Word "LAPDOG" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a dog small and tame enough to be held in the lap

Crossword Clues for LAPDOG

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Clue Source Date
Sycophant Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2022
Sycophant The Times Concise 05 Jun 2022
Pampered pet The Times Concise 24 May 2022
Minion having round with boxer maybe The Times Cryptic 10 May 2022
Doting fan has circuit to follow The Times Cryptic 24 Mar 2022
"Sycophantic" pet Universal 10 Mar 2022
Person who's under someone's control, metaphorically USA Today 12 Feb 2022
Toady Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 2022
Pampered pet The Times Concise 10 Dec 2021
Power with mate upset devoted follower The Telegraph Toughie 18 Nov 2021
Worshipper of deity father left upset The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Nov 2021
Pampered pet The Times Concise 22 Sep 2021
Sycophant Universal 10 Aug 2021
Shameless sycophant New York Times 10 Jul 2021
Los Angeles Police Department finds nothing great produced by one of those pampered types on a lead Irish Times Crosaire 15 Jun 2021
Pet in LAPD on northbound journey The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2021
Small canine The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2021
Half-heartedly, good friend returned canine pet The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Nov 2020
Californian police go back for little pet The Sun Two Speed 19 Sep 2020
Household pet Canadiana 10 Aug 2020
Peke or Pom LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2020
Peke or Pom The Washington Post 05 Apr 2020
House pet Canadiana 20 Jan 2020
Pampered pet The Times Concise 26 Dec 2019
Small canine Newsday 24 Dec 2019
Friend about to follow one who's easily manipulated The Telegraph Toughie 01 Mar 2019
Obsequious follower Wall Street Journal 21 Feb 2019
Obsequious follower
Small pooch Eugene Sheffer 22 Dec 2018
Pom or Peke Wall Street Journal 29 Sep 2018
Sycophantic follower Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2018
Sycophantic follower
Pom or Peke
Sycophant New York Times 23 Jun 2017
Toy, perhaps LA Times Daily 14 May 2017
Toy, perhaps The Washington Post 14 May 2017
Friend climbing cairn, perhaps one that's walked all over? The Telegraph Toughie 07 Apr 2017
Toy, perhaps
Drink before party with good person tagging along The Times Cryptic 22 Dec 2016
Infatuated by another boxer to beat from the start Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jul 2016
Does this pet fall when you rise? The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2016
Pomeranian, e.g New York Times 13 Dec 2015
Small canine -- greyhound perhaps? The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jul 2015
Pomeranian, e.g Eugene Sheffer 22 May 2015
Small pet Universal 18 May 2015
Maltese, e.g New York Times 18 Apr 2015
Peke or Pom New York Times 22 Mar 2015
Maltese, e.g.
Peke or Pom
Pomeranian, e.g.
Small pet
Great Dane it's not
Canine cuddler
Compact canine
Peke or Yorkie
What 46-Down totally isn't
Cuddly companion
Cuddly companion
Pekingese or Shih Tzu
Yorkie, for example
Small pooch
Pomeranian, perhaps
Pekingese or Chihuahua
Pomeranian, e.g.
Peke or pug
Shameless yes-man
Small canine
Yes-man's kin
Pomeranian or Pekinese
Shih Tzu, e.g.
Cuddly canine
Shih Tzu, e.g.
Peke, e.g.
Miniature poodle, e.g.
Small pet
Pekingese or Shih Tzu
One with the yips?
Maltese, e.g.
Cuddly pet
Pomeranian, e.g.
Cuddly pet
Bichon Frise, for one
Cuddly pet
Peke or pug
Pooch that perches
Pomeranian, e.g.
8-Down, for one
Shih Tzu, say
Pomeranian, for one
Peke, for one
Small house pet
Compact canine
Great Dane he's not
Small pet
Pomeranian, for one
Chihuahua, e.g.
Toy poodle, e.g.
Pekingese, e.g.
Small pet
Pampered pet.
Pet of a sort.
Miniature pet.
Dowager's pet.
Not a Great Dane.
Symbol of the idle rich.
Small toy
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