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Word "KERNEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
center, centre, core, essence, gist, heart, heart and soul, inwardness, marrow, meat, nitty-gritty, nub, pith, substance, sum

Part of Speech:
the inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone
black walnut kernels are difficult to get out of the shell

Part of Speech:
a single whole grain of a cereal
a kernel of corn

Crossword Clues for KERNEL

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Clue Source Date
Inner part of a seed Irish Times Simplex 23 Mar 2021
Grain Canadiana 01 Feb 2021
Edible part of nut The Times Concise 16 Sep 2020
Gist Newsday 13 Sep 2020
Army officer's spoken with heart The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Aug 2020
Network foundation on lough and lake, in essence Irish Times Crosaire 16 Apr 2020
Unit of corn Premier Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Essence Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2020
Inner part of a seed, the heart of the matter Irish Times Simplex 20 Aug 2019
Essential part Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2019
Pop Secret tidbit The Washington Post Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Part of vessel occupied by navy, in essence The Telegraph Toughie 02 Apr 2019
Bit of corn The Washington Post 07 Jan 2019
Officer reportedly shows soft heart The Telegraph Toughie 03 Jan 2019
Cob growth Universal 30 Dec 2018
Seed of wheat The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Inner part of nut The Times Concise 31 Oct 2018
Jiffy Pop bit USA Today 02 Oct 2018
Corn piece Premier Sunday 05 Aug 2018
Niblet New York Times 27 May 2018
Nucleus The Telegraph Quick 24 Feb 2018
Piece of corn Newsday 18 Dec 2017
Back end of lough and lake, in essence Irish Times Crosaire 19 Oct 2017
Corn seed Premier Sunday 15 Oct 2017
Centre of stabiliser split by sailors The Telegraph Toughie 09 Aug 2017
Ear item Thomas Joseph 20 Jul 2017
Popcorn piece Universal 14 Jul 2017
Core military authority announced The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jan 2017
Part of ship in which sailors stored grain The Times Cryptic 10 Jun 2016
Seed The Telegraph Quick 26 May 2016
Orville Redenbacher's unit Universal 20 Apr 2016
Part of a nut The Telegraph Quick 24 May 2015
Corny bit Universal 23 May 2015
In essence, reading to Pole in lower part of ship Irish Times Crosaire 27 Mar 2015
Small nugget, as of the truth
Ear piece?
Essence of an idea
Unpopped popcorn piece
Corny bit?
Unpopped popcorn
Corn unit
Unpopped corn
Ear piece
Ear component
Core of a computer's operating system
Wheat seed
Central part
Corn bit
Bit of truth
Part of an ear
Morsel of corn
Whole seed grain
Corn cob member
Ear part
Grain of corn
Bit of truth?
Piece of an ear
Wheat component
Seed grain
Fruit seed
Gist or core.
Central part of anything.
Seed of wheat.
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