Crossword Clues for LEGENDS

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Clue Source Date
Folklore tales Newsday 26 Jan 2022
Enduring stars in stage terms? The Guardian Cryptic 26 Oct 2021
Mythical tales Newsday 24 Mar 2021
Epic tales The Washington Post Sunday 28 Feb 2021
Stories of the Loch Ness Monster, e.g LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2020
Stories of the Loch Ness Monster, e.g The Washington Post 09 Nov 2020
Sports greats, to fans Newsday 24 Sep 2020
Popular tales Thomas Joseph 08 Sep 2020
Arthurian tales The Washington Post 07 Sep 2020
Arthurian tales LA Times Daily 07 Sep 2020
Folk stories Thomas Joseph 17 Jul 2020
Larger-than-life people USA Today 28 Jun 2020
Stories The Telegraph Quick 26 Mar 2020
Immortalized figures The Washington Post Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Celebrities, for example, restricted by loans The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Mar 2020
Works in book store, perhaps taking in, for example, what mythical writers produced Irish Times Crosaire 19 Oct 2019
Myths The Telegraph Quick 21 Aug 2019
Member's accepting consequence for fictions The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Aug 2019
Fables The Telegraph Quick 31 Oct 2018
Engels' revolutionary doctrine from the start included in captions Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jun 2017
People admired those at the bottom of the table The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Dec 2016
Hall-of-famers and such Universal 23 Oct 2016
Timeless tales The Washington Post 08 Sep 2016
Hall-of-famers and such
Larger-than-life types LA Times Daily 14 Nov 2015
Hall-of-Famers Eugene Sheffer 16 May 2015
Larger-than-life types
Map parts
Robin Hood and Helen of Troy
Unverified history
Popularly accepted tales
Popularly accepted tales
Map features
Some are urban
Some are urban
Popularly accepted tales
Timeless tales
Robin Hood and William Tell
Keys on maps
Robin Hood and William Tell
Map features
Map features
"___ of the Fall" (1995)
The Fountain of Youth and Shangri-la, e.g.
Romanticized myths
Some yarns
Ruth, DiMaggio et al.
Map explanations
Folklore material
Tales of Camelot
Photo captions
"Sleepy Hollow" et al.
Stories of a sort.
Captions or inscriptions.
Stories the Indians told.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.