Word "LEADING" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the activity of leading

Part of Speech:
indicating the most important performer or role
prima, star, starring, stellar
the leading man

Part of Speech:
having the leading position or higher score in a contest
ahead, in the lead
the leading team in the pennant race

Crossword Clues for LEADING

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Clue Source Date
Foremost The Guardian Speedy 02 Oct 2022
First The Guardian Quick 29 Sep 2022
Out ahead The Times Concise 02 Jun 2022
First knots aligned The Times Cryptic 20 Apr 2022
Out in front Thomas Joseph 06 Apr 2022
In the vanguard The Guardian Quick 02 Feb 2022
Ahead; supreme The Telegraph Quick 14 Aug 2020
Most important character on all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 04 Apr 2020
Principal The Telegraph Quick 09 Feb 2020
First stage involves a racket The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Aug 2019
Principal The Times Concise 11 Aug 2019
First thing taken from church roof in middle of night The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2019
On about a noise in the van? The Sun Two Speed 02 Jul 2019
Foremost The Sun Two Speed 02 Jul 2019
Member gripping a racket first The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Apr 2019
Base has cargo brought round front The Telegraph Toughie 20 Feb 2019
Ahead The Sun Two Speed 08 Mar 2018
I angled to become principal The Sun Two Speed 08 Mar 2018
Prominent in support: a big noise The Telegraph Toughie 05 Dec 2017
In front Thomas Joseph 09 Sep 2017
Ahead Universal 14 Aug 2017
Top arguing in court, rejecting pressure The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Mar 2017
Guiding by going in front Irish Times Simplex 10 Jan 2017
Start to doubt being embraced by unusually genial principal The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jul 2016
Main The Guardian Quick 09 Jul 2016
In the vanguard The Times Concise 12 Apr 2016
What's the Taoiseach supposed to be doing staying centre stage? Irish Times Crosaire 12 Mar 2016
In the chair, begging with leader to be dismissed The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Aug 2015
In the van
Kind of question
Like some lights
On top.
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