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Word "LOCH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a long narrow inlet of the sea in Scotland (especially when it is nearly landlocked)

Part of Speech:
Scottish word for a lake

Crossword Clues for LOCH

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Clue Source Date
Ness or Lomond The Telegraph Quick 09 Jan 2021
___ Ness monster Universal 01 Jan 2021
Scottish lake The Telegraph Quick 19 Dec 2020
Nessie's supposed home Universal 02 Dec 2020
Highlands lake Universal 05 Oct 2020
Sea __ (Galway bay) Newsday 26 Sep 2020
___ Ness Universal 09 Sep 2020
Scottish aquatic locale The Washington Post Sunday 09 Aug 2020
Partially landlocked bay New York Times 19 Jul 2020
Ness, for one Universal 10 Jul 2020
See church in Lomond perhaps The Sun Two Speed 31 May 2020
Nessie abode Canadiana 25 May 2020
Seal heard in Lomond say The Sun Two Speed 17 May 2020
Highland body New York Times 27 Mar 2020
Lomond or Ness, e.g The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2019
Heard seal in Scots lake The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2019
Lake in Scotland Family Time 20 Oct 2019
Nessie's hangout The Washington Post 01 Sep 2019
Swimming spot for Scots Newsday 04 Aug 2019
Ness, for example The Washington Post 07 Apr 2019
Nessie's home New York Times 06 Feb 2019
Caledonian lake, often open to the sea The Guardian Speedy 27 Jan 2019
With 130-Across, home of a Scottish 'monster' Premier Sunday 23 Dec 2018
Scottish body of water Newsday 09 Dec 2018
Scotland's Ness, e.g Premier Sunday 07 Oct 2018
Scot's fishing spot Universal 01 Oct 2018
Nessie inhabits one Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2018
Fishing spot in Scotland Family Time 05 Aug 2018
Scottish body, wet Universal 23 Jul 2018
Scottish waterway Universal 13 Jul 2018
__ Ness monster Newsday 09 Jul 2018
Scotland's -- Ness Premier Sunday 01 Jul 2018
Scots may sail on it The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Jun 2018
Welsh : llyn :: Scots : __ The Washington Post 03 May 2018
Lomond, e.g Wall Street Journal 04 Apr 2018
____ Ness Canadiana 26 Mar 2018
Lomond or 35-Down Universal 05 Mar 2018
Lomond, e.g.
Scotland's ___ Lomond New York Times 25 Oct 2017
With 55-Down, monster's lake The Washington Post 12 Jun 2017
Nessie's waters Premier Sunday 30 Apr 2017
Nessie's milieu The Washington Post 19 Nov 2016
___ Ness of Scotland Universal 11 Nov 2016
Scot's swimming spot LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2016
Narrow arm of the sea New York Times 25 Sep 2016
Lomond or Ness USA Today 20 Sep 2016
Scotland's Awe, e.g Wall Street Journal 25 Aug 2016
___ Lomond, Scotland USA Today 17 Jun 2016
Scottish water Newsday 06 Apr 2016
Lake, in Scotland Universal 04 Mar 2016
Scottish landscape feature is close reportedly The Telegraph Toughie 03 Mar 2016
__ Lomond, Scotland
Nessie's home, for one The Washington Post 30 Dec 2015
Ness, e.g Eugene Sheffer 06 Aug 2015
Word with "Raven" or "Ness" USA Today 17 Jun 2015
Nessie's waterway USA Today 21 Apr 2015
Lomond is one Eugene Sheffer 09 Apr 2015
__ Raven: Baltimore neighborhood LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2015
Start for Ness or Lomond USA Today 16 Jan 2015
Sea arm, to a Scot Premier Sunday 11 Jan 2015
Scotland's Awe, e.g.
___ Raven Reservoir
Ness is a famous one
Nessie habitat, supposedly
Lomond, for one
Nessie's home, e.g.
Scotland's __ Awe
Ness, e.g.
Lassie's swimming site
Shetland Islands sight
"The Bonnie Banks o' ___ Lomond" (old Scottish song)
Caledonian Canal stop
-- Ness monster
-- Ness
Scot's sailing site
Ness, famously
Scotland's ___ Ness
Fishing spot for Scots
Scots water
Merry __ (Honolulu bay)
Scotland's Awe, for one
___ Lomond
Scot's vacation site
"The Bonnie Banks o' ___ Lomond"
Leven or Lomond
Lake, to a Scot
Laddie's vacation spot, perhaps
Inlet in Scotland
Scottish fishing spot
Scotland's ___ Awe
Monster's hangout
Lassie's water
Monster's home, perhaps
Fjordlike sea arm
Scotch water
Relative of a firth
Scotland's __ Tay
Scottish map word
Laddie's vacation spot
Word on a map of Scotland
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