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Crossword Clues for LITUP

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Clue Source Date
Illuminated The Sun Two Speed 27 Dec 2020
Drunk crushed tulip The Sun Two Speed 27 Dec 2020
Drunk started smoking The Sun Two Speed 25 Nov 2020
Brightened Newsday 28 Jun 2020
Tulip cultivated -- as bulb may be? The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Apr 2020
Brightened quickly Newsday 27 Jan 2020
Got happy Newsday 14 Dec 2019
Beamed from ear to ear USA Today 24 Nov 2019
Had a smoke The Washington Post 17 Sep 2019
Tulip roughly like a bulb, perhaps? The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Mar 2019
Like Vegas' Strip at night Universal 15 Jan 2019
Showed elation New York Times 29 Dec 2018
Grinned from ear to ear USA Today 06 Oct 2018
Grinned broadly USA Today 12 Jun 2018
Smiled brightly Universal 07 Apr 2018
Suddenly smiled Universal 01 Apr 2018
Suddenly beamed Universal 12 Jan 2018
Became cheerful Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2017
Beamed from ear-to-ear Universal 09 Nov 2017
Like the sky on July 4 Universal 04 Oct 2017
Like Disneyland at night The Washington Post 05 Sep 2017
Broke into a wide smile Universal 05 Jun 2017
Beamed The Washington Post 05 May 2017
Electrified, as a Christmas tree New York Times 28 Dec 2016
Showed sudden joy Universal 15 Oct 2016
Showed great happiness New York Times 06 May 2016
Like the Las Vegas strip Universal 06 Jan 2016
Became a smoker Universal 24 Aug 2015
Smoked, having drunk too much The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jul 2015
Animated Newsday 04 Jul 2015
Like a decorated Christmas tree USA Today 05 Apr 2015
Began smoking USA Today 15 Mar 2015
Buckcherry debut hit
Exhibited exhilaration
Visibly elated
Started to smoke
Suddenly smiled broadly
Began to smoke
Like the Vegas strip
Like the sky during fireworks
Showed sudden glee
Like the Las Vegas strip, at night
Showed a broad grin
Became animated
Started a cigarette
Started on a Havana, e.g.
Quickly brightened, as the face
Started a cigarette break
All aglow
Exhibited sudden elation
Started smoking
Started a Havana
Cranked up the candlepower
Like most Christmas trees
Like Times Square
Prepared to smoke
Became cheerful.
Became bright.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.