Word "LAPTOP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a portable computer small enough to use in your lap
laptop computer

Crossword Clues for LAPTOP

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Clue Source Date
Common airline carry-on Family Time 25 Apr 2022
Portable computer Irish Times Simplex 14 Apr 2022
Portable computer Irish Times Simplex 10 Mar 2022
Portable PC Eugene Sheffer 21 Feb 2022
Line to put into program for computer The Guardian Cryptic 10 Dec 2021
Perhaps tablet's best after drink The Times Cryptic 02 Nov 2021
Friend coming back with excellent computer The Times Cryptic 25 Oct 2021
Portable computer USA Today 25 Aug 2021
Computer The Telegraph Quick 10 Apr 2021
Common carry-on item The Washington Post 25 Feb 2021
Common carry-on item LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2021
Friend sent back best computer The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2020
Portable PC The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2020
Kitty and Buddy setting up computer Irish Times Crosaire 12 Dec 2020
Take-it-with-you computer New York Times 23 Nov 2020
It might have an apple on it New York Times 02 Sep 2020
Portable PC Eugene Sheffer 17 Aug 2020
Computer chum set up, prime requirement for tackling work The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jul 2020
MacBook, for one New York Times 21 Apr 2020
Portable HP, say LA Times Daily 13 Apr 2020
Portable HP, say The Washington Post 13 Apr 2020
MacBook, e.g Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2019
Computer choice Thomas Joseph 06 Jul 2019
Portable computer The Times Concise 08 Apr 2019
Accessory for many a telecommuter New York Times 16 Mar 2019
Portable workstation New York Times 14 Mar 2019
Portable computer Newsday 05 Mar 2019
Portable workstation
Accessory for many a telecommuter
Friend set up better mobile device The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2018
Portable computer The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2018
It may be open for business New York Times 04 Nov 2018
Portable PC Universal 27 Oct 2018
Summit following 20 down opened by computer specialist perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 13 Oct 2018
PC The Telegraph Quick 30 Aug 2018
Many a computer Thomas Joseph 28 Jul 2018
Friend set up better mobile device The Telegraph Toughie 21 Mar 2018
It computes Universal 20 Jan 2018
It may be open for business
Portable PC
It computes
Portable computer Irish Times Simplex 16 Nov 2017
Computer on which option from menu shouldn't be dropped? The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Oct 2017
Portable computer Premier Sunday 27 Aug 2017
Traveler's computer USA Today 17 Apr 2017
Portable PC Thomas Joseph 05 Apr 2017
Traveler's computer
Friend switches to power from travelling computer Irish Times Crosaire 29 Jul 2016
Computer record incorporating a note to read further The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jul 2016
Traveler's computer Newsday 31 May 2016
PC version of appellation 'alien' not proper, and scrubbed The Telegraph Toughie 13 Apr 2016
Look to install appropriate program initially for this device? The Times Cryptic 19 Feb 2016
Characters in 17 across return to Cork with one of those carrying the files Irish Times Crosaire 19 Dec 2015
Computer to put in last of Excel program The Telegraph Toughie 26 Aug 2015
MacBook, e.g Newsday 16 Jul 2015
Computer type Eugene Sheffer 01 Jul 2015
Portable computer USA Today 18 May 2015
MacBook, e.g.
Computer that fits in a backpack
Portable computer
Computer on an airplane tray table
Portable computer
Computer for a commuter
Telecommuter's tool
Object of scrutiny at airport security
Convenience for working travelers
Computer for one who's on the go
Portable PC
Tray table filler, often
Business traveler's bring-along
One turned off for takeoff
Wi-Fi device
Portable computer
Common airline carry-on
Airport security concern
Touchpad site
Portable computer
Touchpad site
Notebook with many files
Computer for a commuter
Item stolen at airports
Airport security concern
Airport security concern
Portable computer
Traveler's computer
Wi-Fi device
Business traveler's accessory
Traveler's computer
Portable computer
Portable computer
Type of computer
Notebook, for example
ThinkPad, e.g.
It might have WiFi access
Common carry-on
Traveler's work aid
Portable computer
Modern carry-on
Computer for the road
Notebook with many files
5 Down equipment
Computer for the road
Portable PC
Traveler's accessory
Portable PC
Modern traveler's need
ThinkPad, for one
Common computer
Commuter's computer
Computer type
Portable PC
Mobile computer
Common airline carry-on, these days
Carry-on computer
Portable PC
Computer for a commuter
Computer-store choice
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