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Clue Source Date
What might prompt a run for congress? New York Times 13 Nov 2022
Freud's sexual urge The Guardian Quick 08 Nov 2022
Lustful desire Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2022
Sexual impulse The Times Concise 19 Oct 2022
Sex drive Wall Street Journal 13 Sep 2022
Latin for "lust" New York Times 10 Mar 2022
Sex drive USA Today 04 Feb 2022
Automatic drive? The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Nov 2021
Sex drive Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 2021
Sex drive Universal 26 Oct 2021
Sexual appetite New York Times 31 Aug 2021
In psychoanalysis, the impulse associated with sexual instinct The Times Specialist Sunday 29 Aug 2021
Strong desire The Telegraph Quick 24 Jul 2021
Desire Liberal associated with marital consent The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Jan 2021
Primitive urge Eugene Sheffer 16 Oct 2020
Lusty drive Thomas Joseph 15 Sep 2020
Sexual appetite New York Times 20 Apr 2020
Sex therapy subject LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2019
Sex therapy subject The Washington Post 19 Dec 2019
Aphrodisiacs boost it New York Times 21 Oct 2018
Urge two parties to crush one The Telegraph Toughie 16 Oct 2018
Aphrodisiacs boost it
Drive in Freudian theory USA Today 30 May 2017
I book to get into pool, showing natural desire The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2017
Topic for Dr. Ruth New York Times 12 Feb 2017
Topic for Dr. Ruth
Drive in Freudian theory
Desire of party member to take union vow? The Times Cryptic 15 Nov 2016
Instinctual desire The Washington Post 20 Jul 2016
Drive of a kind Universal 06 Jul 2016
Vital urge or desire The Telegraph General Knowledge 03 Jul 2016
Instinctual energy in psychoanalysis The Washington Post 12 Feb 2016
Concupiscence New York Times 03 Jan 2016
Drive of a kind
Sex therapy subject New York Times 22 Nov 2015
Id energy Newsday 14 Nov 2015
Primitive drive USA Today 12 Sep 2015
Desire shown in obscure language used by politician The Times Cryptic 07 Jul 2015
Freudian concept Newsday 11 Jun 2015
Lustful drive USA Today 09 Apr 2015
Vital urge The Telegraph Quick 07 Mar 2015
I'd boil uncontrollably in desire The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2015
Drive in the bedroom? LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2015
Sex therapy subject
Drive to screw?
Drive in the bedroom?
Freudian concept
Id energy
Lustful drive
Primitive drive
Primitive drive
Important drive in Freudian theory
Important drive in Freudian theory
A wolf has a strong one
Sexual desire
Jungian concept
Freudian concern
Basic drive
Desires derived from the id
Sexual instinct
Primitive drive
Sex drive
Id-derived desire
Sex drive
Sex drive
Walt Whitman's "procreant urge"
Lustful desire
Id-derived desire
Eros, to Freud
Id output
Id output
Sex drive
Primitive drive
Freudian concept
Instinctual energy
Walt Whitman's "procreant urge"
Freudian concern
Sexual instinct
Psychic energy, to Freud
Drive of a kind
Psychic energy
The impelling force in living beings.
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