Crossword Clues for MEALS

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Clue Source Date
Dining hall offerings New York Times 16 Oct 2022
Cafe offerings Premier Sunday 04 Sep 2022
Board, so to speak New York Times 26 Aug 2022
Daily trio Eugene Sheffer 22 Jul 2022
Some are served in-flight Universal 18 Jul 2022
'Square' things New York Times 08 Jun 2022
Board, in room and board Universal 13 Jan 2022
Dinners and lunches Newsday 13 Sep 2021
Café offerings Thomas Joseph 17 Jul 2021
Repasts Premier Sunday 11 Jul 2021
Breakfast, lunch and dinner Wall Street Journal 24 May 2021
Rations, for instance Newsday 02 May 2021
Buffets, e.g Premier Sunday 27 Dec 2020
No tin in salt mine for the consumers Irish Times Crosaire 10 Dec 2020
Board Newsday 05 Dec 2020
Restaurant offerings Premier Sunday 15 Nov 2020
Course loads? The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Bistro offerings The Washington Post 15 Jun 2020
Bistro offerings LA Times Daily 15 Jun 2020
___ on Wheels USA Today 01 Apr 2020
Board Wall Street Journal 17 Mar 2020
Breakfast, lunch and dinner New York Times 27 Jan 2020
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Food squares? LA Times Daily 29 Sep 2019
Food squares? The Washington Post 29 Sep 2019
Not just snacks Universal 30 Jun 2019
Brunch and dinner Newsday 17 Jun 2019
Board, in hospitality Newsday 02 Jun 2019
Board, in "room and board" Universal 22 Feb 2019
Daily trio Eugene Sheffer 21 Jan 2019
Blue Apron offering Jonesin 15 Jan 2019
Breakfast and dinner Newsday 14 Jan 2019
Food squares?
Not just snacks
Board, in "room and board"
Breakfast and brunch, e.g Universal 25 Dec 2018
Lunch and brunch Newsday 04 Dec 2018
Mess hall offerings Newsday 09 Sep 2018
Three squares, so to speak LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2018
Three squares, so to speak The Washington Post 22 Aug 2018
College board? The Washington Post Sunday 08 Jul 2018
Repasts The Telegraph Quick 20 May 2018
Soup kitchen offerings Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2018
Board, in "room and board" LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2018
Board, in 'room and board' The Washington Post 04 Apr 2018
Series of courses? New York Times 13 Feb 2018
Soup kitchen offerings
Series of courses?
Board, in "room and board"
Three squares, so to speak
Breakfast and brunch, e.g.
Diner offerings Thomas Joseph 21 Nov 2017
People prepare them daily Universal 29 Jun 2017
Prix fixe offerings USA Today 27 Jun 2017
Board with a room? LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2017
People prepare them daily
Prix fixe offerings
'Square' things, ideally New York Times 20 Sep 2016
"Square" things, ideally
Breakfast and lunch New York Times 30 Nov 2015
Breakfast and dinner LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2015
The 'board' of 'room and board' Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2015
They often have multiple courses LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2015
Lunch and dinner LA Times Daily 12 May 2015
They often have multiple courses
Course sequences?
Breakfast and dinner
Lunch and dinner
Breakfast and lunch
The "board" of "room and board"
What American Plan includes
Brunch and lunch
They may be on wheels
Offerings on many cross-country flights
Blue plate specials, e.g.
Lunch and dinner
Diner offerings
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Had at fast food joints while on the road
Three squares
Three squares
Holiday affairs, often
What Rachael Ray prepares
Some are square
___ on Wheels
Fast-disappearing airline amenities
They might come on wheels
Board, in a rooming house
Square trio
Sit-down affairs
Daily sustenance
One's three squares
Lunch and brunch
They can be square
Restaurant offerings
American plan inclusions
Boarding house squares
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Boarding house squares
The squares of "three squares"
Three squares, e.g.
Expense for airlines
Vacation package inclusion
Board, in one sense
What an American plan includes
They might be ordered to go
Part of room and board
Sit-down affairs
Three squares
The "board" of room and board
Prix fixe offerings
Airline freebies, sometimes
Some are on wheels?
___ on Wheels (charity program)
Square things?
Board at an inn
Board at an inn
Daily trio
They're often square
Three squares
Board, to a lodger
Some are on wheels
Squares, in slang
Some spreads
They can come on wheels
Some spreads
Brunch and lunch
Breakfast and lunch, e.g.
Lunches, e.g.
Some are square
Lunches, e.g.
Dining-out experiences
American plan inclusions
Some are on wheels
___ On Wheels
Dinners, e.g.
Military messes
Sit-down affairs
K rations, e.g.
They may be delivered on wheels
Board in a rooming house
Units on wheels
Breakfast, lunch, etc.
___ on wheels
Units on wheels
Repasts in Ore.'s capital?
Three squares
"Square" trio
Items "on wheels"
"Three squares"
Eatery offerings
Cook's concerns
Mush bases
American-plan items
Tea and others.
Inn sign.
Europe's blackbirds.
Perennial daily trio.
Part of the American plan.
Three "squares."
American plan component.
Part of the American Plan.
Expense account items.
American plan items.
Included in American Plan.
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