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Word "MANIA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a mood disorder; an affective disorder in which the victim tends to respond excessively and sometimes violently
manic disorder

Part of Speech:
an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action
cacoethes, passion

Crossword Clues for MANIA

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Clue Source Date
Craze Thomas Joseph 05 Feb 2021
Passing fancy Newsday 09 Jan 2021
Rage New York Times 08 Jan 2021
Frenzy The Washington Post 30 Oct 2020
Brief fanaticism Newsday 02 Aug 2020
Graduate wrapping article, current fad The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jun 2020
Obsession The Times Concise 01 Feb 2020
Reaction to the Beatles in 1964, e.g.
Excessive interest Newsday 21 Dec 2019
Mad fad The Washington Post 10 Nov 2019
Chap one with adult obsession The Sun Two Speed 11 Oct 2019
State of completely losing it The New Yorker 16 Sep 2019
Some characters maintain a momentum turning up with wild enthusiasm Irish Times Crosaire 20 Aug 2019
Suffix with ego USA Today 27 Jul 2019
Fever New York Times 25 May 2019
Current craze USA Today 02 May 2019
*Craze (AL + VA) Universal 20 Apr 2019
The Beatles inspired one USA Today 10 Mar 2019
Widespread craze Newsday 17 Dec 2018
Hysteria about something Family Time 26 Nov 2018
Enthusiasm, plus USA Today 29 Sep 2018
Zealousness plus Newsday 02 Aug 2018
Wrestle suffix The Washington Post 22 Jul 2018
Fad that goes viral Wall Street Journal 14 Jul 2018
Crazy enthusiasm Universal 03 Jun 2018
Anima run riot in obsession The Sun Two Speed 02 Jun 2018
Short-lived craze Newsday 03 Apr 2018
Romanian holds a great obsession The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2018
Compulsion The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2018
Fad x 10 New York Times 24 Jan 2018
Suffix with ego- or pyro- USA Today 10 Dec 2017
Fidget spinners, these days USA Today 23 Oct 2017
Mental disorder The Times Concise 09 Oct 2017
Latest craze The Washington Post 03 Oct 2017
Major fad Newsday 27 Sep 2017
Obsession, as with a pop star USA Today 06 Sep 2017
Fad Thomas Joseph 28 Jul 2017
Excessive enthusiasm The Washington Post 10 Jul 2017
Suffix with Bieber The Washington Post 15 Jun 2017
Beatle ending The Washington Post 19 May 2017
Extreme enthusiasm Newsday 23 Apr 2017
Suffix with "Wrestle" or "Beatle" Universal 19 Dec 2016
Transient enthusiasm Newsday 18 Nov 2016
Rage or craze Universal 09 Nov 2016
Suffix with "Beatle" Universal 03 Jun 2016
Overdone enthusiasm Newsday 17 May 2016
"Klepto-" follower Universal 02 May 2016
Craze or rage Family Time 11 Apr 2016
"Beatle" suffix USA Today 19 Feb 2016
Intense enthusiasm USA Today 13 Feb 2016
Passion of some woman I adore The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Feb 2016
Suffix with Obama, once New York Times 27 Jan 2016
Chap, one with a fixation The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2015
Attachment to "Wrestle" USA Today 01 Nov 2015
Over-enthusiasm The Telegraph Quick 10 Oct 2015
Delirium or hysteria Universal 06 Aug 2015
Slap bracelets, circa 1990 Newsday 01 Aug 2015
Fanaticism LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2015
High enthusiasm Newsday 22 May 2015
Reaction to the Beatles in 1964 or Justin Bieber in 2010 New York Times 18 May 2015
It's all the rage Wall Street Journal 08 May 2015
Excessively intense enthusiasm USA Today 07 Apr 2015
Beatles "craze"
Nationwide obsession, perhaps
It can leave your nails shaped like "squovals," briefly (or ... Beatle fan's condition)
Wild enthusiasm
Crazy Throwing Muses song?
Bieber Fever, e.g.
Opposite of "ennui"
Extreme obsession
Excessive excitement
Bieber Fever, for one
Obsessive enthusiasm
Nation-sweeping craze
Enthusiasm, and then some
Beatles or Bieber phenomenon, e.g.
Current rage
Suffix with Beatle
Enthusiasm, to the max
Suffix with "Wrestle"
Psychiatric disorder
Intense obsession
Beyond enthusiasm
Fan frenzy
Reaction to the Beatles, once
The Beatles inspired it
Crosswords in the 1920s, e.g.
Wrestle or Beatle suffix
Widespread obsession
Suffix with "Beatle" or "Wrestle"
More than a passing interest
Enthusiasm gone too far
Nation-sweeping event
Opposite of -phobia
Crazed excitement
Way up state?
The Beatles produced it
Beatles craze, e.g.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.