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Crossword Clues for LOSES

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Clue Source Date
Isn't elected The Washington Post 20 Apr 2021
Misplaces Newsday 19 Apr 2021
Can't find Newsday 18 Apr 2021
Fails to win or mislays Irish Times Simplex 03 Apr 2021
Places last Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2021
Doesn't get the gold USA Today 19 Mar 2021
Underscores? Jonesin 22 Dec 2020
Fails to win Irish Times Simplex 21 Nov 2020
Comes in second in a duel USA Today 07 Nov 2020
Comes up short Newsday 27 Sep 2020
Disobeys Simon, say USA Today 24 Sep 2020
Gets rid of The Washington Post 22 Aug 2020
Doesn't win New York Times 03 Aug 2020
Doesn't prevail The Washington Post 03 Jul 2020
Gets trounced Wall Street Journal 09 Jun 2020
Takes an 'L' New York Times 12 Apr 2020
Goes down to defeat LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2020
Finishes last Thomas Joseph 26 Feb 2020
Suffers a defeat USA Today 23 Dec 2019
Goes down Newsday 14 Sep 2019
Suffers the agony of defeat Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2019
Gets bested Premier Sunday 24 Mar 2019
Leaves follower behind with running soles Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jan 2019
Draws the short straw USA Today 24 Dec 2018
Trails the field The New Yorker 05 Nov 2018
Ditches Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2018
Blows the victory Universal 31 Aug 2018
Comes in last Eugene Sheffer 04 Aug 2018
Is defeated Universal 02 Jul 2018
Is badly beaten Universal 10 May 2018
Gets whupped USA Today 04 May 2018
Comes up short, say New York Times 24 May 2017
Takes a licking The Washington Post 15 Feb 2017
Finishes with fewer votes New York Times 17 Oct 2016
Shakes New York Times 24 Sep 2016
Manages to elude Newsday 10 Jul 2016
Gives the slip to USA Today 22 Mar 2016
Mislays Universal 02 Feb 2016
Suffers a 47-Across USA Today 25 Jan 2016
Gets the booby prize New York Times 30 Nov 2015
Gives the slip New York Times 24 Jul 2015
Gets licked USA Today 29 Jun 2015
Gets rid of, as weight LA Times Daily 27 Apr 2015
Suffers defeats Universal 02 Apr 2015
Accepts defeat Universal 06 Jan 2015
Gets licked, in battle of bands
Is bested
Sheds, as weight
Shakes off
Suffers defeat
Shakes, as in a car chase
Is stopped on the field
Finishes second
Shakes, as a tail
Gets knocked off
Blows, perhaps
Gets beaten
What second place at battle of the bands does
Earns the booby prize
Draws the short straw, say
Doesn't maintain
Wins the battle of the bulge, ironically
Fails to prevail
Comes in second
Doesn't carry the day
Fails to show
Shakes, so to speak
Gets the consolation prize
Throws, say
Falls short, in points
Allows to get away
Emulates most Las Vegas visitors
Finishes a close second
Has confiscated
Is deprived of
Emulates many Las Vegas visitors
Gets the high score ... in golf
Takes it on the chin
Diets successfully
Succeeds with one's diet
Takes a dive, say
Meets one's Waterloo
Gets eliminated
Takes a dive
Heads for the cellar
Leaves in the dust
Qualifies for the booby prize
Surrenders the title (to)
Escapes from
Fails to retain
Takes a drubbing
Comes in second, third or fourth
Is eliminated from competition
Racks up zeros
Flips out with it
Comes a cropper
Becomes an also-ran
Goes down in defeat
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