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Crossword Clues for LINES

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Clue Source Date
Sentences in film scripts Newsday 08 Feb 2021
Grocery store annoyances Universal 25 Jan 2021
Script makeup Eugene Sheffer 22 Jan 2021
Stripes The Telegraph Quick 22 Nov 2020
Annoyances at Epcot The Washington Post Sunday 20 Sep 2020
They might be read between USA Today 20 Jun 2020
Convenience store inconveniences USA Today 12 Jun 2020
What a script is made of Newsday 11 Jun 2020
Bits of dialogue USA Today 26 May 2020
Thespian's deliveries The Washington Post Sunday 10 May 2020
Things to memorize New York Times 02 Apr 2020
Botox targets ... or what 17-, 28-, 45- and 60-Across all have The Washington Post 16 Dec 2019
They’re delivered at shows Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2019
Fishing gear The Washington Post 28 Aug 2019
Teacher's punishment is starting to trend - dividing the foreign school Irish Times Crosaire 19 Aug 2019
Play things? The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Script, essentially Newsday 21 Jul 2019
Queues Thomas Joseph 24 Jun 2019
Waiters stand in them The Washington Post 09 Feb 2019
Wrinkles The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2018
School punishment in writing poetry? The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2018
Script units Universal 16 May 2018
Actor's memorizations Newsday 17 Jan 2018
Markings on some ziti Newsday 24 Sep 2017
Understudy's study New York Times 10 Sep 2017
Script contents Universal 04 Sep 2017
Dramatic deliveries Newsday 02 Sep 2017
What thespians recite Universal 24 Aug 2017
Script bits USA Today 26 Jul 2017
Script dialogue Newsday 11 Jun 2017
What actors memorize Universal 15 May 2017
Customer inconveniences Newsday 14 May 2017
Graph paper features Universal 10 Apr 2017
Part of 52-Down LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2016
Actors memorize them LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2016
Actor's delivery Newsday 09 Oct 2016
Dialogue, e.g New York Times 25 Aug 2016
Airport inconveniences Universal 12 Jul 2016
Script for one part of Crime and Punishment in the school Irish Times Crosaire 01 Jun 2016
Parts of parts? Jonesin 10 May 2016
Actors run them The Washington Post 13 Apr 2016
Dialogue New York Times 03 Apr 2016
Parts of parts Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2016
Skin wrinkles The Times Concise 31 Mar 2016
Stage readings Universal 04 Jan 2016
Dialogue, e.g.
Rows of people waiting Newsday 16 Nov 2015
Actor's memorization Universal 27 Apr 2015
They separate fair from foul USA Today 07 Mar 2015
Play makeup New York Times 20 Feb 2015
Counter formations
What actors study
'04 Sugarcult album "Palm Trees and Power ___"
See 26-Down
Script parts
"Breadthless lengths," per Euclid
What actors practice
Stage reading
Paramore "Where the ___ Overlap"
See 61-Down
Acting job, essentially
Signs of bank holdups?
Actor's words
Rails, in drug slang
Grandmaster Flash "White ___"
Things that this puzzle's nine longest answers have
What actors have to learn
Airport hassles
What fans stand in for tickets
Disneyland usually has long ones
Cues from a stage coach
Poem parts
Part parts
Actors speak them
Actors' dialog
Actor's concerns
Homework for actors
Actor's count
Part's makeup
Short messages
Role words
Acting homework
Dialogue units
Writing, essentially
They're studied by stars
Play things
Stage deliveries
Crow's-feet, e.g.
Actor's study
Reasons for some delays
Screenwriter's writing
Legal-pad features
Insulates, as a coat
They comprise a part
Axes, e.g.
Phone connections
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.