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Crossword Clues for LAIT

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Clue Source Date
Café au ___ Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2021
Milk, in Marseille The Washington Post 05 Apr 2021
Drink for un bébé New York Times 07 Mar 2021
Café au — (light brown) Premier Sunday 31 Jan 2021
Source de la crème Wall Street Journal 21 Jan 2021
Cannes milk Eugene Sheffer 06 Jan 2021
Café au — Premier Sunday 01 Nov 2020
Milk, in French USA Today 10 Oct 2020
French for 'milk' USA Today 04 Sep 2020
What some coffee menus list as ''misto'' Newsday 11 Jul 2020
Milk: Fr New York Times 05 Apr 2020
''Additif au'' 60 Down Newsday 28 Feb 2020
Chocolat chaud need The Washington Post 04 Aug 2019
Montrealer's milk
Base for une sauce béchamel The Chronicle of Higher Education 17 Aug 2018
French vanilla ice cream ingredient New York Times 03 Aug 2018
Something to pour dans votre café New York Times 15 May 2018
''Yaourt,'' essentially Newsday 09 Dec 2017
Fromage ingredient Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2017
Cafe au ___ Jonesin 22 Aug 2017
Café au -- Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2017
''Soupe au __'' (thin-skinned, to Thérèse) Newsday 17 Jun 2017
Café additive New York Times 23 Apr 2017
Leche, across the Pyrenees The Washington Post 20 Apr 2017
Au ___ Jonesin 28 Mar 2017
Café supply The Washington Post 04 Mar 2017
Béchamel base LA Times Daily 26 Nov 2016
Marseille milk Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2016
Metz milk LA Times Daily 14 Jul 2016
Product from une vache New York Times 27 Feb 2016
Café addition
Espresso machine ingredient Newsday 04 Dec 2015
French dairy product LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2015
Milk, to Marcel Thomas Joseph 10 Jun 2015
Café au __ LA Times Daily 19 May 2015
Au ___ (with milk) USA Today 07 Mar 2015
Bit of French in some Starbucks orders
Thé addition
It might be found in a café
Bébé's need
Brest milk
"Sucre" alternative, maybe
Chocolat au ____
Milk, in Paris
It may be pasteurisé
Cafe additive
Milk, in Metz
Café lightener
Cafe lightener
Brest milk?
Addition to café
`Cafe` additive
Fromage base
Serving with gâteau, maybe
Chocolat au ___
"Café" addition
Café enhancer
Cafe addition
Milk, in Montreal
Bébé's intake
Milk, to Marcel Marceau
Cafe au __
Starbucks menu word
Milk in Cannes
Milk for a madame
Cafe partner
Caf‚ additive
Milk, abroad
Cafe option
Milk, to Mimi
Milk of Cannes
Café au _____
Café partner
CafÇ au __
Milk, in Montmartre
Milk of Marseilles
Marseilles milk
"Cafe au __"
Milk in Cannes
Caf au ____
Bébé fare
Milk: Fr.
Café companion
Creme's kin
Cafe au ____
Cafe supplement
Café au ____
Milk in Marseilles
Cafe cooler
Beverage from une vache
Café au lait
Cafe au _____
Parisian milk
Milk for a bébé
Milk in Marseille
Milk, in Champagne
French milk
Milk, in France
Parisian's milk
French drink
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.