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Word "MANTRA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a commonly repeated word or phrase
she repeated `So pleased with how its going' at intervals like a mantra

Part of Speech:
(Sanskrit) literally a `sacred utterance' in Vedism; one of a collection of orally transmitted poetic hymns

Crossword Clues for MANTRA

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Clue Source Date
Meditation word LA Times Daily 14 Apr 2021
Sacred incantation The Telegraph Quick 15 Mar 2021
Sacred writing Canadiana 08 Mar 2021
Chanted word Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2021
Word or sound to aid meditation Irish Times Simplex 12 Feb 2021
You hear this again and again - no pets in apartments Irish Times Crosaire 05 Feb 2021
Word repeated to aid meditation The Times Concise 28 Dec 2020
Graduate carrying a collection of good books is reading a much-repeated phrase Irish Times Crosaire 22 Dec 2020
Yoga instructor's chant Universal 04 Dec 2020
It bears repeating New York Times 04 Dec 2020
Straight man loses sight of what gets repeated Irish Times Crosaire 19 Nov 2020
Femme fatale's short catchphrase The Telegraph Toughie 20 Oct 2020
Oft-repeated slogan New York Times 01 Oct 2020
Graduate, with collection of books on artist, repeated phrase The Times Cryptic 30 Sep 2020
"Om," e.g Universal 02 Sep 2020
Watchword The Washington Post 12 Jul 2020
Incantation when source of danger loses power The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jun 2020
Sound chanted repeatedly Irish Times Simplex 21 Apr 2020
Word(s) repeated as an aid to meditation The Times Concise 28 Mar 2020
Vedic hymn The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2019
Crew having stewed rat repeated chant The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2019
Woman with many lovers using no soft mystic phrase The Telegraph Toughie 24 Oct 2019
Slogan Newsday 11 Oct 2019
Chanted phrase The Washington Post 09 Oct 2019
Meditative phrase Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Endlessly vamp chant The Telegraph Toughie 28 Aug 2019
Slogan adopted by human traffickers? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Aug 2019
Prayer from crew on capsized craft The Sun Two Speed 28 Jul 2019
Buddhist chant The Sun Two Speed 28 Jul 2019
Indian religious incantation The Guardian Speedy 21 Jul 2019
Several words repeated frequently in German translation The Telegraph Toughie 03 Jul 2019
One is often repeated Universal 05 Apr 2019
Catcher dropping back, it's said to aid concentration The Telegraph Toughie 05 Mar 2019
German trader's oft repeated stock phrase? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Feb 2019
It's said a lot - no pets in apartments Irish Times Crosaire 29 Jan 2019
Sacred text Canadiana 21 Jan 2019
Powerful words, something that may catch you stopping short The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jan 2019
Mystical chant USA Today 10 Sep 2018
Motto The Guardian Speedy 01 Sep 2018
Holy words conveyed by woman traditionally The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jul 2018
Yogi's chant USA Today 30 Jun 2018
Repeated slogan Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2018
It's repeated a lot The Washington Post 23 Mar 2018
Phrase repeated again and again in Roman tragedy The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jan 2018
Excerpt from Norman traders' chant The Sun Two Speed 23 Dec 2017
Sacred text fellow's appended to paintings from the East The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Dec 2017
Guru's chant Universal 04 Oct 2017
Hindu incantation The Washington Post 31 Aug 2017
Master worker from right area - it's not like you haven't heard that before Irish Times Crosaire 24 Aug 2017
Repeated word in meditation Universal 15 Jul 2017
Repeated phrase The Telegraph Quick 03 Jun 2017
Often-repeated line New York Times 03 Jun 2017
Refrain from mounting pictures in support of staff The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Apr 2017
Words said over and over New York Times 14 Feb 2017
Often-repeated phrase The Washington Post 31 Jan 2017
Hindu chant Premier Sunday 27 Nov 2016
Incantation: piece taking skill in reflection The Telegraph Toughie 16 Nov 2016
Seductive woman quietly written off? It should be mulled over The Telegraph Toughie 04 Aug 2016
"Location, location, location," to a real estate agent LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2016
In Brahman tradition it's said to aid concentration The Times Cryptic 08 Jun 2016
Aid to meditation used by shaman, traditionally The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jun 2016
Sailor about to finish after crew's chant The Telegraph Toughie 21 Apr 2016
Phrase repeated to aid meditation The Guardian Quick 05 Mar 2016
It's worth repeating to worker inside address at academy Irish Times Crosaire 05 Mar 2016
Krishna chant USA Today 09 Dec 2015
Repetitive sacred utterance Irish Times Simplex 16 Nov 2015
Incantation contributing to human tragedy The Times Cryptic 28 Oct 2015
Oriental chant -- part of Ottoman tradition The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Sep 2015
'No pain, no gain,' to many a bodybuilder New York Times 17 May 2015
It's worthy repeating - do leave at random Irish Times Crosaire 28 Mar 2015
It's worth repeating, worker occupied address at academy Irish Times Crosaire 05 Mar 2015
Watchword of chap painting in retirement The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Feb 2015
Incantation alluring woman endlessly delivered The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jan 2015
"No pain, no gain," to many a bodybuilder
Words to live by
Mystical chat
"You can say that again, Maharishi"
Often-repeated utterance
Om, e.g.
Chanted incantation
Meditative word
'Om,' e.g.
"Om," e.g.
Transforming syllable
Prayer incantation
Prayerful chant
Word repeated in prayer
You can say that again and again and again
Incantatory word
You can say that again
"Om," for one
Om, for one
Oft-repeated phrase
Incantation word
Repetitive chant
Meditation chant
Om, for instance
Trance inducer
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