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Word "MATT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
not reflecting light; not glossy
flat, mat, matte, matted
a photograph with a matte finish

Part of Speech:
the property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss
flatness, lusterlessness, lustrelessness, mat, matte

Crossword Clues for MATT

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Clue Source Date
Apt name for a yoga instructor? New York Times 29 Jan 2021
Actor Damon New York Times 28 Jan 2021
Actor __ Damon Newsday 13 Jan 2021
"The Simpsons" creator Groening LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2020
'The Simpsons' creator Groening The Washington Post 10 Dec 2020
"The Martian" actor Damon Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2020
Damon of Hollywood Eugene Sheffer 11 Nov 2020
Dull, without a shine The Times Concise 29 Oct 2020
Damon of films Newsday 18 Oct 2020
'Kyle XY' star Dallas USA Today 28 Sep 2020
Damon or Dillon The Washington Post 20 Sep 2020
'Amphibia' creator Braly USA Today 17 Sep 2020
Hard-to-beat Wii Sports character USA Today 03 Aug 2020
Archer Stutzman USA Today 20 Jul 2020
Creator of Bart and Homer Newsday 10 Jul 2020
LeBlanc of "Friends" Universal 03 Apr 2020
Damon of "Ford v Ferrari" Universal 02 Apr 2020
Cartoonist Lubchansky USA Today 01 Mar 2020
'Joey' star LeBlanc Premier Sunday 16 Feb 2020
"Interstellar" actor Damon
Damon of “Ford v Ferrari” Wall Street Journal 06 Jan 2020
___ Smith, player of the Doctor on 'Doctor Who' New York Times 27 Dec 2019
___ Smith, player of the Doctor on "Doctor Who"
Not glossy Irish Times Simplex 13 Dec 2019
'Jason Bourne' star Damon The Washington Post 19 Nov 2019
"Jason Bourne" star Damon LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2019
Damon of 'Ocean's Thirteen' USA Today 17 Nov 2019
Damon of "The Martian" Universal 18 Sep 2019
"The Martian" star Damon Universal 05 Sep 2019
Damon of 'The Martian' Thomas Joseph 26 Aug 2019
Cartoonist Groening Universal 22 Jun 2019
Good name for a wrestler? New York Times 20 Jun 2019
'The Martian' actor Damon Eugene Sheffer 17 Apr 2019
Damon of 'True Grit' The Washington Post 11 Mar 2019
Damon of "True Grit" LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2019
Actor LeBlanc The Washington Post 01 Mar 2019
'Futurama' creator Groening The Washington Post 21 Feb 2019
"Futurama" creator Groening LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2019
Damon of "True Grit" (2010)
Our cartoonist dull? Yes and no! The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Nov 2018
LeBlanc of 'Man With a Plan' USA Today 26 Nov 2018
Simpsons creator Groening Newsday 04 Nov 2018
Damon of cinema Newsday 28 Oct 2018
Actor Le Blanc Universal 28 Oct 2018
___ Murdock (Daredevil's alter ego) Wall Street Journal 23 Aug 2018
"Friends" actor Le Blanc Universal 05 Aug 2018
Drudge online The Washington Post 04 Aug 2018
'South Park' co-creator Stone USA Today 29 Jul 2018
Drudge of the Drudge Report USA Today 08 Jul 2018
Not shiny The Times Concise 29 Jun 2018
Dillon of films Universal 19 May 2018
LeBlanc on TV Universal 26 Apr 2018
''Simpsons'' creator Groening Newsday 25 Apr 2018
Groening who created 'The Simpsons' New York Times 18 Apr 2018
Marshal Dillon Universal 07 Mar 2018
He shared a screenwriting Oscar with Ben Wall Street Journal 31 Jan 2018
Dramatic Damon
LeBlanc of "Man With a Plan"
"South Park" co-creator Stone
Groening who created "The Simpsons"
TV's Lauer Thomas Joseph 11 Dec 2017
NFL quarterback Ryan Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2017
First name on "Gunsmoke" Universal 19 Sep 2017
Joey's portrayer on 'Friends' New York Times 01 Sep 2017
Bryant's NBC successor Newsday 26 Aug 2017
Dillon of Hollywood Universal 23 Aug 2017
Morning anchor Lauer USA Today 18 Aug 2017
Damon of 'We Bought a Zoo' The Washington Post 19 Jul 2017
Damon of "We Bought a Zoo" LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2017
He named Homer for his dad Newsday 15 Jul 2017
Dull, not shiny The Times Concise 14 Jul 2017
Damon of the Bourne films The Washington Post 14 Jul 2017
Savannah's 'Today' co-host Wall Street Journal 05 Jul 2017
Lauer of 'Today' Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2017
___ Dillon, lead role on 'Gunsmoke' New York Times 19 Apr 2017
Morning TV host Lauer Newsday 22 Mar 2017
Savannah's co-host Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2017
Groening of animation Universal 20 Jan 2017
Damon of "Interstellar" LA Times Daily 18 Jan 2017
___ Dillon, lead role on "Gunsmoke"
Joey's portrayer on "Friends"
... Telegraph's top drawer alternative to Guardian and Times The Telegraph Toughie 09 Dec 2016
Quarterback Ryan Wall Street Journal 26 Nov 2016
Lauer of "The Today Show" USA Today 19 Nov 2016
Dillon of "Wayward Pines" LA Times Daily 31 Jul 2016
Dillon on "Gunsmoke" Universal 28 Jul 2016
Lauer of "Today" USA Today 11 Apr 2016
'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' dad The Chronicle of Higher Education 12 Feb 2016
Joey on ''Friends'' Newsday 21 Jan 2016
"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" dad
Lauer of ''Today'' Newsday 16 Dec 2015
Animator Groening USA Today 14 Nov 2015
Ben's 'Good Will Hunting' co-star Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2015
LeBlanc of 'Friends' New York Times 07 Oct 2015
Dillon or Damon New York Times 29 Sep 2015
Mets pitcher Harvey Wall Street Journal 11 May 2015
"Drugstore Cowboy" star Dillon USA Today 02 May 2015
Falcons quarterback Ryan LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2015
Stone who co-created 'South Park' New York Times 15 Feb 2015
Ben's "Good Will Hunting" co-star
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.