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Word "LOPE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a slow pace of running
jog, trot

Part of Speech:
a smooth three-beat gait; between a trot and a gallop

Part of Speech:
run easily

Crossword Clues for LOPE

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Clue Source Date
Unhurried gait Eugene Sheffer 24 Apr 2021
Leisurely run Newsday 24 Mar 2021
Take huge strides in surgical operation The Sun Two Speed 21 Mar 2021
Bound along The Sun Two Speed 21 Mar 2021
Bounding gait Universal 04 Feb 2021
Run with a long stride USA Today 15 Jan 2021
Easy gait USA Today 10 Jan 2021
Run with long bounding steps Irish Times Simplex 24 Nov 2020
Easy pace New York Times 16 Oct 2020
Casual stride Universal 24 Sep 2020
Easy trot Family Time 31 Aug 2020
Leisurely gait USA Today 18 Aug 2020
Easy run New York Times 30 Jul 2020
See exercises for extended stride The Sun Two Speed 24 Jul 2020
Wolf's gait New York Times 25 Jun 2020
Trot easily Newsday 27 May 2020
Take huge strides in crucial operation The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
Run along easily The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
Casual gait The Washington Post 28 Mar 2020
Leisurely pace LA Times Daily 03 Feb 2020
Run casually Family Time 09 Dec 2019
Horse's bounding stride The Washington Post Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Easygoing gait Family Time 07 Oct 2019
Stride The Telegraph Quick 06 Aug 2019
Easy stride New York Times 29 Jun 2019
Long, steady gait The Sun Two Speed 05 Jun 2019
Bound around Newsday 13 Apr 2019
Run like a deer USA Today 26 Mar 2019
Run with an easy gait USA Today 31 Jan 2019
Make great strides? New York Times 31 Dec 2018
Bound The Times Concise 04 Nov 2018
No-rush pace Newsday 20 Oct 2018
Run easily Family Time 01 Oct 2018
Easy running gait Universal 01 Oct 2018
Easy jog Universal 05 Sep 2018
One way to run Universal 31 Aug 2018
Run gracefully Newsday 30 Aug 2018
Canter The Washington Post 29 Jun 2018
Retriever's gait Newsday 23 Jun 2018
Run unhurriedly USA Today 04 Jun 2018
Palomino's gait, maybe The Washington Post Sunday 29 Apr 2018
See exercise take great strides The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Mar 2018
Bound along incline, but not initially The Sun Two Speed 22 Mar 2018
Bounding stride Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2017
Run with little effort Universal 30 Oct 2017
Pace between trot and gallop USA Today 28 Sep 2017
Run, but not seriously Family Time 10 Sep 2017
Relaxed gait Newsday 03 Sep 2017
Maybe 25 percent of a gallop Universal 18 May 2017
Stride easily USA Today 15 Mar 2017
Easy sort of run Universal 16 Feb 2017
Easy swinging gait Universal 10 Feb 2017
Spanish dramatist ___ de Vega New York Times 24 Nov 2016
Where skiers may be missing foremost run The Times Cryptic 23 Nov 2016
Easy type of run Universal 17 Oct 2016
Unhurried run New York Times 22 Aug 2016
Casual pace LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2016
Relaxed stride Newsday 24 Jul 2016
Run with a long, easy stride Universal 19 Feb 2016
Run leisurely Newsday 03 Feb 2016
Gently run USA Today 02 Nov 2015
More than trot LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2015
Not a full-out run New York Times 22 Oct 2015
What may be good for the long run? New York Times 10 Sep 2015
Long stride Newsday 12 Aug 2015
Less than a full run New York Times 09 Aug 2015
Canter's cousin USA Today 20 Jul 2015
Left order for exercise to run easily Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jul 2015
Relaxed pace LA Times Daily 22 May 2015
Way to run USA Today 19 Feb 2015
Nearly effortless gait
Long, swinging stride
Easy, swinging gait
Carefree gait
Horse's run
Leisurely stride
Move with long strides
Make big strides
Effortless gait
A bit more than a trot
Run without much effort
Run at an easy pace
Run in long, easy strides
Canterlike gait
Walk like a wolf
Run in long strides
Run with long strides
Jogger's gait, perhaps
Pasture gait
Canter leisurely
Effortless pace
Move along easily
Graceful gait
Gangly gait
Run like a wolf
Go at an easy gait
Run of the ranch?
Run in long, smooth, easy strides
Kangaroo's gait
Run like a coyote
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