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Crossword Clues for LENTEN

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Clue Source Date
Pre-Easter The Washington Post Sunday 06 Sep 2020
Of the period before Easter Irish Times Simplex 18 Jul 2020
Of the pre-Easter season Newsday 01 Mar 2020
Like the pre-Easter period USA Today 28 Jul 2019
Of the pre-Easter period USA Today 03 May 2018
Like the pre-Easter season The Washington Post 11 Mar 2018
Like the days after Mardi Gras Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2018
Post-Mardi Gras
Like pre-Easter periods Premier Sunday 09 Jul 2017
Like the pope's spring message The Washington Post 12 Feb 2017
Of a pre-Easter period Eugene Sheffer 24 Mar 2016
Of a spring period Thomas Joseph 04 Mar 2016
Like pre-Easter diets LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2015
Kind of season Eugene Sheffer 24 Jan 2015
Like the season before Easter USA Today 01 Jan 2015
Fast time descriptor
Adjective for Ash Wednesday
___ season (fast time)
Pertaining to the pre-Easter period
Like some church services
Pertaining to the weeks before Easter
In fast time?
Like the post-Mardi Gras period
Of fast times?
Of a spring season
Suitable for Ash Wednesday
Fast time season
Kind of fast
Pertaining to the pre-Easter time
During pre-Easter time
Of a fast time
Of a fast period
Meager, as fare
Of a fasting time
Meager, in a way
Somber or meager
Meager; frugal
Pre-Easter adjective
Pertaining to a holy season
Meager; somber
Of a season
Of a time in spring.
Meager or cheerless.
___ season.
Of a church season.
Of a holy period.
Pertaining to a period of fasting.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.