Word "LUKE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
one of the four Gospels in the New Testament; contains details of Jesus's birth and early life
gospel according to luke, gospel of luke

Part of Speech:
(New Testament) the Apostle closely associated with St. Paul and traditionally assumed to be the author of the third Gospel
saint luke, st. luke

Crossword Clues for LUKE

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Clue Source Date
"Beverly Hills, 90210" co-star Perry
Gospel that includes the parable of the Prodigal Son LA Times Daily 16 May 2024
Anakin's issue (4)
Actor who played Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills, 90210, _ Perry (4)
Celebrity twins Matt and _ Boss (4)
Country artist Bryan who's a judge on "American Idol" LA Times Mini 14 Apr 2024
One of Padm* Amidala's twins Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2024
Evangelist The Times Concise 04 Apr 2024
British darts player who is the current World No. 1 and World Champion, _ Humphries (4)
___ Luck, lake licker for a "Doctor" (4)
One of the 22 Across
Actor Evans of the recent movie Good Grief
Skywalker of sci-fi Newsday 21 Feb 2024
_ Evans, Welsh actor and singer (4)
2024 PDC World Darts Championship winner (4)
_ Skywalker, Star Wars character (4)
Mr Cage, Marvel comic book superhero also known as Power Man (4)
Bryan or Wilson
Evangelist said to have worked as a physician
Country singer Combs
___ the Drifter, Hank Williams' fictional alter-ego that he used as a pseudonym
Skywalker of ''Star War''s Newsday 26 Dec 2023
Skywalker of 'Star War's
Superhero played by Mike Colter, - Cage (4)
Leia's brother Thomas Joseph 24 Oct 2023
John's predecessor left this country, heading for Eritrea The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Sep 2023
Country star Bryan Universal 27 Aug 2023
The third of the Christian gospels The Guardian Weekend 19 Aug 2023
Sci-fi hero ___ Skywalker New York Times 31 Jul 2023
___ Perry, "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor who guest starred in the TV show "Family Guy" as himself
___ Skywalker ("Star Wars" character)
Actor Evans of "The Alienist"
Book in accident, cover ripped off The Guardian Cryptic 24 Mar 2023
"___, I am your father" ("Star Wars" misquote) Universal 05 Feb 2023
Anakin's son Wall Street Journal 22 Dec 2022
The third of the Gospels The Guardian Weekend 03 Dec 2022
___ Grimes, "Brothers & Sisters" actor who plays Kayce Dutton in "Yellowstone"
Welsh actor Evans Universal 14 Oct 2022
Sci-fi's Skywalker Eugene Sheffer 07 Sep 2022
Skywalker of 'Star Wars' Newsday 27 Jun 2022
___ Skywalker (Mark Hamill's "Star Wars" role)
Gospel author who wrote another New Testament book The Times Specialist Sunday 17 Apr 2022
Leia's twin Universal 13 Apr 2022
Lucky ___, fictional cowboy created by Belgian cartoonist Morris
Jacobin writer Savage The Washington Post Sunday 30 Jan 2022
Marvel hero Cage The Washington Post Sunday 16 Jan 2022
Combs of country music Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2022
"Star Wars" role LA Times Daily 24 Dec 2021
___ Skywalker ("Star Wars" character)
Boy, by complete coincidence, not female
Boy, by complete coincidence, not female The Guardian Cryptic 08 Nov 2021
___ Newton, actor who plays Colin Bridgerton in the TV series "Bridgerton"
Actor ___ Perry of "Beverly Hills, 90210"
Gospel that includes the parable of the good Samaritan Wall Street Journal 12 Jul 2021
'Star Wars' Jedi Skywalker USA Today 08 Jul 2021
Patron saint of physicians Canadiana 14 Jun 2021
Sci-fi's Skywalker Eugene Sheffer 04 May 2021
Cage or Skywalker Universal 28 Feb 2021
Book search in Birmingham?
___ Bryan, 'American Idol' judge New York Times 30 Sep 2020
“Knockin’ Boots” singer Bryan Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2020
One of the four Gospels New York Times 21 Jul 2020
___ Kuechly, football linebacker who retired in 2020 and made it to the Pro Bowl seven times
Saint from this country embraced by the French
Gospeller to one side has small guitar
Evans, who stars in "Beauty and the Beast"
Skywalker of ''Star Wars'' Newsday 03 Jun 2020
Leia's brother Universal 31 May 2020
___ Wilson, "Legally Blonde" actor who appeared on "That '70s Show" as Michael's older brother, Casey
Leia's cinematic brother The Washington Post Sunday 19 Apr 2020
Paul's companion, spineless parasite blowing top
Ted and Tracy's son on "How I Met Your Mother" portrayed by "The Pitts" star David Henrie
Princess Leia's twin brother
Third of four canonical gospels LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2019
Third of four canonical gospels The Washington Post 04 Oct 2019
Son of Padme and Anakin Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2019
Book that's the source of the phrase 'Physician, heal thyself' New York Times 29 Jun 2019
Book that's the source of the phrase "Physician, heal thyself"
One of the greatest "Star Wars" characters, ___ Skywalker
'Star Wars' hero The Washington Post 01 Mar 2019
"Star Wars" hero LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2019
Third of four canonical gospels
Son of Padme and Anakin
"Star Wars" hero
Leia's brother
One of the New Testament Gospels The Telegraph General Knowledge 17 Dec 2018
Leia's brother Thomas Joseph 04 Dec 2018
A Gospel writer Universal 28 Nov 2018
The core of this Acts' theology is "Salvation history"
Gospel with the Prodigal Son parable New York Times 04 Oct 2018
Trainer of Rey in 'The Last Jedi' New York Times 16 Sep 2018
___ Bryan, "Country Girl" singer who's a judge on "American Idol"
Fellow producing article in Paris about our country The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Aug 2018
Uncle to Ben Solo LA Times Daily 29 Jun 2018
Uncle to Ben Solo The Washington Post 29 Jun 2018
Longest book in the New Testament New York Times 22 Jun 2018
Leia's brother Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2018
One of the Gospels Universal 10 Apr 2018
Skywalker from Tatooine USA Today 09 Apr 2018
___ Skywalker (protagonist of Star Wars)
A Gospel writer
Skywalker from Tatooine
Uncle to Ben Solo
One of the Gospels
Leia's brother
Trainer of Rey in "The Last Jedi"
Longest book in the New Testament
Gospel with the Prodigal Son parable
See 65-Across New York Times 13 Nov 2017
'Use the Force, __' The Washington Post 19 Sep 2017
"Use the Force, __" LA Times Daily 19 Sep 2017
___ Sauder (Guinness list for verticle skiing) Canadiana 28 Aug 2017
Presumed author of Acts Wall Street Journal 23 Aug 2017
Hall of Fame shortstop Appling Wall Street Journal 13 Jun 2017
Twin brother of Leia, in "Star Wars" USA Today 06 Apr 2017
'Cool Hand' guy of film The Washington Post 20 Jan 2017
See 65-Across
"Use the Force, __"
A Gospel writer Newsday 16 Nov 2016
-- Skywalker, 'Star Wars' character The Telegraph General Knowledge 06 Nov 2016
Darth Vader's son The Washington Post 08 Oct 2016
Mark follower Newsday 06 Aug 2016
Author of the Acts of the Apostles The Telegraph General Knowledge 15 May 2016
One of the Gospels USA Today 24 Apr 2016
Skywalker of sci-fi Universal 24 Mar 2016
Son of Anakin and Padme Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2015
Bo's cousin on 'The Dukes of Hazzard' New York Times 20 Sep 2015
Leia's brother Newsday 31 May 2015
Boy‘s chance to go topless
Acts author Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2015
''Physician, heal thyself'' book Newsday 31 Jan 2015
One of the disciples Canadiana 26 Jan 2015
Bo's cousin on "The Dukes of Hazzard"
Son of Anakin and Padme
Acts author
Gospel writer Newsday 01 Jan 2015
"Physician, heal thyself" book
Gospel writer
Leia's brother
Skywalker of "Star Wars"
Skywalker of sci-fi
"Star Wars" role
Gospel writer
One of the Gospels
New Testament book
Book before John
A Gospel writer
First name in "Star Wars"
Author of Acts, by most accounts
Leia's twin
Anakin's son
Force user of film
Gospel writer
Skywalker of movies or McShane of chess
One of the Gospels
Book between Mark and John
It begins "Forasmuch as many have taken in hand ..."
Perry of "Beverly Hills 90210"
Gospel source
"Use the Force, ___"
Gospel containing the "Nunc Dimittis"
Hero Skywalker
New Testament saint
It mentions the Prodigal Son
Skywalker of sci-fi
Gospel writer
Biblical physician
Biblical physician
Patron saint of surgeons
Country singer Bryan
Bro of Owen Wilson
New Testament book
"Frat Pack" member Wilson
One of the Gospels
Yoda's student
"Star Wars" hero
Darth's son, in "Return of the Jedi"
Actor Perry
Actor Perry
Leia's brother
The prodigal son is found in it
Book of the Gospel
Gospel writer
Third book of the New Testament
New Testament book
Author of Acts, by most accounts
Author of Acts, by most accounts
"Dukes of Hazzard" character
John comes after it
Laura's "General Hospital" husband
Book of the Gospel
Gospel author
Gospel writer
New Testament book
Source of "Physician, heal thyself"
His word is Gospel
Mark follower
Author of the third gospel
Book after Mark
Darth's son
1967 title role for Paul Newman
Darth's son
Darth Vader's son
Anakin Skywalker's son
New Testament book
Gospel writer
Gospel writer
'Star Wars' Skywalker
One of the Gospels
One of the Gospels
The third Gospel
Saintly physician
Gospel writer
One of the Gospels
Actor Perry
Force user
New Testament book
1967 Newman title role
New Testament book
Gospel author
Anakin Skywalker's son
Perry of "90210"
Darth's son
Anakin Skywalker's son
Leia Organa's brother
Bible book
Young Skywalker
An apostle
Anakin's son
Skywalker of "Star Wars"
Fictional Skywalker
Laura's daytime lover
Book before John
Boy of Darth
Cool Hand ____
Skywalker of Star Wars
Character in "Star Wars"
Patron saint of physicians
One of the Gospels
Heartthrob Perry
Darth Vader's son
Skywalker of "Star Wars"
Actor Perry
One of four Evangelists
"Cool Hand ___," 1967 film
Mark's follower
Gospel writer
Early physician
Third Gospel
An Evangelist
Third book of the New Testament
Warm fellow?
His day is Oct. 18
Paul's friend
Biblical book
Biblical physician
Cool-hand man
N. T. book
N.T. book
Companion of Paul
Between Mark and John
Bible book
Between Mark and John.
Companion of Paul.
The Evangelist.
Kind of warm.
Book of New Testament.
Paul's "beloved physician."
Book of N. T.
Writer of the third Gospel.
Gospel author.
Biblical physician.
Book of the Bible.
An apostle.
Easter of the Indians.
Author of The Book of Acts.
The physician apostle.
Actor Wilson
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