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Crossword Clues for LINDA

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Clue Source Date
Girl left in Doha after evacuation The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2021
Female name The Sun Two Speed 07 Feb 2021
Biden’s U.N. ambassador Thomas-Greenfield Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2021
Singer Ronstadt Universal 17 Jan 2021
Photographer McCartney Universal 15 Dec 2020
"Blue Bayou" singer Ronstadt Universal 13 Dec 2020
Actress Hunt Premier Sunday 13 Dec 2020
Hamilton of "Terminator: Dark Fate" Universal 08 Aug 2020
Supermodel Evangelista USA Today 31 May 2020
Cockney got love from East End girl The Telegraph Toughie 15 May 2020
-- Gray, 'Dallas' star The Telegraph Quick 04 May 2020
Ronstadt with 10 Grammy wins USA Today 14 Mar 2020
With 99-Across, Lucy's portrayer in Broadway's 'Jekyll & Hyde' Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2019
Girl caught in blind alley The Telegraph Toughie 02 Aug 2019
Vocalist Ronstadt Newsday 16 Jun 2019
Actress Blair of 'The Exorcist' New York Times 02 Apr 2019
With 99-Across, Lucy's portrayer in Broadway's "Jekyll & Hyde"
Actress Blair of "The Exorcist"
'Blue Bayou' singer Ronstadt USA Today 09 Dec 2018
Blair of "The Exorcist" USA Today 01 Jul 2017
Evans, Lavin or Blair Universal 09 May 2017
Fashionable lad welcomes in girl The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Apr 2017
Girl's new top: ace for going about! The Times Cryptic 13 Apr 2017
Lavin of "Alice" LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2017
Bob's wife, on 'Bob's Burgers' Wall Street Journal 31 Dec 2016
"Alice" star Lavin Universal 19 Nov 2016
The former Mrs. McCartney New York Times 15 Nov 2016
Girl's name (I, not Y) The Times Concise 03 Nov 2016
Oscar winner Hunt Thomas Joseph 11 May 2016
McCartney of Wings USA Today 05 May 2016
Hunt with an Oscar Wall Street Journal 05 May 2016
Willy Loman's wife Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2016
Hunt in the movies Thomas Joseph 12 Feb 2016
Ronstadt or Lavin USA Today 26 Dec 2015
Yorba ___, Calif New York Times 07 Dec 2015
Beatle Paul's first wife LA Times Daily 30 Nov 2015
Ellerbee or Ronstadt Eugene Sheffer 07 Aug 2015
Hamilton of "The Terminator" Universal 21 Jul 2015
Skater Fratianne Thomas Joseph 08 May 2015
Grammy winner Ronstadt LA Times Daily 22 Mar 2015
Lavin or Blair LA Times Daily 11 Feb 2015
Yorba ___, Calif.
Yorba ___ (California city whose name means "Beautiful Yorba")
Loma ___, Calif.
Yorba __, CA
Sarah Connor portrayer Hamilton
Evans or Ronstadt
"Sesame Street" librarian
Actress Blair or Evans
Hamilton or Hunt
Springsteen "___ Let Me Be the One"
Pretty, in Mexico City
Librarian of "Sesame Street"
Hawaii governor Lingle
Blair or Ronstadt
Yorba __, Calif.
Hunt in Hollywood
Model Evangelista
Lavin or Ronstadt
Blair or Evans
Name meaning "pretty"
Singer/photographer McCartney
Evans or Ellerbee
Blair or Lavin
Yorba ___, California
She sang with Paul in Wings
Actress Evans
Actress Fiorentino
Fiorentino of "The Last Seduction"
Ronstadt of song
"Dogma" costar Fiorentino
Journalist Ellerbee
Lovelace or Evangelista
Lavin or Evans
Alice, on "Alice"
Name that means "pretty"
Late wife of 107-Across
Evans of "Dynasty"
1963 Jan & Dean hit
First name among the "Dynasty" cast
Yorba or Loma follower
Yorba ___ (California city that's the birthplace of Richard Nixon)
With 6-Down, a Starr witness
TV reporter Ellerbee
1947 No. 1 hit for Buddy Clark
Newscaster Ellerbee
Evans or Hunt
Lavin or Ellerbee
Hunt or Hamilton
Supergirl's alias ___ Lee
Actress Hamilton
Regan's portrayer in "The Exorcist"
Evans or Lavin
She played Alice on TV
Telejournalist Ellerbee
Ms. Tripp
Yorba ___, CA
Chavez, who withdrew as secretary of labor nominee
Monica hates her
Actress Blair
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.