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Crossword Clues for LOCI

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Clue Source Date
Places Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2021
Centers of activity LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2021
Hubs Newsday 12 Feb 2021
Spots LA Times Daily 26 Sep 2020
Sets of points, in math New York Times 08 Jul 2020
Focal points Jonesin 19 May 2020
Particular points Wall Street Journal 29 Apr 2020
Venues Wall Street Journal 29 Feb 2020
Sets of points on graphs New York Times 19 Oct 2019
Settings Newsday 31 Aug 2019
Particular places Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2019
Math points The Washington Post 28 Dec 2018
Sets of plotted points New York Times 16 Dec 2018
Focuses of activity The Washington Post 26 Nov 2018
Math sets Universal 18 Nov 2018
Mathematical sets of points Jonesin 01 May 2018
Sites Universal 19 Dec 2017
Points Wall Street Journal 03 Jun 2017
Scenes of action Universal 21 Apr 2017
Important positions New York Times 09 Apr 2017
Coil anagram Universal 05 Apr 2017
Particular positions The Times Concise 23 Mar 2017
Central points New York Times 07 Feb 2017
Mathematical points Universal 14 Aug 2016
Places I pass, heading north The Times Cryptic 31 May 2016
Centers of focus Jonesin 12 Apr 2016
Centers of concentration The Washington Post 14 Mar 2016
Point sets, in math LA Times Daily 10 Mar 2016
Locales or venues Universal 26 Feb 2016
Point systems, in math USA Today 18 Feb 2016
Mathematicians' point sets The Washington Post 03 Jan 2016
Sets in geometry Family Time 22 Nov 2015
Positions Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2015
Venue Canadiana 04 May 2015
Centers Universal 23 Mar 2015
Sets of mathematical points Universal 17 Feb 2015
Points in math class LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2015
Points, formally
Mathematical sets
Geometric sets
Centers of great activity
Centers of attention
Activity centers
Sets of points, in geometry
Sets of points, mathematically
Centers of power
Paths of points
Places, to Pliny
Focuses of power, e.g.
Many curves, in math
Graph points
Set of points
Power centers
Collections of points, in math
Some geometric sets
Collections of points in math
Sets of points
Fixed points
Gene positions
Set of points, in math
Sets of graph points
Scenes of activity
Central spots
Mathematical point-sets
___ classici (oft-cited passages)
Exact places
Points on a math test?
Genes' positions
Places, to attorneys
Certain mathematical planes
Places, in legal phrases
Points; places
Lex ___ (law of the place)
Places: Lat.
Places, in law.
Geometric points.
Geometric paths.
Genius ___ (guardian angel of a place).
Points, in mathematics.
Mathematical curves.
Places: Latin.
Points of geometry
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.