Crossword Clues for LYCRA

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Clue Source Date
Spandex brand Premier Sunday 14 Aug 2022
Stretchy fabric The Telegraph Quick 25 Jul 2022
Elastic fabric Newsday 12 Jun 2022
Group of stars holding cape's clingy fabric The Times Cryptic 27 Apr 2022
Material carried by wobbly crate The Guardian Cryptic 19 Apr 2022
Some poorly crafted material The Guardian Quiptic 28 Feb 2022
Stretchy fabric Eugene Sheffer 22 Dec 2021
Stretchy fabric Eugene Sheffer 22 Oct 2021
Spandex fiber brand The Washington Post Sunday 26 Sep 2021
Material for Katie Ledecky LA Times Daily 04 Sep 2021
Material for Katie Ledecky The Washington Post 04 Sep 2021
Sports clothing fabric The Times Concise 30 Aug 2021
Stretcher orderly craftily has nicked The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Apr 2021
Carbon in constellation's fabric The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2020
Stretchy material The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2020
Swimwear material Universal 20 Oct 2020
Workout fabric Newsday 16 Oct 2020
Tights material Universal 07 Oct 2020
Stretchy sportswear fabric Newsday 22 Sep 2020
Stretchy 65 Down Newsday 23 Aug 2020
Stretchy fiber LA Times Daily 19 Aug 2020
Stretchy fiber The Washington Post 19 Aug 2020
Another name for Spandex Universal 03 Jul 2020
Dive skin fabric USA Today 21 Jun 2020
Stretchy fabric LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2020
Stretchy fabric The Washington Post 06 Jun 2020
Provider of Tour de France coverage Newsday 06 Jun 2020
Stretchy material Universal 25 Apr 2020
Tights material USA Today 21 Apr 2020
Stretchy fabric USA Today 23 Dec 2019
Stretchy fabric The Times Concise 22 Nov 2019
Elastane brand Newsday 20 Jul 2019
Eventually, crash-test will expose material The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Feb 2019
Elastic fabric Newsday 21 Dec 2018
Ski-trip stretcher Newsday 24 Nov 2018
Spandex trademark USA Today 15 Nov 2018
Tests out the crystal set for those in 15 down to use Irish Times Crosaire 26 Apr 2018
Clingy fabric The Sun Two Speed 26 Feb 2018
Carly developed man-made fibre The Sun Two Speed 26 Feb 2018
Wrestling singlet material Wall Street Journal 21 Feb 2018
Spandex trademark
Stretchy sportswear material New York Times 22 Nov 2017
Stretchy fabric Eugene Sheffer 03 Nov 2017
Sports material The Telegraph Quick 25 Oct 2017
Sports bra fabric LA Times Daily 21 Sep 2017
Sports bra fabric The Washington Post 21 Sep 2017
British version of what Americans call Spandex The Times Specialist Sunday 27 Aug 2017
Stretchy synthetic The Washington Post 14 Jun 2017
Stretchy synthetic LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2017
Bicycle shorts material Jonesin 30 May 2017
What many cyclists wear as part of silly craze The Telegraph Toughie 23 May 2017
Activewear fabric Wall Street Journal 08 May 2017
Spandex alias Newsday 19 Mar 2017
Wet suit material The Washington Post 27 Feb 2017
Wetsuit material Eugene Sheffer 14 Jan 2017
Sports bra fabric
Stretchy synthetic
Stretchy sportswear material
Fabric used in tight-fitting cycling wear Irish Times Simplex 19 Nov 2016
Spandex fiber USA Today 11 Nov 2016
Bike shorts material USA Today 19 Jun 2016
Sports clothes fabric The Times Concise 05 May 2016
Bike shorts material
Swimwear material New York Times 02 Jun 2015
Trademark for a lightweight stretchy polyurethane The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 May 2015
Activewear material Universal 07 Mar 2015
Activewear material
Swimwear material
Wet suit material
Stretchy fabric
Stretchy fabric brand
Activewear fabric
Girdle material
Yoga wear fiber
Spandex brand
Elastic fabric
Wet suit material
Bicycle shorts material
Spandex brand
Elastic fiber
Wet suit material
Stretchy stuff
Stretchy synthetic
Swimwear material
Activewear material
Elastic brand
Stretchy fabric
Stretchy fabric
Stretch material
Stretchy fabric
Spandex fiber trademark
Biker's wear
Stretchy clothing material
Sock fiber
Stretchy synthetic
Fiber for wet suits
Ski pants material
Swimsuit synthetic
Stretch material
Synthetic fabric
Elastic material
Stretchy stuff
Du Pont trademark
Synthetic fabric
Spandex brand
Stretch material
DuPont material
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.