Word "MACHINE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine
auto, automobile, car, motorcar

Part of Speech:
a group that controls the activities of a political party
political machine
he was endorsed by the Democratic machine

Part of Speech:
a device for overcoming resistance at one point by applying force at some other point
simple machine

Crossword Clues for MACHINE

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Clue Source Date
Mechanical device The Times Concise 01 Aug 2022
Word before learning or language LA Times Daily 10 Jul 2022
Powered apparatus The Times Concise 29 Oct 2021
Engine in church in US state The Sun Two Speed 27 May 2021
Contraption The Sun Two Speed 27 May 2021
Word after "time" or "slot" (last 5 ...) Universal 13 Feb 2021
Mechanical apparatus The Times Concise 09 Jan 2021
Feature in West shows robot The Sun Two Speed 10 Mar 2020
Word after "fog" or "ice" Universal 06 Aug 2019
'Male Model' a niche agency The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jun 2019
Robot or chain saw Newsday 01 May 2019
Word after "fog" or "ice"
Robotic person, prominent feature in West? The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Nov 2018
Engine needing check in US state The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Oct 2018
I broke china inside with appliance Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jun 2017
Mechanical contrivance; engine The Times Concise 08 May 2017
Cyborg, in part New York Times 19 Aug 2015
Cyborg, in part
Word with "shop" or "gun"
Person with great power and stamina, as it were
Part of ATM
See 113 Across
Slot __
Slot __
Part of ATM
Word with finish or gun
ATM part
Word with finish or shop
Part of ATM
Man's rival?
End of quote
Part of ATM
Kind of shop
See 28-Across
Kind of gun or shop
Kind of gun or shop
Part of A.T.M.
Political organization
Kind of shop or language
The Love ____ : Susan best-seller
Man alternative
Breadmaker, perhaps
Washer or dryer
Tom Swift's flying ___
Sewing or washing follower
Prime mover
Flying object
Political phenomenon.
Steam roller, for example.
Potent political group.
Factor in automation.
Comptometer, for example.
Political organization controlled by boss.
Boss' political group.
Political organization.
Stereotyped; lacking originality.
___ gun.
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