Word "MATINEE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a theatrical performance held during the daytime (especially in the afternoon)

Crossword Clues for MATINEE

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Clue Source Date
Show many a true idea starts at birth The Guardian Cryptic 25 Aug 2022
Daytime movie showing USA Today 21 Jul 2022
Afternoon show Eugene Sheffer 23 Jun 2022
Afternoon performance Family Time 20 Jun 2022
Afternoon performance Irish Times Simplex 15 Jun 2022
At home, with friend round before start of early afternoon show The Times Cryptic 19 Apr 2022
Afternoon performance Irish Times Simplex 06 Apr 2022
Show after lunch to graduate taking part of course welcomed at home Irish Times Crosaire 26 Mar 2022
Play at lunchtime, say The Washington Post Sunday 09 Jan 2022
Afternoon performance Irish Times Simplex 23 Oct 2021
Afternoon feature The Washington Post 20 Jun 2021
Play during the day Newsday 20 Jun 2021
Afternoon feature LA Times Daily 20 Jun 2021
Box office choice Wall Street Journal 27 May 2021
Daytime show Newsday 09 Apr 2021
Broadway choice Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2021
Play before supper LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2021
Play before supper The Washington Post 26 Feb 2021
Afternoon show Premier Sunday 07 Feb 2021
Afternoon performance The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2021
Show couple embracing in ecstasy The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2021
Where actors hope for early success? The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2020
Afternoon show The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2020
Show at noon, say The Washington Post Sunday 06 Sep 2020
Something never seen at night New York Times 02 Aug 2020
Afternoon performance The Telegraph Quick 30 Jul 2020
Afternoon show The Telegraph Quick 11 Apr 2020
Early film showing Family Time 27 Jan 2020
Afternoon show Thomas Joseph 22 Nov 2019
Afternoon fare The Washington Post Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Afternoon show The Times Concise 23 Oct 2019
Lower-priced ticket option, maybe New York Times 07 Sep 2019
Show couple embracing in ecstasy The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Aug 2019
Afternoon stage performance Newsday 29 Jul 2019
Afternoon performance Irish Times Simplex 16 Jul 2019
'From the South' -- seen it, a meticulously abridged performance The Telegraph Toughie 04 Jul 2019
Afternoon performance Family Time 01 Jul 2019
Early film The New Yorker 03 Jun 2019
Bargain show, perhaps Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2019
Lower-priced ticket option, maybe
Bargain show, perhaps
Can East block West's early show The Telegraph Toughie 19 Sep 2018
Performance of the day in team excited by drug The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jun 2018
Show couple embracing in Spain The Sun Two Speed 28 Apr 2018
Show time in American state is key? Irish Times Crosaire 25 Feb 2017
Performance, dull one, needs to be cut by 40 per cent The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jan 2017
Afternoon performance The Times Concise 30 Dec 2016
End of game interrupted by penalty, obscuring fine performance The Telegraph Toughie 23 Jun 2016
Daytime showing USA Today 21 Apr 2016
Show couple round home, given mortgage at last The Times Cryptic 21 Mar 2016
Something never seen at night
Play of the day Newsday 12 Dec 2015
Broadway offering LA Times Daily 04 Jul 2015
Show in East with friend coming round The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jul 2015
Cast meet in a theatre production The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Mar 2015
Afternoon theatre The Telegraph Quick 21 Jan 2015
Play of the day
Broadway offering
Show before dinner
Daytime performance
Daytime show
Day play
Theatergoer's option
Play during the day
Theatrical performance
Nooner at a theater, say
Early show
Early show
Preprandial performance
Afternoon performance
Daytime theatrical performance
Early show
Daytime fare
Daytime fare
Afternoon show
Show for the early-to-bed crowd
Afternoon showing
Daytime showing
Afternoon showing
Sort of show
Theatergoer's choice
Daytime show
Early performance
Daytime show
Idol time?
Play in the afternoon
Afternoon theater performance
Kind of idol
Afternoon movie
Afternoon movie
Afternoon performance
Kind of idol
Theatergoer's option
Day play
Kind of idol
Theater offering
Theater offering
First showing, perhaps
Afternoon performance
Afternoon show
Theatrical performance
Afternoon performance
Early show
Afternoon show
Cheap entertainment
Heartthrob (with 72 Down)
Type of show
Early show
Showing before five o'clock
Kind of idol
Daytime showing
Theatergoer's choice
Afternoon show
Afternoon affair
Play during the day
Special performance
Idol time?
Early show
Theater offering
Forenoon, in France
Realto bargain
Broadway event
___ idol
Setting for some idols
Saturday offering
Idol's time
Show time
Word in a theater ad
Theatrical performance.
Kind of performance.
Early show.
Daylight show.
Forenoon: Fr.
Part of the theatre week.
Theatrical term.
___ idol.
Kind of idol.
Box office term.
A type of idol.
Theatre performance.
Entertainment time.
Not the late show.
Daytime opera.
Wed., Thurs., or Sat.
Afternoon performance.
Mid-afternoon fare
It's put on during the day
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