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Crossword Clues for MEETS

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Clue Source Date
Swim team events Universal 23 Mar 2021
Gets together Thomas Joseph 08 Feb 2021
Complies with Newsday 29 Jan 2021
Gets introduced to USA Today 24 Dec 2020
Turns up Old Bob is a supporter of golf and most top athletic events Irish Times Crosaire 03 Dec 2020
Convenes Thomas Joseph 24 Oct 2020
Bumps into New York Times 03 Sep 2020
Is introduced to USA Today 21 Aug 2020
Track events Wall Street Journal 11 Aug 2020
Second rain overturned sporting events The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Aug 2020
There's no air in Emirates for track events Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jul 2020
Satisfies The Sun Two Speed 30 Jun 2020
Convenes where beef and lamb discussed? The Sun Two Speed 30 Jun 2020
Encounters The Telegraph Quick 26 Jun 2020
Encounters in sporting events The Sun Two Speed 18 Jun 2020
Track contests USA Today 10 Jun 2020
Runs into Newsday 14 May 2020
Swimming contests USA Today 30 Mar 2020
Encounters fox-hunting events The Sun Two Speed 26 Mar 2020
Matches New York Times 22 Mar 2020
Tournaments LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2020
Intersects Premier Sunday 22 Dec 2019
Some sporting events New York Times 07 Dec 2019
Swim events The Washington Post 04 Dec 2019
Gathers the writer set off The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Nov 2019
Competitions in pools USA Today 01 Nov 2019
Track competitions Universal 31 Oct 2019
Comes together with others Irish Times Simplex 22 Aug 2019
Track-and-field competitions New York Times 24 Jun 2019
Assembles New York Times 18 Jun 2019
Crosses paths The Washington Post 26 May 2019
Swimmers' competitions Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2019
Sporting contests Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2019
Congregates Newsday 03 Mar 2019
Comes across
Pool competitions New York Times 28 Nov 2018
Chances upon Universal 06 Aug 2018
Events being those vegetarians eschew vocally The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jun 2018
Track schedule New York Times 25 Feb 2018
Comes together Thomas Joseph 15 Nov 2017
Relay settings The Washington Post 21 Oct 2017
Sits down with Newsday 02 Jul 2017
Track or swimming events USA Today 05 Apr 2017
Gathers together The Telegraph Quick 24 Dec 2016
Some athletic events USA Today 21 Nov 2016
Runs across Premier Sunday 25 Sep 2016
Athletic contests Wall Street Journal 20 Sep 2016
Holds a session Universal 06 May 2016
Set out after me for get-togethers The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2015
Joins up with The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2015
Big track events New York Times 20 Oct 2015
This compiler set fantastic answers The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2015
They often feature dashing young men Newsday 11 Jul 2015
Track season events Universal 19 Mar 2015
Hooks up with LA Times Daily 17 Mar 2015
Track tournaments USA Today 02 Feb 2015
Pool events LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2015
Introduces oneself to
Athletic events
Track & field get-togethers
Junior Senior "Boy ___ Girl"
Swimming competitions
Happens upon
Boy-girl link
Complies with, as a deadline
What soul does to body, to Death Cab for Cutie
Parts of a school athletic calendar
Measures up to
Boy-girl connection
Running battles?
Wrestling contests
Sports events
Shakes hands with, maybe
Has a get-together
Sporting competitions
Track-and-field events
Dashes may be part of them
Wrestling affairs
Gymnastics competitions
Pays in full
Wrestling matches
Has a session
Where races are won and lost
Parts of some athletic schedules
Track team schedule
Makeup of some team schedules
Athletic schedule list
Swim contests
Sporting events
Crosses paths with
Swim competitions
Cross-country activities
Athletic competitions
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.