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Crossword Clues for LIKES

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Clue Source Date
YouTube clicks LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2021
Facebook count LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2021
Social media metric New York Times 12 Jun 2020
Instagram approvals Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 2020
Count for a Facebook post New York Times 12 Sep 2019
Appreciates, on Facebook USA Today 20 Jun 2019
Facebook approvals USA Today 06 Apr 2019
Social media approvals Wall Street Journal 15 Jan 2019
Takes a shine to dew coming off silkweed Irish Times Crosaire 19 Oct 2018
Favors Newsday 04 Oct 2018
Takes an interest in The Washington Post 29 Sep 2018
Is fond of Irish Times Simplex 04 Jul 2018
Enjoys The Telegraph Quick 16 May 2018
Enjoys hawk film that follows large one The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2018
Admires The Sun Two Speed 17 Jan 2018
Preferences Thomas Joseph 28 Oct 2017
Digs Premier Sunday 09 Jul 2017
Facebook post count Wall Street Journal 25 Oct 2016
Warming-up results Newsday 20 Aug 2016
Facebook collection Newsday 25 Jun 2016
Shows support on Facebook USA Today 17 Mar 2016
Facebook tally LA Times Daily 20 Dec 2015
Dating site data Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2015
Gives a thumbs-up LA Times Daily 21 Jun 2015
Almost adores USA Today 09 Feb 2015
Approves, on Facebook
List for would-be daters
Thumbs-up icons on Facebook
Takes a shine to
Clicks a "thumbs up" button, nowadays
Column in a dating questionnaire
eHarmony category
Finds favorable
Matchmaking category
Has a crush on
Has warm and fuzzy feelings toward
Enjoyable things
Personal preferences
Goes for
Takes pleasure in
Has a soft spot for
Cottons to
Things that please.
Finds agreeable.
Is attracted to.
Regards with favor.
Is so inclined.
Some Facebook clicks
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.