Crossword Clues for LATHES

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Clue Source Date
Machine shop machines Wall Street Journal 25 Jun 2021
Wood-shaping machines LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2021
Wood-shaping machines The Washington Post 12 Apr 2021
Bowl-making tools LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2021
Bowl-making tools The Washington Post 04 Apr 2021
They turn article in close cut The Telegraph Toughie 25 Mar 2021
Workshop turners Newsday 19 Nov 2020
Bat-making machines Family Time 05 Jul 2020
Shop cutters The Washington Post Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Carpentry tools The New Yorker 02 Sep 2019
Machines for shaping wood or metal Irish Times Simplex 22 Jul 2019
Bat-making machines Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2019
Bat-making machines
Woodshop machines USA Today 17 Apr 2017
Woodshop machines
Turning tools Thomas Joseph 10 Sep 2016
Woodworker's machines Universal 28 Feb 2016
Wood-shaping tools LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2015
Wood shop equipment New York Times 07 Nov 2015
Machine tools for shaping metal or wood Irish Times Simplex 04 Jul 2015
Potters' wheels, e.g LA Times Daily 24 May 2015
Machine shop tools Universal 21 Mar 2015
Shaping machines Universal 22 Feb 2015
Machine shop tools
Wood-shaping tools
Shaping machines
Potters' wheels, e.g.
Wood shop equipment
Wood-shaping machines
Woodworking machines
Wood shop tools
Bat shapers
Post-production devices?
Shaping tools
Cue makers
Workshop fixtures
Smoothing tools
Turning devices
Bat shapers
Machine shop tools
Woodworking machinery
Turners' tools
Shaping tools
Wood shop machines
Shop turners
They subtract from wood
Shaping machines
Workshop fixtures
Shaping machines
Woodworking tools
Woodworker's tools
Carpentry tools
Turning machines
Carpenters' machines
Newel shapers
Woodworkers' machines
Shaping tools
Turning tools
Turnery equipment
Metal-working machines
Cabinetmakers' tools
Woodworking machines
Shop machines
Machine tools.
Machines for shaping wood.
Machine shop equipment.
Carpenter's machines.
Turners' machines.
Machine-shop equipment.
Potters' wheels.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.

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