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Word "LAITY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
in Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy

Crossword Clues for LAITY

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Clue Source Date
Churchgoing group Newsday 03 Feb 2021
Non-clerical people The Times Concise 21 Feb 2020
Unordained people The Times Concise 01 Feb 2020
Clergy's counterpart Thomas Joseph 21 Nov 2019
Members of the flock USA Today 16 Nov 2019
Non-clergy The Times Concise 21 Jun 2019
Flock New York Times 21 Dec 2018
Carelessness having cross obscured for those in a congregation? The Telegraph Toughie 09 May 2018
Ordinary people The Times Concise 11 Mar 2018
Clergy opposite Universal 26 Feb 2018
Pastor's flock Universal 18 Dec 2017
The ordinary churchgoers running Italy Irish Times Crosaire 14 Nov 2017
Churchgoers, collectively New York Times 24 Jul 2017
Group sitting in pews Universal 12 Jun 2017
Those not in the clergy The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2016
People not ordained to keep wine in place? The Times Cryptic 03 Oct 2016
Congregational members showing lack of discipline ignoring cross The Times Cryptic 30 Sep 2016
Unprofessional types showing sloppiness, but don't get cross! The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jun 2016
Nonclergy Eugene Sheffer 29 Sep 2015
People who are not clerics The Telegraph General Knowledge 28 Jun 2015
Carelessness not unknown in ministers? No The Times Cryptic 11 May 2015
Not the clergy The Telegraph Quick 05 May 2015
Parishioners, collectively Eugene Sheffer 04 Feb 2015
Everyone except the clergy
Group in pews
People in the pews
Nonclerical group
Church group
Body that's not the clergy
Pastor's followers
Non-clergy group
Congregation members
Flock at church
Church brothers and sisters
Non-ordained members of a church
They rarely do clerical work
Church members
Parishioners, as a group
Members of the congregation
Worshippers not in the clergy
Members of a flock
Flock members
Clergyman's audience
Those not of the cloth
Whom preachers preach to
Pews occupants
Ordinary churchfolk
Those attended to by clergy
Flock, so to speak
All but the clergy
Pew occupants
Group that doesn't include priests
Worshipers, to ministers
Clergy counterpart
Hymn singers
Outsiders of sorts
People in the service
Religious worshipers
Congregation, vis- -vis the minister
Parishioners, largely
Nonsecular types
Parishioners, e.g.
The non-professionals
Parishioners, to a pastor
Those not of the clergy
The mass of the people
Secular body
Ones outside a profession
Not clergy
Professional outsiders.
Parishioners, for instance.
Nonprofessional people.
Those not of a certain profession.
Nonprofessionals, as a group.
The people, as distinguished from the clergy.
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