Word "LOACH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
slender freshwater fishes of Eurasia and Africa resembling catfishes

Crossword Clues for LOACH

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Clue Source Date
A fish little different from the roach
River fish in the superfamily Cobitoidea (5)
Surname of Kes director Ken (5)
In lake there is a fish (5)
In lake there is a fish The Guardian Cryptic 26 Jan 2024
Scott ..... , 2006-12 Watford goalkeeper (5)
Director's left with instructor about to quit The Guardian Cryptic 01 Mar 2023
Area in Scottish lake for fish The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Sep 2021
Freshwater fish The Times Concise 12 Dec 2019
Catch British film maker
Fish, angler's first in northern lake
Film-maker, vile creature, changing sides
One sought on line taps an ISP from the east The Telegraph Toughie 21 Sep 2018
Scholar at heart desperate to become a film director
Swimmer‘s trainer using lake instead of clubs
Carplike fish
Aquarium cleaner-fish
Aquarium-cleaning fish
Aquarium bottom-feeder
Aquarium fish
Slender freshwater fish
Aquarium bottomfeeder
Aquarium bottomfeeder
Carp's cousin
Asian fish
Aquarium bottom-feeder
Catfish's look-alike
Slender European fish
Freshwater fish
Fish akin to the carp.
Fresh-water fish.
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