Word "MED" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a master's degree in education
master of education

Crossword Clues for MED

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Clue Source Date
Size below lge Universal 16 Sep 2022
Pre-___ student Universal 15 Sep 2022
__ school LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2022
___ student (aspiring dr.) Universal 24 Aug 2022
T-shirt size: Abbr LA Times Daily 18 Aug 2022
Club — Eugene Sheffer 29 Jul 2022
Club — Eugene Sheffer 28 Jul 2022
___ school (future dr.'s academy) Universal 05 Jul 2022
Prescription, for short Newsday 18 May 2022
Rx item, for short Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2022
Dr.'s field Thomas Joseph 21 Apr 2022
In-between size: Abbr Universal 21 Apr 2022
Club __ The Washington Post 15 Apr 2022
Club __ LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2022
With 38-Across, institution for future doctors USA Today 27 Mar 2022
Spec for a script New York Times 19 Mar 2022
Pre-___ student USA Today 11 Mar 2022
Pill, say The Washington Post 18 Feb 2022
Pill, say LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2022
Club — Eugene Sheffer 11 Feb 2022
Pharmacy item, informally Wall Street Journal 24 Jan 2022
Doc's prescription Newsday 23 Jan 2022
___ school Universal 17 Jan 2022
Club — Eugene Sheffer 07 Jan 2022
Club — Eugene Sheffer 27 Dec 2021
Dr.’s study Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2021
___ school New York Times 01 Aug 2021
___ school New York Times 22 Jul 2021
Dr.'s study Universal 13 Jul 2021
Club — Eugene Sheffer 02 Jul 2021
Thing a doc prescribes Premier Sunday 30 May 2021
Rx item LA Times Daily 04 May 2021
Prescription, for short Newsday 04 May 2021
Rx item The Washington Post 04 May 2021
__ school The Washington Post 11 Apr 2021
__ school LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2021
Dr.'s field Premier Sunday 04 Apr 2021
Club — Eugene Sheffer 18 Mar 2021
Prescription, for short Universal 15 Mar 2021
Dr.'s field Universal 09 Feb 2021
Club ___ (tourism company) The Washington Post Sunday 07 Feb 2021
Pre-___ students USA Today 27 Jan 2021
Rx request Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2021
Dr.’s specialty Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2020
Size above sm Universal 23 Nov 2020
Blouse size (Abbr.) USA Today 18 Sep 2020
Dr.'s field Thomas Joseph 22 Aug 2020
Club follower? The Washington Post Sunday 16 Aug 2020
Size between small and large: Abbr Newsday 27 Jul 2020
See 28-Across New York Times 18 Jul 2020
___ school (future radiologist's inst.) The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jun 2020
___ school (destination for some bio majors) USA Today 07 May 2020
Kind of student New York Times 02 May 2020
Between sm. and lg USA Today 22 Apr 2020
Word before 'school' or after 'Club' USA Today 29 Dec 2019
Rx LA Times Daily 09 Dec 2019
Rx The Washington Post 09 Dec 2019
Doc's prescription Newsday 29 Aug 2019
___ school Universal 31 Jul 2019
___ school New York Times 28 Jul 2019
'Chicago ___' (NBC drama) New York Times 23 Jul 2019
___ school Jonesin 23 Jul 2019
T-shirt size: Abbr New York Times 19 Jun 2019
G.P.'s field Premier Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Dr.'s order New York Times 26 May 2019
Club ___ New York Times 10 May 2019
Rx item USA Today 24 Mar 2019
___ student (future dr.) Universal 19 Mar 2019
Dr.'s study Premier Sunday 20 Jan 2019
___ student (future dr.)
___ school
Club ___
___ school
__ school
Rx item
Dr.'s order
"Chicago ___" (NBC drama)
T-shirt size: Abbr.
Club Eugene Sheffer 06 Oct 2018
Sea, for short Newsday 15 Sep 2018
T-shirt size smaller than lge Newsday 23 Jul 2018
Doc's recommendation New York Times 09 Jun 2018
___ school The Washington Post Sunday 27 May 2018
Kind of school Wall Street Journal 09 May 2018
Club __ LA Times Daily 22 Mar 2018
Club __ The Washington Post 22 Mar 2018
Kind of school
Doc's recommendation
Pt. of MCAT Premier Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Big Pharma product Jonesin 17 Oct 2017
Pill, e.g., briefly Premier Sunday 23 Jul 2017
G.P.'s study Premier Sunday 11 Jun 2017
Script detail Newsday 10 Jun 2017
Rx order Jonesin 07 Mar 2017
Club __
Big Pharma product USA Today 16 Sep 2016
Pre-___ (coll. major) USA Today 24 Aug 2016
Shirt size (Abbr.) USA Today 12 Aug 2016
Sweater specification, for short Newsday 29 Jul 2016
___ school The Washington Post 10 Jul 2016
A doc prescribes it Premier Sunday 22 May 2016
Bad mood New York Times 07 Apr 2016
Kind of school New York Times 05 Apr 2016
Pre ___ (major for future doctors) Universal 15 Mar 2016
Dr.'s study Eugene Sheffer 11 Mar 2016
Dr.'s field Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2016
Not quite lge LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2016
__ center LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2016
Rx item
Shirt size (Abbr.)
Pre-___ (coll. major)
Big Pharma product
__ center
Not quite lge.
__ student LA Times Daily 20 Dec 2015
Club ___ The Washington Post 19 Nov 2015
Rx item Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2015
NSAID, e.g LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2015
Rx spec LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2015
Sea (abbr) The Guardian Quick 31 Jan 2015
Doc's suggestion New York Times 16 Jan 2015
NSAID, e.g.
Rx spec
Club ___
__ student
Doc's suggestion
Prescription, for short
Rx item
Size below 79-Down: Abbr.
Kind of school
Dr.'s area
Info on a script
Small dose?
Many a shot in the arm, for short?
Doctor's order, for short
Pre-__ major
Sweatshirt size: Abbr.
Club ___ (Caribbean resort)
Club ___ (resort chain)
Sweatshirt size: Abbr.
The "M" of M.D.: Abbr.
What a dispensary dispenses, for short
Rx order
Pharm. stuff
Kind of school or student
What's in an Rx
Kind of school
NSAID, e.g.
__ school
__ school
___ mal (tort reform topic, briefly)
Dr.'s field
Post-op dose
T-shirt size: Abbr.
___ student
Club ___ (vacation spot)
Kind of student, for short
Pre- -- (undergrad study)
Sm.-lge. link
Size between sm. and lg.
Shirt-tag abbr.
Dr.'s field
Dr.'s study
Post-op dose
T-shirt size: Abbr.
__ school
Size between sm. and lge.
Doc's suggestion
Rx item
Script spec
Physician's field: Abbr.
Club __
Dr.'s study
Antibiotic, e.g., briefly
Word after Club or pre-
Club ___ (resort)
Sweatshirt size: Abbr.
Doc's prescription
Pre-___ (undergrad study)
Scrip spec
Scrip spec
Club ___
Std. size
Shirt-tag abbr.
Pre-___ student
Club ___
Avg. size
Club or type of school
Pt. of 42 Across
Kind of post-grad school
Prescribed thing, for short
Type of school for docs
Size above sm.
Club ___ resort
Avg. size
Dr.'s study
Smaller than lg.
T-shirt sz.
Part of A.M.A.
It can follow pre- or precede school
Part of MD
Kind of school
Type of school, briefly
Dr.'s study
Smaller than lge.
Kind of sch.
Pill, e.g.
Kind of student, for short
Dr.'s field
Club __
It can follow pre- or precede school
"Presidio ___" (Dana Delany series)
Part of MD
Dr.'s field
Dr.'s study
Rx item
Club ___
Shirt tag abbr.
Tag abbr.
Club -- (resort)
Pre-__ student
Club ___
Club ___ (resort chain)
Teaching deg.
It's not quite lge.
School type
It's not quite lge.
School type
Not as large as lge.
Smaller than lge.
Club ___ (resort)
Club __
School for docs
Shirt size: Abbr.
School type (Abbr.)
Famous Club
Size abbr.
Beach-lover's Club
Pre-___ (doc.track)
Club ___ (vacation destination)
Part of M.D.
School for docs
Shirt size: Abbr.
Club ___ (vacation venue)
Dose, informally
Sweater size: abbr.
Kind of sch.
Club ___
Club __
The "M" of MCAT (abbr.)
Club ___
___ school
Kind of school
Fly or school type
Kind of post-grad school
Club ___ resort
Part of AMA
Club __
___ school
Size abbr.
Club __
Not sm. or lge.
Fly or school opener
Kind of student
Club ___
Sweater size: Abbr.
Not lg. or sm.
Kind of school
Club ___
School for future docs
Concerning health (abbr.)
Type of school for doctors
Beach-lover's Club
Kind of school for short
Future doc's school type
___ school (doctor's training)
Shirt size: abbr.
Teaching deg.
____ school
Turk. borders it
Two below XL
___ school
Education degr.
Cub ____: popular resort area
Club _____
_____ school
Teacher's degree
Less than lg.
Kind of sch.
Part of A.M.A.
What the dr. ordered
One of the grad schools
Fly type, for short
Dr.'s bailiwick
Kind of fly, for short
___ school: Abbr.
Coll. degree
Pedagogue's deg.
G.P.'s profession
Certain grad. school
What the Dr. ordered
Extension of the Atl.
Size between sml. and lge.
Robe size: Abbr.
Neither sml. nor lge.
Part of M.D.: Abbr.
Slipper size: Abbr.
Doctors' field: Abbr.
Doctor's field: Abbr.
Pre-___ course
Health field: Abbr.
Science course: Abbr.
Teacher's degree.
Important science: Abbr.
Educator's degree.
Of the Middle Ages: Abbr.
Soso: Abbr.
Type of school, for short.
Of a certain size: Abbr.
Short for a kind of college.
Neither large nor small: Abbr.
Degree in education.
The healing art: Abbr.
Medical, for short.
Academic degree.
Scrip stuff
Club ___
___ student
Type of school for docs-to-be
Tablet, e.g.
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