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Word "LSD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a powerful hallucinogenic drug manufactured from lysergic acid
lysergic acid diethylamide

Crossword Clues for LSD

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Clue Source Date
Vehicle for some '60s trips LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2021
Hallucinogenic initials USA Today 06 Apr 2021
In retrospect, a broadband option you don't want to drop and one that's supposed to be dropped? Irish Times Crosaire 03 Apr 2021
Colorless, odorless drug New York Times 02 Apr 2021
Source of some hallucinations USA Today 20 Mar 2021
Psychedelic drug USA Today 13 Mar 2021
'60s hallucinogenic New York Times 08 Mar 2021
Tab for an acid trip Universal 26 Feb 2021
Trip-taking aid LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2021
Leary's drug Eugene Sheffer 04 Feb 2021
Project MKUltra drug Wall Street Journal 27 Jan 2021
Cause of a trip New York Times 22 Jan 2021
It's taken to start a trip Universal 16 Jan 2021
Trip source USA Today 14 Jan 2021
Drug that NASA gave to dolphins in the 1960s in an attempt to communicate with them The Washington Post Sunday 10 Jan 2021
Hallucinogenic drug USA Today 09 Jan 2021
Another name for acid USA Today 08 Jan 2021
'Acid' New York Times 15 Dec 2020
What 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' supposedly isn't about New York Times 10 Dec 2020
Alternative to mushrooms New York Times 27 Nov 2020
Stuff on blotter paper The Washington Post Sunday 22 Nov 2020
Inspiration for the Beatles' 'Day Tripper' New York Times 11 Nov 2020
Drug aka acid USA Today 03 Nov 2020
Inspiration for 'Day Tripper,' per McCartney The Washington Post Sunday 18 Oct 2020
Trippy drug Universal 16 Oct 2020
Something dropped at Woodstock Universal 06 Oct 2020
It's dropped before a trip New York Times 23 Sep 2020
Counterculture drug, for short New York Times 20 Sep 2020
Drug that causes trips Universal 13 Sep 2020
Hallucinatory drug Thomas Joseph 31 Aug 2020
What Dr. Leary tripped on LA Times Daily 25 Aug 2020
"Acid" LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2020
Certain hallucinogen Universal 14 Aug 2020
It was dropped in the 1960s Wall Street Journal 11 Aug 2020
Acid USA Today 11 Aug 2020
Potent hallucinogen Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2020
Timothy Leary's trip starter Universal 08 Jul 2020
Drug researched in Project MK-Ultra The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jul 2020
Start of a trip, for short? New York Times 01 Jul 2020
Drug that’s dropped Wall Street Journal 24 Jun 2020
Tabs taken for a trip The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jun 2020
Drug used in microdosing therapies The Washington Post 17 Jun 2020
Drop it and you may trip Universal 13 Jun 2020
Start of some trips Wall Street Journal 10 Jun 2020
Tab that's paid for illegally? New York Times 22 May 2020
Acid trip drug Universal 17 May 2020
'60s hallucinogen The Washington Post 16 May 2020
Cause of some trips USA Today 11 May 2020
Trippy '60s drug LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2020
You might trip on it Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2020
Drug to trip on New York Times 06 Apr 2020
Inspiration for the phrase 'acid rock' The Washington Post Sunday 05 Apr 2020
Substance associated with the C.I.A.'s controversial MK-ULTRA mind-control program The New Yorker 23 Mar 2020
Hallucinogenic letters LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2020
You'll trip if you drop it
Hit from the '60s?
Sixties hallucinogen Canadiana 06 Jan 2020
Drug dropped in the '60s Universal 05 Dec 2019
1960s mind alterer Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2019
'Dropped' '60s drug The Washington Post 12 Nov 2019
"Dropped" '60s drug LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2019
Trip letters The Washington Post 24 Oct 2019
Hallucinogenic tabs Universal 07 Oct 2019
"Acid" drug Universal 04 Sep 2019
You can take a trip with this without traveling New York Times 03 Sep 2019
Substance for Timothy Leary Universal 20 Aug 2019
Trip provider The Washington Post 16 Aug 2019
'60s 'acid' The Washington Post 30 Jul 2019
'60s "acid" LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2019
Illegal way to start a trip Universal 26 Jul 2019
Pitcher Dock Ellis claimed to have used this before throwing a no-hitter in 1970 New York Times 18 Jul 2019
Sixties drug, for short Canadiana 01 Jul 2019
Inspiration for Jefferson Airplane's 'White Rabbit' New York Times 29 Jun 2019
Inspiration for Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"
"The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" drug Universal 19 Jun 2019
Trip provider, for short The New Yorker 17 Jun 2019
Common drug at Woodstock USA Today 13 Jun 2019
1960s counterculture drug USA Today 05 Jun 2019
Pounds, shillings and pence of old Irish Times Simplex 11 Apr 2019
Hippie's hallucinogen USA Today 10 Apr 2019
Timothy Leary's hallucinogen Jonesin 19 Mar 2019
It could cause you to trip Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2019
Dr. Leary's turn-on The Washington Post 24 Feb 2019
Source of some '60s trips The Washington Post 14 Feb 2019
'Acid' at Woodstock USA Today 14 Feb 2019
Tripping drug Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2019
Hippie's trip drug Universal 11 Feb 2019
It can cause a bad trip The Washington Post 24 Jan 2019
Subject of many '60s hits? New York Times 03 Jan 2019
Cause of hallucinations
"Acid" at Woodstock
Acid, by another name The Washington Post Sunday 23 Dec 2018
Timothy Leary's drug New York Times 10 Dec 2018
Dropped drug Universal 29 Nov 2018
UK pre-decimal money Newsday 24 Nov 2018
Tabbed drug Universal 21 Nov 2018
Woodstock drug Universal 24 Aug 2018
Tripping substance Universal 03 Aug 2018
Cause of some flashbacks, for short New York Times 21 Jul 2018
It might be dropped for a trip Wall Street Journal 21 Jun 2018
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