Word "LODGE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
provide housing for

Part of Speech:
a small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter
hunting lodge

Part of Speech:
put, fix, force, or implant
deposit, stick, wedge
lodge a bullet in the table

Crossword Clues for LODGE

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Clue Source Date
Become embedded Universal 15 Aug 2022
Hangout after a day on the slopes Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2022
House at the entrance to grounds of a mansion Irish Times Simplex 14 May 2022
House at the entrance to grounds of a mansion Irish Times Simplex 16 Apr 2022
Après-ski spot Thomas Joseph 23 Mar 2022
Gatehouse The Telegraph Quick 22 Oct 2021
Beavers' home The Times Concise 10 Aug 2021
Gatekeeper's cottage The Telegraph Quick 13 Jul 2021
Gatehouse; firmly fix The Times Concise 01 Jul 2021
Skiers’ inn Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2021
Stay where beaver is found The Sun Two Speed 02 Jun 2021
Gatehouse The Sun Two Speed 02 Jun 2021
Deposit The Telegraph Quick 12 May 2021
Moose home Wall Street Journal 05 May 2021
File, as a complaint Universal 27 Apr 2021
___ a complaint USA Today 06 Apr 2021
Après-ski hangout Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2021
Mountain inn Universal 06 Mar 2021
Accommodate novelist The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Mar 2021
Deposit: cabin The Guardian Speedy 28 Feb 2021
Settle in spot that lacks special ingredient The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jan 2021
Skier's retreat The Washington Post Sunday 03 Jan 2021
Skier's shelter USA Today 18 Dec 2020
Masonic meeting-house The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2020
Stay in gatehouse The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2020
Ski resort building Universal 03 Dec 2020
Get stuck where mason worships The Sun Two Speed 12 Nov 2020
Skier's hangout Universal 23 Oct 2020
Skiers’ hangout Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2020
Embed firmly USA Today 10 Oct 2020
Daughter filling box in porter's room The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Sep 2020
Skier's spot Thomas Joseph 11 Aug 2020
Place to stay USA Today 28 Jun 2020
Old stager removes rats from gatehouse Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jun 2020
Firmly embed USA Today 11 Jun 2020
Gatehouse The Telegraph Quick 19 Apr 2020
Après-ski spot Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2020
Winter resort's hotel Newsday 14 Apr 2020
Place where builder of dam constructs masonry? The Telegraph Toughie 24 Mar 2020
Dome-shaped home of beavers The Times Specialist Sunday 29 Dec 2019
Inn for skiers Newsday 23 Dec 2019
Skiers’ accommodations Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2019
Cabin The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2019
Place for Odd Fellows USA Today 03 Oct 2019
Apres-ski setting Universal 30 Aug 2019
Beaver's nest Irish Times Simplex 22 Aug 2019
Masonic meeting house The Sun Two Speed 07 Aug 2019
Place to stay Newsday 04 Aug 2019
Ski resort hangout The Washington Post 04 Aug 2019
Ski resort hangout LA Times Daily 04 Aug 2019
Apres-ski spot USA Today 30 Jul 2019
Place for Elks USA Today 27 Jul 2019
Novelist's abode The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jun 2019
Ski resort hotel Newsday 04 Jun 2019
Hunter's hangout USA Today 14 May 2019
Stick small house alongside park The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Apr 2019
Gold daubed on bottom of white stick The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Mar 2019
Gatekeeper's cottage The Telegraph Quick 03 Mar 2019
Place for Odd Fellows
Apres-ski spot
Apres-ski setting
Hunter's hangout
Ski resort hangout
Place for Elks
Ski cottage Premier Sunday 23 Dec 2018
House at the entrance to grounds of a mansion Irish Times Simplex 08 Dec 2018
Odd Fellows' meeting place USA Today 14 Oct 2018
Skiers' building Universal 16 Aug 2018
Fraternal place Universal 14 Aug 2018
Gatehouse; become fixed The Times Concise 26 Jul 2018
Mountain shelter New York Times 25 Jul 2018
Elks' gathering place USA Today 22 Jun 2018
Ski building Universal 23 Apr 2018
Stay temporarily The Telegraph Quick 14 Apr 2018
Inn Canadiana 05 Mar 2018
Woods structure Universal 05 Mar 2018
Club where you'd expect to find porter Irish Times Crosaire 27 Feb 2018
Skiers' shelter New York Times 08 Jan 2018
Rustic digs Universal 05 Jan 2018
Skiers' building
Fraternal place
Elks' gathering place
Skiers' shelter
Mountain shelter
Odd Fellows' meeting place
Ski building
Rustic digs
Stay for a while in porter's house? The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Dec 2017
Chalet The Telegraph Quick 03 Dec 2017
Beaver home Wall Street Journal 20 Sep 2017
Stay in temporary accommodation, getting deposit The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Aug 2017
Rustic inn Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2017
Ski resort inn Universal 08 Jul 2017
Skier's hangout Eugene Sheffer 07 Jul 2017
Summer camp building Newsday 19 May 2017
Skier's hotel Newsday 08 May 2017
Skier's inn Newsday 04 Apr 2017
Beaver's home The Times Concise 24 Mar 2017
Fraternal club Universal 21 Feb 2017
Stay in Schatzlod, Germany The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jan 2017
Ski resort inn
Elks' meeting place Newsday 28 Dec 2016
Skiers' hangout Wall Street Journal 15 Nov 2016
Say, pretty girl shortly back in small house The Times Cryptic 12 Oct 2016
Stay (with) The Telegraph Quick 24 Sep 2016
Odd Fellows' meeting place Family Time 22 Aug 2016
Ski resort centerpiece LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2016
Après-ski spot Thomas Joseph 07 Jun 2016
Setting in 46-Across Wall Street Journal 05 May 2016
Rustic retreat Universal 27 Apr 2016
Become embedded Universal 17 Mar 2016
Gatehouse; beaver's den The Times Concise 25 Jan 2016
Ski resort centerpiece
Mineral vein containing good deposit The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Dec 2015
Moose meeting place LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2015
Fraternal club USA Today 05 Dec 2015
500 in record fourth attempt to file complaint Irish Times Crosaire 17 Aug 2015
Stay temporarily The Guardian Quick 15 Aug 2015
To illustrate, reduced unemployment benefit's brought up as 14 The Telegraph Toughie 13 Aug 2015
Beaver's den The Times Concise 27 Jul 2015
Fraternal group Newsday 19 May 2015
Rat messing with this animal home might make dog alert The Telegraph Toughie 06 Feb 2015
In this house say party line must be reversed The Times Cryptic 08 Jan 2015
Get stuck
Where Elks gather
Become embedded
Moose meeting place
Rocky Mountain getaway
Fraternal club
Place to enjoy an après-ski toddy
Fraternal group
Mountain abode
Anthrax "Black ___"
Mountain shelter
Become embedded
Skier's quarters
Skier's hotel
Rural retreat
Hunter's cabin
Inn kin
Get stuck (in)
Reggae singer June, or J.C.
Become stuck
Get stuck (in)
Skier's quarters
Get stuck (in)
Ski resort building
Fraternal group
Red Green's domicile
Ski resort building
Summer camp building
Register, as a complaint
File, as a complaint
Anthrax: "Black ___"
Moody Blues bassist John
Beaver's home
Beaver's home
Skier's quarters
Odd Fellows' meeting place
Raccoon ___, "The Honeymooners" fraternal group
Raccoon ___, "The Honeymooners" fraternal group
Ski-resort building
Become embedded
Rustic retreat
Fraternal club
Mountain shelter
Mountain inn
Mountain getaway
Nixon's first running mate
Rustic cabin
Fraternal branch
Nixon's first running mate
File, as a complaint
Rustic cabin
Give quarters to
Nixon's 1960 running mate
Fraternal branch
File, as a complaint
Get stuck
Elk's place
Where Moose meet
Mountain shelter
Hunter's hangout
Gamekeeper's house
Elks' meeting place?
Elks' home
Elk group
Mountain inn
Submit, as a complaint
Elks' place
Become embedded
Moose's place
Stick fast (in)
Skiers hangout
Fraternal club
Slope structure
Nixon's 1960 running mate
Rustic cabin
Summer cabin
Skier's hangout
Slope structure
Furnish with quarters
Ski cottage
Be fixed
Ski chalet
Furnish with quarters
Summer cottage
Schusser's accommodations
Where hot-dogs get warm?
Get stuck
Become implanted
Nixon running mate
Rustic digs
Settle in place
Skier's quarters
Member's meeting place
Elks' place
Register, as a complaint
Ski shanty
Nixon's 1960 running mate
Fraternal group
Nixon's running mate
Get stuck
Beavers' den
Group of Elks
Give quarters to
File a complaint
Fraternal organization
Nixon's running mate in 1960
Moose, e.g.
Statesman Henry Cabot ___
Fraternal club
Skiers' inn
Elks congregate here
Hunter's habitation
Henry Cabot ___
Resort hotel
Stepquote receiver
Indian abode
Indian dwelling
Woodsy home
Fraternal branch
Beaver home
Rustic place
Hunters' shelter.
Well-known name in Saigon.
Country home.
U.S. Ambassador.
American Ambassador.
Ambassador to Vietnam.
Small house.
Famous New Englander.
1960 candidate.
U. N. spokesman.
Prominent U. N. representative.
Prominent name in the U.N.
Local chapter of a fraternal group.
U. N. personage.
U. N. name.
Noted U. N. name.
U. N. representative.
U. N. delegate since 1953.
New Ambassador to Spain.
U. S. Ambassador to U. N.
One of Ike's backers.
Senator running for re-election.
Senator leading fight for Ike's nomination.
Senatorial supporter of Eisenhower boom.
Governor in Hartford.
A well–known Republican.
Eisenhower boomer.
Governor of Connecticut.
Governor at Hartford.
Eisenhower-for-President booster.
Senator from the Bay State.
Displacer of Mr. Bowles in Connecticut.
Henry Cabot ___, Senator from Massachusetts.
He defeated Sen. Walsh.
New Senator from Massachusetts.
Hunter's rental
Apres-ski locale
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