Word "JUBILEE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a special anniversary (or the celebration of it)

Crossword Clues for JUBILEE

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Clue Source Date
Line of underground humour not new in summer month The Telegraph Toughie 03 Jun 2022
Special anniversary The Times Concise 13 May 2022
Notable anniversary Universal 19 Jun 2021
Festival month sees indefinite number succumbing to ill temper The Telegraph Toughie 09 Sep 2020
Special anniversary Eugene Sheffer 22 Nov 2019
Golden time New York Times 29 Mar 2019
Special anniversary Universal 18 Jan 2019
Special anniversary
Golden time
Anniversary celebration LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2016
Significant anniversary LA Times Daily 31 Jul 2016
Significant anniversary
Anniversary The Telegraph Quick 20 Feb 2015
Anniversary bash
Cherries ___
Anniversary gala
Anniversary gala
Golden __: 50th anniversary
Golden __: 50th anniversary
Festive occasion
Big celebration
On fire, as some desserts
Diamond celebration
Anniversary party
50th anniversary, for one
Season of joy.
Season of rejoicing.
Celebration of an anniversary.
Victoria's celebration, 1887.
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