Word "LIONESS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a female lion

Crossword Clues for LIONESS

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Clue Source Date
Big cat The Times Concise 12 Apr 2022
See 59-Down Wall Street Journal 21 Mar 2022
Animal in Mali one's seen The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Aug 2021
Female in a pride Thomas Joseph 03 Jul 2021
You may hear her roar Universal 05 Jun 2021
Large female cat The Telegraph Quick 17 May 2021
Sons lie about woman of courage The Telegraph Toughie 06 May 2021
Female big cat The Times Concise 02 Apr 2021
Beast inhabiting Mali -- one's spotted The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jan 2021
Disney's Nala, for one New York Times 19 Jan 2021
Female in pride The Telegraph Quick 11 Feb 2020
Pride member Newsday 29 Dec 2019
Son lies awfully to one with pride Irish Times Crosaire 07 Dec 2019
Disney's Nala, e.g USA Today 03 Jan 2019
Disney's Nala, e.g.
She might be found in India, applied to feeding minor The Telegraph Toughie 05 Dec 2018
Big cat The Telegraph Quick 12 Nov 2018
Large cat The Times Concise 29 Aug 2018
Nala, but not Simba New York Times 29 Aug 2018
Disney's Nala, for one Wall Street Journal 11 Aug 2018
Pound is small, housing single feline The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jul 2018
Nala, but not Simba
Disney's Nala, for one
Elsa or Nala The Washington Post 17 Nov 2017
Elsa or Nala LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2017
Cub raiser Wall Street Journal 11 Oct 2017
Top of some food chains Newsday 08 Jul 2017
Nala, notably LA Times Daily 26 May 2017
Nala, notably The Washington Post 26 May 2017
She has her pride Wall Street Journal 16 May 2017
Nala, notably
Elsa or Nala
Brave woman, maybe married in bliss after jilting bachelor The Times Cryptic 30 Nov 2016
Elsa of "Born Free," e.g USA Today 03 Aug 2016
Cat -- punishment that's held over son The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Apr 2016
Elsa of "Born Free," e.g.
Only half listen, catching 'One's a predatory female' The Telegraph Toughie 29 Sep 2015
Pride is issue for her The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jul 2015
Female pride member The Times Concise 16 Jun 2015
Prideful female? USA Today 25 Feb 2015
Ferocious female defending her pride? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Feb 2015
Prideful female?
Simba's mother Sarabi, e.g.
Hunting 20-Across
She has her pride
"Born Free" beast
Elsa of "Born Free", e.g.
Part of the pride
Greek sphinx, from the neck down
Food-chain apex
Greek sphinx, from the neck down
Disney's Nala, for one
Den mother
Pride member
Den mother
Cub raiser
Big cat
Cub protector
Den mother
Elsa, for one
Elsa is a famous one
Disney's Nala, for one
Female in a pride
Den mother
Pride queen
Adamson's Elsa
She has her pride
Den mother
Den mother
Tawny predator
Part of the pride
Female with less hair than the male
Elsa, for one
Elsa for one
Elsa may be the most famous one
Elsa in "Born Free," for example
Elsa, for one
"Born Free" beast
Elsa, for one
Elsa, e.g.
Jungle king's mother
Jungle queen
Subject of "Born Free"
She has her pride
Elsa was one
Elsa of literature
Elsa of "Born Free"
Cub's mom
Big cat.
Cub's mother.
Elsa, for example.
Elsa, heroine of "Born Free."
Den mother.
Elsa, for one.
Jungle beast.
Jungle denizen.
Powerful feline.
Simba's spouse.
Feminine V. I. P.
Mother of cubs.
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