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Crossword Clues for MALTS

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Clue Source Date
Fountain drinks Eugene Sheffer 09 Oct 2020
Drinks usually drunk with straws New York Times 13 Sep 2020
"Happy Days" ice-cream drinks Universal 10 Jul 2020
Ice-creamy drinks The Washington Post 28 Apr 2020
Soda fountain treats Universal 07 Apr 2020
Fountain orders Wall Street Journal 25 May 2019
Fountain items The New Yorker 29 Oct 2018
Brewers' ingredients USA Today 20 Sep 2018
Fountain creations The Washington Post 07 Sep 2018
Ice cream parlor orders USA Today 18 Aug 2018
Soda fountain orders Thomas Joseph 16 Jul 2018
Soda shop orders The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Jerks might serve them The Washington Post Sunday 13 May 2018
Drugstore fountain fare Newsday 05 May 2018
Milkshake relatives Universal 25 Mar 2018
Soda jerk's creations Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2017
Soda shop drinks Newsday 02 Jul 2017
Drinks from a fountain Wall Street Journal 20 May 2017
Quaffs from soda jerks Universal 12 Apr 2017
Drinks common in the 1950s Universal 03 Apr 2017
Ice cream shop orders Universal 27 Jul 2016
Parlor orders Wall Street Journal 16 Jun 2016
Blended ice cream drinks LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2016
Fountain treats LA Times Daily 07 Mar 2016
Sweet treats at the fountain The Washington Post 23 Dec 2015
Brewery supply Newsday 09 Oct 2015
"Leave It to Beaver" fountain orders USA Today 24 Jul 2015
Some ice cream drinks
Soda-shop orders
Soda-shop offerings
Ice-cream parlor drinks
Blended ice-cream drinks
Grains used in distilling
Soda-fountain orders
Soda jerks serve them
Ice cream float cousins
Ice-cream treats
Dairy treats
Shakes' peers?
Shop orders
Fountain fare
"American Graffiti" quaffs
Ice cream parlor drinks
Soda jerk's concoctions
Treats for Archie and Jughead
Soda-shop drinks
Ice cream parlor offerings
Ice-cream drinks
Brewers' needs
Fountain favorites
Brewery needs
Some jerks make them
Ice cream treats
Soda shop creations
Soda shoppe orders
American Graffiti quaffs
Ice cream drinks
They're sold in bars
Milk drinks for short
Some shakes
Sweetshop orders
Germinated grains
Soda jerk's brews
Snack-bar drinks
Certain liquors
Fountain specialties, for short
Brewing needs
Fountain orders.
Drinks: Colloq.
Brewing agents.
Brewer's concern.
Brewers' ingredients.
Brewing substances.
Brewing materials.
Produces germinated grain.
Treats with ice cream
Grains used in Whoppers
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.