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Word "LEGS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
staying power
that old Broadway play really has legs

Crossword Clues for LEGS

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Clue Source Date
Arachnids have eight Universal 07 Feb 2021
Where the Iditarod ends New York Times 04 Feb 2021
Tripod trio Thomas Joseph 03 Feb 2021
What squats strengthen The Washington Post Sunday 10 Jan 2021
Long parts of pants Newsday 04 Jan 2021
Staying power Newsday 27 Dec 2020
Some chicken servings LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2020
Centipedes have a lot of them USA Today 21 Nov 2020
Relay race segments USA Today 01 Nov 2020
Turkey drumsticks Newsday 17 Aug 2020
Sample of parlour's gelato served up in portions Irish Times Crosaire 10 Aug 2020
Lower limbs USA Today 18 Jul 2020
Stages of a journey USA Today 26 Jun 2020
Parts of a journey Universal 12 Jun 2020
Millipede's multitude USA Today 25 May 2020
Metaphorical staying power Universal 10 May 2020
Pair of pants? Universal 24 Apr 2020
Lasting power Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2020
What no centipede has exactly 100 of, oddly LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2020
Limbs The Telegraph Quick 11 Mar 2020
Chair parts USA Today 18 Feb 2020
Piano support Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2019
Durability metaphor The Washington Post 19 Jul 2019
Giraffe parts that can be six feet tall Universal 07 Jul 2019
What beanbag chairs lack Wall Street Journal 11 Jun 2019
Table parts Thomas Joseph 20 May 2019
Piano supports USA Today 17 Apr 2019
KFC drumsticks, basically Jonesin 16 Apr 2019
Endurance New York Times 10 Jan 2019
Journey segments USA Today 15 Dec 2018
Stamina, so to speak Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2018
Bengals drop ban in stages Irish Times Crosaire 03 Dec 2018
Staying power, so to speak Newsday 11 Nov 2018
Most mammals have four of them New York Times 05 Nov 2018
Spider's octet The Washington Post Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Drumsticks Universal 20 Jul 2018
Centipede's many The Washington Post 20 May 2018
Faun's pair, or fawn's four USA Today 30 Apr 2018
Metaphorical durability The Washington Post Sunday 29 Apr 2018
Sustained popularity, informally Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2018
Gams Universal 29 Jan 2018
Sustained popularity
Supporters left, say, before the end of this The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Dec 2017
Chair supports Universal 20 Dec 2017
The several of a millipede Universal 24 Oct 2017
Staying power, informally New York Times 19 Sep 2017
Endurance, informally New York Times 28 Jun 2017
Stamina Eugene Sheffer 07 Jun 2017
Tripod's trio Newsday 06 Jun 2017
Table supports Newsday 04 Jun 2017
Longevity, so to speak Wall Street Journal 24 May 2017
Some KFC pieces USA Today 14 May 2017
Some turkey parts Universal 01 Jan 2017
Table supporters Newsday 07 Dec 2016
Last parts drawn in hangman New York Times 12 Oct 2016
They're under the table Universal 08 Oct 2016
Staying power, slangily Eugene Sheffer 06 Oct 2016
Crab or frog morsels USA Today 04 Oct 2016
Trouser parts LA Times Daily 16 Sep 2016
Pants parts Thomas Joseph 23 Aug 2016
Rivulets seen after swirling, to a wine taster LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2016
An infamous Diamond The Washington Post 21 Jun 2016
Durability, so to speak Newsday 24 Apr 2016
Wine assessment quality The Washington Post 21 Apr 2016
Bridge table foursome New York Times 10 Jan 2016
Long-term appeal LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2015
Chicken parts Universal 28 Aug 2015
Stamina (Sl.) Eugene Sheffer 17 Jun 2015
1984 hit for ZZ Top Jonesin 04 Jun 2015
Stamina, figuratively New York Times 16 Apr 2015
Race parts Jonesin 12 Mar 2015
Parts of relays New York Times 24 Feb 2015
Voyage segments
ZZ Top "She's got ___"
Trip segments
Staying power, in Hollywood
Drumsticks, basically
Drumsticks on the table
Bed supports
Notable Betty Grable asset
Trio for grand pianos
A millipede's many
Relay-race sections
Baby grand supports
Pants fillers
Pair of jeans?
Grand piano trio
Dancer's pride
ZZ Top '84 smash
"She knows how to use" these
Piano parts
Hose fillers?
Ability to last
Bermuda exposés?
Flight segments
Betty Grable's were insured
Stems, so to speak
Important parts of dancers
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.