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Word "KEEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
walk as if unable to control one's movements
careen, lurch, reel, stagger, swag

Part of Speech:
a projection or ridge that suggests a keel

Part of Speech:
one of the main longitudinal beams (or plates) of the hull of a vessel; can extend vertically into the water to provide lateral stability

Crossword Clues for KEEL

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Clue Source Date
It's below belowdecks New York Times 16 Jan 2021
Ship's backbone Newsday 29 Dec 2020
Bottom of a ship Universal 26 Dec 2020
Ship stabilizer Universal 12 Nov 2020
Bottom of a boat The Washington Post Sunday 13 Sep 2020
Boat backbone Wall Street Journal 01 Sep 2020
On an even ___ (balanced) USA Today 19 Aug 2020
Hull backbone Jonesin 04 Aug 2020
Ship's spine LA Times Daily 28 Jul 2020
On an even __ Newsday 15 Jul 2020
Shipbuilder's starting point The Washington Post 20 Jun 2020
Structure on a ship's bottom USA Today 11 May 2020
Hull beam Newsday 08 May 2020
Hull part Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2020
On an even ___ (steady) New York Times 17 Mar 2020
Fall (over) Eugene Sheffer 05 Mar 2020
Underwater projection LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2020
Bow-to-stern beam Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2019
Boat bottom Thomas Joseph 17 Oct 2019
Ridge on a hull Universal 13 Oct 2019
Swiss-born artist moving first piece of luggage to bottom part of ship The Telegraph Toughie 03 Oct 2019
With 37-Down, faint dead away USA Today 30 Sep 2019
Ship's bottom Jonesin 24 Sep 2019
Knowhow to start to fish in part of ship Irish Times Crosaire 14 Sep 2019
On an even __ (balanced) Newsday 10 Sep 2019
Base of a ship The Times Concise 14 Aug 2019
Backbone of a boat New York Times 13 Aug 2019
Topple (over) Universal 12 Aug 2019
Stabilizing ship part Universal 10 Aug 2019
Stem-to-stern structure Newsday 02 Aug 2019
Balance beam? New York Times 26 Jul 2019
Part of ship's frame The Telegraph Quick 19 Jul 2019
Stem-to-stern piece USA Today 20 Apr 2019
On an even ___ Jonesin 09 Apr 2019
Sailboat's stabilizer USA Today 08 Feb 2019
Schooner's spine
__ over (capsize) Newsday 06 Nov 2018
Long base of a ship The Times Concise 01 Nov 2018
Long part on a boat's bottom The Telegraph Quick 23 Jul 2018
Boat's backbone Universal 25 Jun 2018
Bottom of the sea? New York Times 26 May 2018
Nautical stabilizer The Washington Post Sunday 20 May 2018
Boat's spine Premier Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Stabilizing structure on a ship Family Time 05 Mar 2018
Collapse, with 'over' The Washington Post 10 Nov 2017
Collapse, with "over" LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2017
Capsizing deterrent The Washington Post 29 Oct 2017
Underwater stabilizer The Washington Post 22 Oct 2017
Stem-to-stern support USA Today 11 Oct 2017
Spine of a ship Newsday 15 Aug 2017
Place for barnacles New York Times 21 Jul 2017
Lay the ___ (start a ship's construction) USA Today 28 Jun 2017
__ over (topple) Newsday 25 Apr 2017
Nautical spine Universal 23 Jan 2017
Boat stabilizer Universal 25 Nov 2016
Ship's stem-to-stern stabilizer The Washington Post 19 Nov 2016
Ocean bottom? New York Times 04 Sep 2016
Stabilizing part Universal 24 Jun 2016
Capsize (with "over") Universal 20 Jun 2016
Fictional home that was won in an all-night poker game New York Times 02 Jun 2016
Report of university member making contribution to vessel The Telegraph Toughie 12 Apr 2016
Something a scow lacks New York Times 19 Feb 2016
Capsize, with "over" LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2016
Ship part Canadiana 25 Jan 2016
Something often described as "even"
Part of ship's hull The Times Concise 02 Dec 2015
Part of a ship's hull Universal 08 Oct 2015
over (faint) Eugene Sheffer 03 Aug 2015
What's even on a ship? New York Times 07 Jul 2015
Part of a hull Newsday 01 May 2015
Howard of musicals Eugene Sheffer 22 Apr 2015
Boat's bottom Eugene Sheffer 16 Apr 2015
Carina Eugene Sheffer 14 Apr 2015
What a ship's ribs are connected to New York Times 18 Mar 2015
Bottom of the boat USA Today 16 Feb 2015
On an even __ (steady) Newsday 06 Jan 2015
Whaler's spine
Even ___
Ship's central beam
Longitudinal boat timber
Bottom of a ship's hull
Stem-to-stern stabilizer
Boat base
Barnacle site, perhaps
Barkentine backbone
Start for a shipbuilder
Bow attachment
Beam from one end to the other
Tip, with "over"
___ over (collapse)
Stem-to-stern part
Stabilizing structure
Hull attachment
Part of a ship
Bottom of the ocean?
__ over (faint)
Stem-to-stern timber
Sailing stabilizer
Naval backbone?
Nautical beam
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.