Word "JUMP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
pass over, skip, skip over

Part of Speech:
descent with a parachute

Part of Speech:
cause to jump or leap
the trainer jumped the tiger through the hoop

Crossword Clues for JUMP

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Clue Source Date
Miss trial, or slam into prison with Spooner? The Guardian Cryptic 11 May 2022
Bound The Washington Post 06 May 2022
Bound LA Times Daily 06 May 2022
Get up? Universal 07 Apr 2022
Spring, leap The Times Concise 26 Feb 2022
Go for a rebound The Washington Post 19 Jan 2022
Go for a rebound LA Times Daily 19 Jan 2022
Leap The Guardian Quick 17 Jan 2022
1992 #1 hit for hip-hop’s Kris Kross Wall Street Journal 24 Nov 2021
Leap Universal 11 Sep 2021
Follower of hop and skip New York Times 24 May 2021
Sharp increase New York Times 13 Mar 2021
Leap in the air The Times Concise 06 Mar 2021
Sudden increase Newsday 04 Feb 2021
Leap The Sun Two Speed 01 Jan 2021
Judge and posh MP seen in spring The Sun Two Speed 01 Jan 2021
Leap Universal 06 Dec 2020
Skydive Eugene Sheffer 24 Nov 2020
Juliet seen with posh politician in spring The Sun Two Speed 21 Nov 2020
Leap USA Today 22 Oct 2020
Leap LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2019
Leap The Washington Post 12 Dec 2019
Suddenly increase The Times Concise 17 Sep 2019
Checkers move Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2019
Checkers move
Checkers move LA Times Daily 30 Aug 2018
Checkers move The Washington Post 30 Aug 2018
Play with a bungee, perhaps Newsday 03 Jun 2018
Spring The Telegraph Quick 03 Mar 2018
Spring garment top lady discarded The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jan 2018
Checkers move
Rise suddenly Newsday 27 Aug 2017
Sudden large increase The Times Concise 16 Aug 2017
Skydiving instance Newsday 09 Jul 2017
Bound Thomas Joseph 02 Jun 2017
Leap The Telegraph Quick 27 May 2017
Head start LA Times Daily 11 May 2017
Head start The Washington Post 11 May 2017
Checkers move Newsday 08 Feb 2017
Head start
Make like a celebrated Calaveras County frog The Washington Post 09 Nov 2016
Checkers maneuver Universal 24 Oct 2016
Checkers move USA Today 12 Oct 2016
Get visibly startled Jonesin 09 Aug 2016
Vault, bound The Telegraph Quick 07 Aug 2016
Leap Eugene Sheffer 12 Dec 2015
__ shot LA Times Daily 02 May 2015
__ shot
Sudden increase
Revive, as a battery
Stalled driver's request
Sudden start
Word with seat or suit
Begin to dive
Begin to dive
1983 Van Halen single
Checkers move
Word that can precede each set of circled letters, forming a literal hint for entering certain answers in this puzzle
___ at (eagerly accept)
Make use of a bungee cord
See 38-Across
Obey with alacrity
1992 Kris Kross hit
Be skittish
Word before ball or bail
Kangaroo's movement
Sudden increase
Parachutist's act
Checkers maneuver
Show strength during a bridge auction
Toss-up on a court
React to a "boo!"
Kangaroo movement
Toss-up on a court
With 58-Across, got going the hard way, perhaps
Use a parachute
Van Halen's biggest hit
A.A.A. offering
Use a pogo stick
"Go ___ in a lake!"
Parachutist's act
Parachute descent
Cannonball, e.g.
Van Halen hit
1984 Van Halen hit
#1 hit for Van Halen
Carl Lewis specialty
Dealing with red tape
See 10-Across
Basie's "One O'clock ___"
Dealing with red tape
Parachute practice
Ball or rope preceder
Checkers move
Checkers ploy
How to get on the bandwagon
Emulate 1 Down
(Edited by J.N. Lewis) Parachute
Skydive...or...need we say more?
Parachute ___
Move quickly
Checkers move
Start, as a dead battery
It can be high or broad
Move, in checkers
Rise suddenly
Checkers move
A move in checkers
Be skittish
Beginning advantage
Checkers move.
Track event.
Sudden transition.
Move in checkers.
What airborne troops do.
Parachuter's business.
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