Word "LOUIS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion for 12 years (1914-1981)
joe louis, joseph louis barrow

Crossword Clues for LOUIS

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Clue Source Date
Fashion designer Vuitton Newsday 12 Apr 2022
NFL analyst Riddick The Washington Post Sunday 03 Apr 2022
Writer L'Amour Thomas Joseph 09 Feb 2022
The L in 27-Across USA Today 10 Aug 2021
St. ___, Missouri USA Today 05 Aug 2021
The L in 21-Across USA Today 26 Jun 2021
Name of French kings The Times Concise 10 Apr 2021
Director Malle Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2021
With 46-Down, “Jump, Jive an’ Wail” singer Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2020
Armstrong who signed letters 'Red beans and ricely yours' USA Today 01 Oct 2020
'Ella and ___' (1956 jazz album) New York Times 16 Aug 2020
French monarch's name The Telegraph Quick 19 Jun 2020
Jazz legend Armstrong USA Today 21 Apr 2020
Joe, boxing's 'Brown Bomber' USA Today 03 Nov 2019
Vuitton of fashion Newsday 18 Aug 2019
Jazz great Armstrong USA Today 05 Aug 2019
French royal name Newsday 24 May 2019
Jazz great Armstrong
Joe, boxing's "Brown Bomber"
Educator Braille The Washington Post Sunday 09 Dec 2018
One of 18 French kings New York Times 17 Oct 2018
Fashion designer Vuitton Newsday 03 Oct 2018
____ St Laurent (PM 1948 to 1957) Canadiana 30 Apr 2018
One of 18 French kings
Julia ___-Dreyfus Universal 26 Nov 2017
Trumpeter Armstrong Eugene Sheffer 17 Nov 2017
Vuitton of fashion USA Today 13 Nov 2017
-- Armstrong, trumpeter The Telegraph Quick 02 Oct 2017
Stand-up comic ___ C.K USA Today 26 Jul 2017
Tiffany of stained glass Newsday 19 May 2017
Poet whose Autumn Journal described the mood as Europe slid towards war in 1939 The Guardian Weekend 18 May 2017
Ring great Joe Universal 29 Apr 2017
Prize fighter once given old gold coin The Telegraph Toughie 27 Jan 2017
Stand-up comic ___ C.K.
Vuitton of fashion
Ring great Joe
Julia ___-Dreyfus
Detroit's Joe __ Arena LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2016
Name of nearly 20 French kings LA Times Daily 01 Aug 2016
Fashion maven Vuitton The Washington Post 27 Jul 2016
Comic ___ C.K Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2016
Jazzman Armstrong LA Times Daily 31 May 2016
"Damage" director Malle USA Today 17 May 2016
Trumpeter Armstrong USA Today 13 Feb 2016
and 23: US jazz trumpeter The Telegraph Quick 05 Jan 2016
Jazzman Armstrong
Detroit's Joe __ Arena
Name of nearly 20 French kings
Trumpeter Armstrong
"Damage" director Malle
Comic ___ C.K Jonesin 20 Oct 2015
He beat Schmeling in 1938 Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2015
French king giving his assent in the outskirts of Limoges The Times Cryptic 21 Aug 2015
Name of eighteen kings of France The Guardian Quick 28 Mar 2015
Designer Vuitton New York Times 23 Mar 2015
Boxing great Joe USA Today 17 Mar 2015
Name of 18 French kings LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2015
Name of 18 French kings
Popular name for a 12-Down
Boxing great Joe
He beat Schmeling in 1938
Designer Vuitton
Pugilistic Joe
Monsieur Pasteur
"Satchmo" Armstrong
Trumpeter Armstrong
Armstrong of jazz
Scientist Pasteur
St. __, MO
Fashion house founder Vuitton
American trumpet player Armstrong
Tiffany, for one
One of almost 20 French kings
Winner over Schmeling in 1938
Legendary trumpeter Armstrong
Armstrong of jazz trumpet
Joe the boxer
Vuitton of fashion
Joe the boxer
Boxing's Brown Bomber
Winner of a famous 1938 rematch
"Seinfeld" actress Julia ___-Dreyfus
American trumpet player Armstrong
Jazzy Armstrong
Western writer L'Amour
Jazzy Armstrong
Automaker Chevrolet
Justice Brandeis
___ XVIII (monarch whose reign was interrupted by the Hundred Days)
"Seinfeld" actress Julia __-Dreyfus
Justice Brandeis
"Seinfeld" actress Julia __-Dreyfus
Designer Vuitton
1930s-'40s heavyweight champ Joe
One of 18 kings
One of 18 kings
First name in fashion
Many a French king
Vuitton of fashion
Trumpeter Armstrong
Prima or Pasteur
Trumpeter Armstrong
Chemist Pasteur
The Brown Bomber
Name of some French kings
Tiffany who made Tiffany lamps
Bourbon royal name
Boxing's Joe
Satchmo, really
Movie mogul Mayer
First name in jazz
Name of several French kings
See 5-Down
"How the West Was Won" writer L'Amour
Satchmo's first name
__ XIV
__ XIV
He sang about Dolly
Armstrong or Pasteur
Satchmo's real name
"Wall $treet Week" host Rukeyser
Chemist Pasteur
Famous French king
Armstrong or Pasteur
Heavyweight champ from 1937-49
Boxing's "Brown Bomber"
'The Brown Bomber'
Marie Antoinette's husband
Braille or Pasteur
One of 18 rois
Heavyweight legend
Financial analyst Rukeyser
Robert ___ Stevenson
Jurist Brandeis
The Brown Bomber
Rukeyser of "Wall Street Week"
Freeh, whom Bush would like to stay on as FBI director
French royal name
Rukeyser of "Wall $treet Week"
Former justice Brandeis
Trumpeter Armstrong
"Satchmo" Armstrong
Explorer Jolliet
Tumpeter Armstrong
Bacteriologist Pasteur
"Satchmo" Armstrong
See 17 Across
See 42 Down
Armstrong or L'Amour
Braille's first name
A Mo. patron?
Hall of Fame boxer
Another boxer?
The Brown Bomber
Champ after Braddock
Pasteur or Prima
St. or Joe
An Armstrong
Comedian Nye
Name for French kings
Royal name
St. ___
Fighter Joe.
French royal name.
Famed fighter.
___ Quatorze.
Ex-heavyweight champ.
Former heavyweight.
Boxer turned wrestler.
Famous name in the ring.
Mr. Bromfield.
Victor over Braddock, June 22, 1937.
His real name is Joseph Barrow.
Joseph Barrow.
Lord ___ Mountbatten.
Any of several kings of France.
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