Crossword Clues for LINEUP

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Clue Source Date
Arrange list of performers The Guardian Quiptic 18 Apr 2022
Arrange in a row USA Today 08 Oct 2021
Umpire's pregame request The Washington Post 08 Sep 2021
Umpire's pregame request LA Times Daily 08 Sep 2021
List of performers New York Times 15 Aug 2021
Group of team players The Washington Post Sunday 01 Aug 2021
Roster employed in the Garda station Irish Times Crosaire 12 May 2021
Roster Thomas Joseph 02 Mar 2021
Form a single file Premier Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Police station event Thomas Joseph 27 Dec 2019
Amazingly lupine suspect seen here? The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2019
Identity parade The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2019
Pregame managerial decision The Washington Post 14 Sep 2019
Pregame managerial decision LA Times Daily 14 Sep 2019
Programmer's creation Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2019
Roster for one of those in the Garda station Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jul 2019
Roster Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2019
Programmer's creation
Pregame managerial decision
What The Police created on The Bill Irish Times Crosaire 15 Dec 2018
Place in a row Premier Sunday 05 Aug 2018
*Form a queue LA Times Daily 31 Jul 2018
*Form a queue The Washington Post 31 Jul 2018
Batting order Universal 15 Jun 2018
*Form a queue
Batting order
Roster Canadiana 25 Dec 2017
They're on The Bill and organised by The Police Irish Times Crosaire 02 Oct 2017
Baseball scoreboard posting USA Today 17 Sep 2017
Saint's home, for short New York Times 01 Apr 2017
Musical personnel featuring the usual suspects? The Telegraph Toughie 22 Mar 2017
Baseball scoreboard posting
One may be starting in sports
The Brits call it an identity parade LA Times Daily 12 Jun 2016
The Brits call it an identity parade
Batting order Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2015
Team members remain without new period of success The Times Cryptic 02 Feb 2015
Form a queue
Batting order
Group for a witness
TV programming schedule
Place for the usual suspects
Get in position for the parade, as a band
Means of fingering a suspect
Batting order
Suspect array
TV programming schedule
Batting order at Fenway Park, e.g.
Presentation of possible perps
Batting order
"Law & Order" staple
Schedule of TV programs
A suspect might appear in one
Batting order
TV schedule
Pregame listing
"Law & Order" staple
Form ranks
It reveals who's on first
Schedule of TV programs
Suspects' queue
Form a queue
Array of possible perps
Array of possible perps
Suspect array
Batting order
Suspect array
Manager's list
Means of identification
Program schedule
Order on the court
Form a queue
Cast of characters
Police presentation
Batting order
Form a queue
Order at Fenway Park
Scorecard entry
Scorecard listing
Score card entry.
Football players' formation.
List of players.
Police procedure.
Football formation.
Score card intelligence.
Football order.
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