Word "LAMP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an artificial source of visible illumination

Part of Speech:
a piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs

Crossword Clues for LAMP

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Clue Source Date
It brightens up the room New York Times 24 Apr 2024
Aladdin's prized possession
A 50-ampere light (4)
Aladdin's prized possession
Ornate Tiffany creation
Round about a thousand will be needed in the power cut (4)
Light Mirror Quick 09 Apr 2024
The French politician finds illumination Mirror Cryptic 09 Apr 2024
Aladdin's find Family Time 07 Apr 2024
It throws light on broken palm (4)
Genie's confines Newsday 24 Mar 2024
Domestic light (4) Puzzler 20 Mar 2024
A light (4)
Lighter left beside hearing aid?
Genie's home USA Today 15 Mar 2024
Device that forms the "I" in the Pixar logo LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2024
Source of light on a desk
Light therapy device USA Today 05 Mar 2024
It burns one's palm, possibly (4)
Left piece of audio equipment with light
Genie's home Universal 05 Feb 2024
Light on a bedside table
Genie's home? Mirror Tea Time 27 Jan 2024
Paraffin light? (4)
Bedside light source
Form of illumination (4)
Bulb – its brightness? The Guardian Cryptic 04 Jan 2024
Desk light Mirror Tea Time 02 Jan 2024
Bedside light LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2024
Aladdin's magical object
Light fixture on an end table
Light source Commuter 21 Dec 2023
Left one politician to see the light (4)
(Lava [?)shade]
Genie’s home Eugene Sheffer 09 Dec 2023
Source of light, given a measure of current (4)
Statue of Liberty: "I lift my ___ beside the golden door"
Light when you strike gently (4)
Bedside table accessory
Light on a night stand New York Times 30 Oct 2023
Genie's home, in the stories
Table ___ (small light)
Illuminating table item
Aladdin's magical object
Oil-fueled light source essential for camping
Genie's home Eugene Sheffer 25 Jul 2023
Genie's confines LA Times Daily 23 Jul 2023
Night table item Universal 22 Jul 2023
Object in the Pixar logo
Magical item held by Aladdin New York Times 07 Jul 2023
Bedside light source
Light on a bedside table Universal 02 Jul 2023
Light source USA Today 26 Jun 2023
Magical item in 'Aladdin' New York Times 05 Jun 2023
Aladdin's treasure
Bedside light New York Times 22 May 2023
Genie's home Eugene Sheffer 04 May 2023
Genie's home Eugene Sheffer 14 Apr 2023
Light source Canadiana 20 Mar 2023
Lava ___ (retro fixture) Universal 19 Mar 2023
Desktop light LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2023
Aladdin's possession
Lava __ LA Times Daily 13 Nov 2022
Tabletop light source Newsday 31 Oct 2022
Light source
Nightstand light USA Today 30 Oct 2022
Light source Family Time 23 Oct 2022
Light source The Guardian Quick 19 Oct 2022
Source of light The Times Concise 15 Oct 2022
Bedside light Universal 27 Sep 2022
Light provider Family Time 11 Sep 2022
Genie's home USA Today 10 Sep 2022
Reading light LA Times Daily 29 Aug 2022
Light source USA Today 28 Aug 2022
Miner's light source
Genie's quarters
Night reader's light source
Aladdin’s discovery Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2022
Aladdin rubbed one
Genie's home Eugene Sheffer 29 Apr 2022
It may be found standing on a table
What gets turned on after dark? Universal 03 Apr 2022
Sound equipment covered by large light The Times Cryptic 25 Mar 2022
Caver helmet attachment Newsday 25 Mar 2022
Den light, perhaps
Common table topper Newsday 20 Jan 2022
Reader's light Thomas Joseph 18 Jan 2022
Aladdin discovered it Family Time 17 Jan 2022
Shines a light on the extremes of labour camp Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jan 2022
End table fixture Universal 05 Jan 2022
Genie's digs LA Times Daily 29 Dec 2021
Aladdin's treasure
Tanning salon device USA Today 21 Dec 2021
Indoor light provider Family Time 06 Dec 2021
Pixar’s Luxo Jr., e.g Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2021
Genie's home Eugene Sheffer 02 Nov 2021
Desktop illuminator Premier Sunday 24 Oct 2021
Genie’s locale New York Times 19 Oct 2021
Genie's abode LA Times Daily 21 Sep 2021
Genie's abode The Washington Post 21 Sep 2021
Genie's home Eugene Sheffer 11 Sep 2021
One might stand on a table New York Times 12 Aug 2021
Bedside fixture Universal 11 Aug 2021
Genie's home in a tale
Genie's place Universal 28 Jul 2021
Bedside light USA Today 27 Jul 2021
Spelunker's aid New York Times 09 Jul 2021
Light source Universal 03 Jul 2021
Reading light Newsday 30 Jun 2021
Light close to central current unit
Genie's abode Universal 24 Apr 2021
Desktop accessory Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2021
Strike a light The Telegraph Toughie 14 Apr 2021
Reading aid Newsday 20 Mar 2021
Bedside appliance Newsday 28 Feb 2021
Aladdin's prized possession
Reading aid Wall Street Journal 11 Feb 2021
Genie's home Eugene Sheffer 03 Feb 2021
The letter 'I' in Pixar's logo New York Times 19 Jan 2021
Lighter grip, head released
Desk light USA Today 04 Dec 2020
Tiffany creation Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2020
Object in the Pixar logo Universal 20 Nov 2020
Device with a bulb The Washington Post Sunday 15 Nov 2020
Genie's home Newsday 04 Nov 2020
Nightstand topper Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2020
To hit — heavy or light
Luminous stand-in for Pixar's 'i' USA Today 21 Sep 2020
Floor or table fixture Universal 16 Sep 2020
Tanning device LA Times Daily 20 Aug 2020
Tanning device The Washington Post 20 Aug 2020
Shines a light on the extremes of labour camp Irish Times Crosaire 19 Aug 2020
Light source Universal 19 Aug 2020
Light source on a desk, say
Lava ___ USA Today 03 Aug 2020
Genie's abode
Artificial source of illumination Irish Times Simplex 18 Jul 2020
Source of light The Times Concise 26 Jun 2020
Reading light Universal 30 May 2020
Light on a table Newsday 25 May 2020
Genie's home in a tale
Light source LA Times Daily 23 Apr 2020
Light source The Washington Post 23 Apr 2020
Genie houser Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2020
What Aladdin rubbed Universal 10 Apr 2020
Genie's abode
Throws light on alley, as characters in Strip Mall are back Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jan 2020
Night-table light Newsday 20 Jan 2020
Aladdin's find Thomas Joseph 10 Dec 2019
Light The Times Concise 16 Nov 2019
End-table lighting Newsday 06 Nov 2019
'Aladdin' treasure The Washington Post Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Sheds light on desk picked up in strip mall Irish Times Crosaire 19 Oct 2019
Genie's home USA Today 13 Oct 2019
Genie's home in a tale
Desk accessory The Sun Two Speed 07 Sep 2019
Strike a light? The Sun Two Speed 07 Sep 2019
Light on a bedside table
Tiffany treasure New York Times 03 Sep 2019
Deer shooed away from Red Maple by Tiffany Irish Times Crosaire 03 Aug 2019
Common bedside item New York Times 24 Jul 2019
Reading aid LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2019
Reading aid The Washington Post 09 Jun 2019
Torchiere, e.g Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
Bedside or tabletop light source
Word after flood or floor The New Yorker 29 Apr 2019
Night table item USA Today 05 Apr 2019
Miner's helmet attachment USA Today 01 Mar 2019
Bed table item, often Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2019
(3/6) Magical fairy tale object that may be home to a wish-granting genie
Dormitory desk item USA Today 21 Jan 2019
Reading ___ (bedside fixture) Universal 10 Jan 2019
Dormitory desk item
Common bedside item
Night table item
Genie's home
Miner's helmet attachment
Tanning device
Reading aid
Tiffany creation
Tiffany treasure
Bed table item, often
Reading ___ (bedside fixture)
Item with a gooseneck, perhaps USA Today 23 Nov 2018
Spelunker's helmet attachment New York Times 21 Oct 2018
Light using large unit of electrical current
Genie's confinement?
Monkey's first in orbit seeing the light The Sun Two Speed 17 Sep 2018
Source of illumination The Sun Two Speed 17 Sep 2018
Aladdin's possession
Night light producer Family Time 23 Jul 2018
Genie holder Premier Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Source of light circuit Mike's installed
Nightstand topper USA Today 07 May 2018
'__ Unto My Feet': longtime CBS religious program The Washington Post 05 Apr 2018
"__ Unto My Feet": longtime CBS religious program LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2018
Reading aid Thomas Joseph 31 Mar 2018
Opens Lennon and McCartney's performance and is a source of illumination Irish Times Crosaire 23 Feb 2018
Throws light on part of Tesla MPV Irish Times Crosaire 17 Feb 2018
Aladdin's discovery Universal 18 Jan 2018
Source of light The Telegraph Quick 05 Jan 2018
Spelunker's helmet attachment
Nightstand topper
"__ Unto My Feet": longtime CBS religious program
Item with a gooseneck, perhaps
Aladdin's discovery
Night table fixture Universal 13 Dec 2017
Tensor or Tiffany USA Today 07 Dec 2017
Bulb holder Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2017
Heat source at a fast-food restaurant USA Today 22 Oct 2017
Mark goes inside to drink punch
Desk light
Lighter The Washington Post 23 Sep 2017
Lighter LA Times Daily 23 Sep 2017
Where Aladdin's genie lived
Spot for a bulb The Washington Post 13 Aug 2017
Spot for a bulb LA Times Daily 13 Aug 2017
End table accessory The Washington Post 08 Aug 2017
End table accessory LA Times Daily 08 Aug 2017
Source of illumination as there's no sign in sampling Irish Times Crosaire 21 Jul 2017
Night light? Universal 10 Jul 2017
Bed table item Thomas Joseph 08 Jul 2017
Home furnishing product with a shade New York Times 19 Jun 2017
Light punch The Telegraph Toughie 16 Jun 2017
Reader's light Thomas Joseph 15 May 2017
Sister is not in slipstream with light Irish Times Crosaire 29 Apr 2017
The French politician in magical home
Light needs little current
Spelunker's helmet attachment USA Today 22 Jan 2017
Spot for a bulb
Night table fixture
Night light?
Home furnishing product with a shade
Tensor or Tiffany
Heat source at a fast-food restaurant
End table accessory
Spelunker's helmet attachment
Item on a bedside table Jonesin 06 Dec 2016
This could be standard place for filming politician The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Nov 2016
Word with light or shade LA Times Daily 23 Nov 2016
"Aladdin" discovery USA Today 15 Nov 2016
Aladdin's treasure The Washington Post 12 Nov 2016
First responder's headwear, perhaps The Washington Post 08 Nov 2016
Gooseneck, e.g Universal 04 Nov 2016
Hurricane ___ The Washington Post 27 Oct 2016
One might have an adjustable neck Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2016
Product from soot New York Times 08 Sep 2016
Desk accessory Wall Street Journal 27 Jul 2016
Item on an end table, often Wall Street Journal 05 Jul 2016
It may help to see the light The Washington Post 01 Jul 2016
Tiffany treasure USA Today 24 Jun 2016
One might contain lava Wall Street Journal 23 Jun 2016
Genie holder New York Times 20 Jun 2016
"Aladdin" discovery Universal 19 Jun 2016
Gooseneck, e.g Family Time 13 Jun 2016
Aladdin's find Universal 16 May 2016
Item carried by Diogenes The Washington Post 09 May 2016
Desk light LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2016
Miner's hat attachment Universal 29 Mar 2016
Gooseneck, e.g USA Today 15 Mar 2016
Library fixture LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2016
Tiffany treasure Eugene Sheffer 22 Feb 2016
Squall amplified partly by an artificial light source
End-table item Family Time 07 Feb 2016
Desktop reading light Eugene Sheffer 27 Jan 2016
Heat and light generator Universal 13 Jan 2016
Product from soot
Tiffany treasure
Heat and light generator
Gooseneck, e.g
"Aladdin" discovery
Genie holder
Part of the Pixar logo New York Times 24 Sep 2015
Aladdin's Eugene Sheffer 29 Jun 2015
Common light source Family Time 07 Jun 2015
Bedside light USA Today 04 Jun 2015
Light source Newsday 28 May 2015
Standing __ LA Times Daily 23 May 2015
Hurricane __ LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2015
Reading light Family Time 30 Mar 2015
Provides illumination at the opening and closing of Lady and the Tramp Irish Times Crosaire 21 Feb 2015
4 Across' home Newsday 11 Feb 2015
Hurricane __
Genie's home
Light source
4 Across' home
Light source
Part of the Pixar logo
"Aladdin" prop
Standing __
Genie's home
Bedside light
Buffet table heat source
Source of light needing some current?
Aladdin's find
Magic item of folklore
Genie's home
Night-table light
Certain light source
Spelunking aid
Tanning bed fixture
Miner's light source
Desk accessory
Miner's aid
Tabletop device
Place for shades
Genie's hangout
Gooseneck, for one
Miner's light
Pottery Barn buy
Bedside light
Place for shades
Place for a genie
Implement for Aladdin
Word after flood or floor
Reading light
Prop for Diogenes
Aladdin's shiner
Easy chair accompanier
"Aladdin" prop
Aladdin's treasure
Spelunker's need
Aladdin's possession
Inspired "Turn On Your Love Light"?
Soot used as a pigment
Desk light
Desktop item
Dorm room accessory
Reading aid
Miner's light source
Tiffany collectible
Dorm room accessory
Desktop item
Desk light
Tiffany product
Lighting director?
Harpsichordist's aid
Oil holder, perhaps
Decorator's buy
Boon to Aladdin
Harpsichordist's aid
Oil holder, perhaps
Reading light
Light source
End-table adornment
Key feature of 17-Across
Tiffany creation
Spelunker's aid
Spelunker's aid
Magic item of folklore
Buffet table fixture
*Tiffany treasure
Light object?
Genie's home
Aladdin's discovery
Spelunker's aid
Bulb or torch
Genie's home
Genie's home
See 4-Down
Desktop accessory
Genie's home
Street lighter
Aladdin's discovery
Light source
Tiffany product
Desktop item, maybe
Nightingale's trademark
Table light
Light source
Light source
Night table item
Night table item
Reading light
Aladdin's discovery
Desktop accessory
Item for Nightingale
Djinn's home in a popular tale
"Shade" starter
Side table light
Desk accessory
Genie's abode
Desk item
Reading aid
Genie's dwelling
Desk item
Spelunker's light
Genie's digs
End table item
Diogenes' prop
Item on an end table
End-table item
Miner's aid
Desktop item
Item with a gooseneck
Reading aid
Prop for Aladdin
Miner's light
Miner's light
Nightingale accessory
Magical home
Desktop item, maybe
"Post" or "light" leader
It may have a gooseneck
It will shed light on things
Projector bulb
Table piece
Light on a bedside table
Light source
Camper's purchase
Genie's domicile
Item beside an easy chair
Miner's helmet attachment
Nightingale's trademark
Nightingale's trademark
Street fixture
Light with a base
Genie's place, in lore
Miner's need
Miner's aid
Oil burner
Bedside furnishing
Cave explorer's need
Aladdin had one
Miner's aid
Source of illumination
Magical home
End table item
Aladdin's discovery
Campground light
End table adornment
Nightingale prop
Room brightener
With 13-Down, part of a streetscape
Item beside an easy chair
Oil burner
Oil burner
Heat __
Shade starter
Heat __
Genie's abode
Genie's home
It's illuminating
Lava, for one
Spelunker's need
Diogenes' prop
Reader's need
Gooseneck, for one
Gooseneck, for example
See 1 Across
That can cast rays
Gooseneck, for one
Projector bulb
Gooseneck, e.g.
Diogenes prop
Place for a genie
Light source
Sort of post
Item beside an easy chair
Sound equipment covered by large light
Oil burner maybe
Genie's home in a tale
Aladdin's find
Street lighter
Den light
Street fixture
Table piece
Aladdin's asset
Aladdin's find
"The Blair Witch Project" prop
Miner's hat attachment
Flood, lava or hurricane follower
Slide-projector bulb
Reading aid
Camper's purchase
Light giver
Aladdin's treasure
Implement for Aladdin
Aladdin's gimmick
Post or light leader
Nightingale's illumination
Lighting device
Reading aid
Etna is one kind
"The Lady with the___"
Oil or arc ___
Desktop buy
Nightingale's prop
Boon to Aladdin
Aladdin had one
Reader's aid
Genie's abode
Night-table item
Aladdin's ___
Nightingale symbol
Aladdin's loss
Lighter of a sort
Diogenes carried one
Pitcher Dennis ___
Light caster
Desk light
Aladdin's was magic
Gooseneck, e.g.
Nightingale's device
Aladdin's find
Kind of post or lighter
Nightingale's prop
Mine gear
Aladdin's temporary loss
"I lift my ___ . . . ": Lazarus
Tiffany ___
Edison's incandescent ___
Item for Nightingale
Nightingale carried one
Light-giving device
Light shedder
A source of light
Miner's need
Device for Aladdin
Nightingale's burden
Nightingale's symbol
Neon, e.g.
Word with bridge or street
Spirit or neon follower
Follower of bridge or street
Word with sun or head
Neon or swag
Nightingale's accessory
Nightingale item
Nightingale's vessel
Kind of black
Sun or bridge
Living-room item
Item for Miss Nightingale
Tiffany piece
Nightingale trademark
Aladdin's prop
Prop for Aladdin
Desk accessory
Heating device
Desk item
Side-table décor.
Home for a jinni.
Nightingale symbol.
Bedside item
Room item
Illuminating device.
Magic object of old tale.
Light source.
Bridge ___.
Source of wisdom.
Symbol of Florence Nightingale.
Hurricane ___.
Magic item in old tale.
Oil burner of a sort.
Aladdin's gadget.
Aladdin's asset.
Desk appurtenance.
Source of light.
Relative of a torch.
Davy invention, for miners.
Street light.
Figuratively, a source of wisdom.
Desk accessory.
Torch: Poet.
Furniture store item.
Gas jet.
Light in the dark.
Living room item.
Miss Liberty's torch.
Binnacle light.
Aladdin's talisman.
Lighting device.
"Aladdin" prop
Shady figure?
Pixar's logo
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