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Word "LOX" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a bluish translucent magnetic liquid obtained by compressing gaseous oxygen and then cooling it below its boiling point; used as an oxidizer in rocket propellants
liquid oxygen

Part of Speech:
brine-cured salmon that is lightly smoked

Crossword Clues for LOX

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Clue Source Date
Bagel topper Eugene Sheffer 16 Apr 2021
Salmon at a deli Universal 14 Apr 2021
Rocket fuel, familiarly Newsday 03 Apr 2021
Brined salmon USA Today 14 Mar 2021
Bagel salmon Premier Sunday 07 Mar 2021
Smoked salmon Universal 06 Mar 2021
Smoky topper for a bagel Universal 28 Feb 2021
Brunch fish Newsday 25 Feb 2021
Deli supply New York Times 14 Feb 2021
Salmon cured in brine The Washington Post 29 Oct 2020
Salmon that sounds like hair USA Today 29 Oct 2020
Smoked bagel topper The Washington Post Sunday 27 Sep 2020
Fish sandwiched in a bagel Universal 27 Sep 2020
Smoked topper Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2020
Sort of filleted fish Newsday 14 Aug 2020
Bagel topping USA Today 12 Aug 2020
Orange selection at brunch Newsday 17 Jul 2020
Brine-cured salmon USA Today 12 Jul 2020
Fish with a schmear, sometimes Wall Street Journal 28 May 2020
Rocket propellant, for short Newsday 09 Apr 2020
Bagel-and-cream cheese topper Universal 17 Mar 2020
Bagel fish USA Today 03 Dec 2019
Cured salmon The Washington Post 31 Oct 2019
Deli delicacy The Washington Post 17 Oct 2019
Fish for breakfast Newsday 04 Apr 2019
Bagel go-with New York Times 12 Mar 2019
Whitefish alternative Newsday 02 Mar 2019
Fishy bagel topper The Washington Post 01 Jan 2019
Deli stock
Fish in a bagel shop USA Today 06 Dec 2018
Deli salmon The Washington Post 23 Oct 2018
Jewish deli supply New York Times 10 Oct 2018
Salty bagel topper New York Times 01 Aug 2018
Bagel store option The Washington Post Sunday 06 May 2018
Smoked salmon on a bagel Jonesin 27 Mar 2018
Fish with a bagel and a schmear USA Today 14 Dec 2017
Schmear accompanier, often Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2017
Bagel topping, often Family Time 30 Oct 2017
Fish in some omelets Newsday 24 Aug 2017
Bagel complement, often Universal 03 Aug 2017
Fish at a brunch Newsday 23 Jul 2017
Food that's cured New York Times 24 Nov 2016
Brine-cured delicacy LA Times Daily 23 Sep 2016
19-Down go-with Eugene Sheffer 05 Aug 2016
Deli offering New York Times 26 Jun 2016
Bagel shop order Universal 09 Jun 2016
30-Down purchase Wall Street Journal 17 Mar 2016
Smoked deli purchase New York Times 28 Feb 2016
Deli delectable Wall Street Journal 15 Jan 2016
Bagel and ___ New York Times 11 Jan 2016
Brine-cured bagel topper The Washington Post 24 Dec 2015
Schmear accompanier Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2015
It's smoked in a deli New York Times 22 Sep 2015
Zabar's buy Wall Street Journal 31 Aug 2015
Bagel store offering USA Today 05 Apr 2015
Morning salmon LA Times Daily 18 Mar 2015
Fish that might accompany a schmear New York Times 14 Jan 2015
Brined deli delicacy
Brunch serving
Sandwich salmon
Smoked brunch item
Common bagel topping
Frequent bagel topper
Salmon for bagels
Brine-cured schmear topper
Kiddush dish
Bagel accompaniment
Bagel filling
Fish on a bagel, maybe
Fish for bagels
Common bagel topper
Brined fish
Salty fillet
Sliced salmon serving
Brunch delicacy
Bagel-topping fish
Salmon on a bagel
Fish eaten with bagels
Bagel accompaniment, perhaps
Fish on a bagel
Deli fish
Deli delight
Schmear topper
Common serving at a Yom Kippur break fast
Sort of salmon
Bagel stuffer
Bagel filler
Fish for brunch
Breakfast delicacy
It's often served on a bagel
Extra with cream cheese
Bagel's partner
Bagel topper, often
Salty salmon
Nova, e.g.
Fish eaten cold
Deli order
Fish for a bagel
Bagel store purchase
Brunch fish, perhaps
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.