019
Black is not unusual for ditch The Telegraph Toughie 11 Jul 2018
Throw overboard Eugene Sheffer 31 May 2018
Similar to one of those in 23 down getting car from one family member for scrap Irish Times Crosaire 12 Apr 2018
Abandon, discard The Times Concise 24 Oct 2017
Offload one lad by pier after docking The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Oct 2017
Plane? No, it's undergoing repair in shed The Telegraph Toughie 21 Sep 2017
Spray on square first coming off spring in dump? Irish Times Crosaire 25 May 2017
Abandon plane and sit back working The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Dec 2016
Black is in fashion in dump The Telegraph Toughie 05 Apr 2016
Ship's discarded cargo The Telegraph General Knowledge 06 Mar 2016
Chuck set joint out of whack The Telegraph Toughie 30 Oct 2015
To eject from plane is not catastrophic The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Oct 2015
Criminal joint set in dump Irish Times Crosaire 14 Oct 2015
Throw overboard The Times Concise 12 Oct 2015
Black is in fashion, chuck The Telegraph Toughie 03 Jun 2015
Dump The Telegraph Quick 02 Jun 2015
Black is embraced by fashionable people? Junk! The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Apr 2015
Throw overboard USA Today 23 Jan 2015
Throw overboard
Throw overboard
Throw away
Toss overboard
Throw overboard
Throw overboard
Toss overboard
Throw overboard.
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