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Clue Source Date
Underwhelmed reaction Commuter 22 Apr 2024
"I'm not loving it" New York Times 22 Apr 2024
"It's not BAD..." TV 21 Apr 2024
It was just so-so
"Big deal" Newsday 31 Mar 2024
"It's not really working for me" LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2024
So-so USA Today 19 Mar 2024
"It's fine, I guess" USA Today 17 Mar 2024
Expression of indifference
"Not impressed" Newsday 03 Mar 2024
"Whatever" Eugene Sheffer 26 Feb 2024
Sound of disinterest (3)
Verbal shrug Newsday 25 Feb 2024
"Not really impressed" reaction
"I'm not impressed" expression
Whatever I've seen better
"Whatever" Eugene Sheffer 14 Feb 2024
Expression suggesting indifference
Not awesome LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2024
Just OK Universal 04 Feb 2024
"Whatevs" New York Times 03 Feb 2024
So-so USA Today 02 Feb 2024
Eh it doesn't really move me
"Who cares?"
"I'm not interested" expression
"Not a huge fan of that"
"I've seen better" New York Times 07 Jan 2024
Word of indifference, in slang
"Not impressed" USA Today 16 Dec 2023
So-so Universal 13 Dec 2023
"I'm unimpressed" USA Today 13 Dec 2023
"I'm unimpressed" "telenovela"
Verbal equivalent to a shrug
"Hasn't impressed me much" New York Times 06 Dec 2023
"Not interested" reaction
“Not impressed” Eugene Sheffer 02 Dec 2023
Indifferent review LA Times Daily 01 Dec 2023
“Not impressed” Eugene Sheffer 30 Nov 2023
“Doesn’t excite me” Thomas Joseph 29 Nov 2023
"It's ... just okay" New York Times Mini 22 Nov 2023
"Not impressed ..." Eugene Sheffer 07 Nov 2023
"I give it a 5 out of 10" USA Today 05 Nov 2023
"Not impressed" expression
“I’ve seen better” Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2023
Expression suggesting indifference
"Couldn't care less" expression
"Unimpressed" expression
Not particularly interesting Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2023
"I'm not impressed" expression
"Whatevs" New York Times 11 Oct 2023
Apathetic reaction New York Times 03 Oct 2023
So-so Universal 01 Oct 2023
Expression that conveys "The show was pretty average"
"It's … OK" New York Times 28 Sep 2023
'I'm not impressed' Wall Street Journal 13 Sep 2023
Expression of disinterest
"I couldn't care less" expression
"Not really impressed" reaction
'I'm less than impressed' USA Today 27 Aug 2023
Who cares if writer's on heroin? The Times Cryptic 21 Aug 2023
Indifferent response
Far from fantastic Newsday 18 Aug 2023
'Didn't love it' New York Times 15 Aug 2023
Ho-hum Premier Sunday 13 Aug 2023
"Eh, it's nothing special"
'I could take it or leave it' Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2023
(Shrug) Universal 02 Aug 2023
"Nothing to write home about" LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2023
'I'm not impressed' Newsday 25 Jul 2023
"I've seen better" Universal 15 Jul 2023
"I've seen much better" expression
*shrug* New York Times 12 Jul 2023
'I feel indifferent' USA Today 11 Jul 2023
'It was just OK' USA Today 09 Jul 2023
"It was nothing special"
'Not a huge fan' USA Today 03 Jul 2023
Expression of indifference Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2023
"Whatevs" Universal 13 Jun 2023
"This doesn't impress me"
Tepid response LA Times Daily 01 Jun 2023
"I couldn't care less" response
Ho-hum Wall Street Journal 24 May 2023
"That was so-so"
"Not my fave" LA Times Daily 16 May 2023
"I've seen better" Universal 15 May 2023
"I'm not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 09 May 2023
Unimpressed expression described by ":|"
"Not impressed!" reaction
"Not impressed" response
"Not bad, but not great either"
'I've had better' USA Today 23 Apr 2023
'I'm not impressed' New York Times 17 Apr 2023
"Not so great" Universal 14 Apr 2023
'I've seen better' Newsday 14 Apr 2023
"This doesn't impress me at all," slangily
"Whatevs" Eugene Sheffer 11 Apr 2023
'It's … OK' New York Times 09 Apr 2023
"I'm not impressed," slangily
'Not my favorite' New York Times 30 Mar 2023
Slangy word of indifference
"Whatever" Eugene Sheffer 18 Mar 2023
"Not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 09 Mar 2023
Sigh of indifference
'Don't love it, don't hate it' New York Times 26 Feb 2023
"I'm not impressed" response
Apathetic response Universal 20 Feb 2023
'It's nothing special' Wall Street Journal 18 Feb 2023
'Doesn't impress me' USA Today 12 Feb 2023
"Not impressed ..." Eugene Sheffer 10 Feb 2023
'Unimpressed' USA Today 31 Jan 2023
'I'm not impressed' New York Times 29 Jan 2023
"I'm not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 28 Jan 2023
Just okay LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2023
Unimpressed reaction
Passable, at best New York Times 23 Jan 2023
Unimpressed utterance
'Not so great' Wall Street Journal 17 Jan 2023
Unimpressed comment USA Today 15 Jan 2023
'It was just OK' USA Today 12 Jan 2023
"I'm unimpressed"
Not so hot Universal 04 Jan 2023
Just so-so USA Today 28 Dec 2022
"Not interested" reaction
'I didn't love it' USA Today 02 Dec 2022
Interjection of indifference Newsday 30 Nov 2022
"Ho-hum" Premier Sunday 20 Nov 2022
'idk its fine' USA Today 18 Nov 2022
"Not impressive!"
'It's just all right' USA Today 12 Nov 2022
"Not impressed" expression
Mediocre The Times Concise 23 Oct 2022
Nothing to write home about New York Times 15 Oct 2022
"Whatevs" Eugene Sheffer 13 Oct 2022
'Kinda mediocre' USA Today 09 Oct 2022
"I could take it or leave it" LA Times Daily 05 Oct 2022
"Whatever" Eugene Sheffer 03 Oct 2022
"Big whoop" LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2022
"Not enough to impress me"
Comme ci, comme ça New York Times 10 Sep 2022
"Not impressed" expression
'I'm not impressed' USA Today 29 Aug 2022
'It's nothing to write home about' USA Today 23 Aug 2022
Response from the underwhelmed LA Times Daily 19 Aug 2022
"Whatever" Eugene Sheffer 18 Aug 2022
[shrug] LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2022
"I couldn't care less"
Apathetic Newsday 23 Jul 2022
'That doesn't do much for me' New York Times 04 Jul 2022
"I've heard better"
"Whatevs" Eugene Sheffer 25 Jun 2022
"It's okay, I guess" LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2022
'It's okay, I guess' The Washington Post 06 Jun 2022
Word of indifference
Deserving three stars out of five Universal 26 May 2022
"Whatever" expression
"Not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 17 May 2022
'Not thrilled with it' USA Today 06 May 2022
'Not great' USA Today 30 Apr 2022
"I'm unimpressed" Universal 22 Apr 2022
It expresses indifference about margin being raised?
It expresses indifference about margin being raised? The Guardian Cryptic 21 Apr 2022
"Not impressive!"
It may be said with a shrug
"Didn't love it" Universal 08 Apr 2022
"Unimpressed" expression
"Not impressed ..." Eugene Sheffer 22 Mar 2022
Verbal shrug The Washington Post 12 Mar 2022
Verbal shrug LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2022
Word of indifference
Unimpressed reaction USA Today 04 Mar 2022
"I'm not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 03 Mar 2022
Lukewarm response Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2022
'I don't love it' USA Today 26 Feb 2022
''I'm not impressed!'' Newsday 16 Feb 2022
'Whatever' The Washington Post Sunday 13 Feb 2022
"Doesn't excite me much" sound
"Not impressed" expression
'I'm not impressed' USA Today 21 Jan 2022
"I'm not impressed" Universal 07 Jan 2022
[Yawn] LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2021
"I'm unconvinced"
"No big deal" LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2021
Not so hot LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2021
"Whatever" Eugene Sheffer 11 Dec 2021
“I’m not impressed” New York Times 06 Dec 2021
Unimpressed response Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2021
"I'm not that impressed" Premier Sunday 28 Nov 2021
"Whatevs" Eugene Sheffer 25 Nov 2021
"Couldn't care less"
"How boring!"
'Whatever' USA Today 11 Nov 2021
So-so USA Today 08 Nov 2021
Unenthusiastic review LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2021
So-so Universal 29 Oct 2021
"I've seen better"
Unimpressed response Newsday 21 Oct 2021
Like a so-so movie Wall Street Journal 16 Oct 2021
"Whatever" Eugene Sheffer 14 Oct 2021
'I've seen better' The Washington Post 08 Oct 2021
"I've seen better" LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2021
[Yawn] The Washington Post 04 Oct 2021
[Yawn] LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2021
"Not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 22 Sep 2021
"Not impressed ..." Eugene Sheffer 07 Sep 2021
"Not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 26 Aug 2021
"Not impressed" sound
"I'm not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 07 Aug 2021
"I could take it or leave it" LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2021
'I could take it or leave it' The Washington Post 03 Aug 2021
'I don't love that' USA Today 27 Jul 2021
Expression of indifference
Word of indifference New York Times 24 Jul 2021
'That's not impressing me' New York Times 21 Jul 2021
'It didn't wow me' The Washington Post Sunday 18 Jul 2021
Tepid reaction Universal 08 Jul 2021
"Not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 05 Jul 2021
'I could take it or leave it' USA Today 29 Jun 2021
Word said with a shrug Universal 24 Jun 2021
Indifferent remark New York Times 18 Jun 2021
"That was so average" expression
"I'm indifferent" Universal 19 May 2021
"Not impressed" expression
Verbal shrug New York Times 10 May 2021
"I've seen better" Universal 07 May 2021
'It's just OK' New York Times 01 May 2021
Indifferent response
Sound of indifference
"It's so-so" Premier Sunday 11 Apr 2021
Verbal shrug
“Big whoop” Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2021
Unenthusiastic reaction Universal 25 Mar 2021
"I'm not impressed" Universal 24 Mar 2021
"Unimpressive" Universal 18 Mar 2021
*shrug* USA Today 16 Mar 2021
Just so-so Premier Sunday 14 Mar 2021
Run-of-the-mill The Washington Post 17 Feb 2021
Uninspiring crossword compiler? She's core
Run-of-the-mill LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2021
“I’ve seen better...” Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2021
Unimpressed utterance
[Shrug] New York Times 06 Feb 2021
Slangy response indicating apathy
"Whatever" sound
Slangy "You can do better"
"I'm not impressed" Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2021
Unimpressed reaction
'Not impressed' USA Today 16 Jan 2021
''I'm not impressed'' Newsday 10 Jan 2021
“I’m less than impressed” Wall Street Journal 29 Dec 2020
'It's OK, I guess' USA Today 29 Dec 2020
"Not so hot" LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2020
'Not so hot' The Washington Post 28 Dec 2020
Slangy interjection of indifference
"I'm not really excited" Universal 25 Dec 2020
Indifferent reaction LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2020
Indifferent reaction The Washington Post 17 Dec 2020
"I could go either way" LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2020
'I could go either way' The Washington Post 15 Dec 2020
'I really don't care' Jonesin 08 Dec 2020
Unimpressed reaction
Unimpressed utterance
'Could be better' USA Today 27 Oct 2020
''Whatevs'' Newsday 24 Oct 2020
Shoulder-shrugging syllable The Washington Post 29 Sep 2020
Shoulder-shrugging syllable LA Times Daily 29 Sep 2020
"Whatever" Universal 19 Sep 2020
'I've seen better' USA Today 19 Sep 2020
"Doesn't excite me" Thomas Joseph 19 Sep 2020
Unenthused response New York Times 12 Sep 2020
"Not impressed" Eugene Sheffer 09 Sep 2020
"Doesn't do much for me" Universal 02 Sep 2020
“I’m lukewarm” Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2020
'I'm unimpressed' The Washington Post 10 Aug 2020
"I'm unimpressed" LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2020
'So exciting--not' The Washington Post 19 Jul 2020
"So exciting--not" LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2020
'Not a huge fan' USA Today 08 Jul 2020
Word of indifference
Verbal shrug USA Today 29 Jun 2020
Slangy word suggesting apathy
'It's just OK' USA Today 15 Jun 2020
Word of indifference
'Big whoop' New York Times 06 Jun 2020
Neither great nor terrible USA Today 15 May 2020
Unimpressed response
"Not a big fan" Universal 14 May 2020
'It was fine, I guess' The Washington Post Sunday 03 May 2020
“Ho-hum” Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2020
'Yeah, whoop-de-do' The Washington Post Sunday 26 Apr 2020
'Not a huge fan' The Washington Post 25 Apr 2020
"Not a huge fan" LA Times Daily 25 Apr 2020
'Whatever' Jonesin 21 Apr 2020
"Not impressed" expression
“I can’t get excited by it” Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2020
"Not impressed" expression
'Not really a fan' USA Today 01 Apr 2020
Unimpressed expression
Slangy word of indifference The Washington Post 24 Mar 2020
Slangy word of indifference LA Times Daily 24 Mar 2020
'I'm not impressed' Eugene Sheffer 13 Mar 2020
Expression of disinterest
"So-so" LA Times Daily 04 Mar 2020
'So-so' The Washington Post 04 Mar 2020
"Not impressed" expression
Unimpressed reaction
One's not moved border up
Slangy word of indifference
So-so Universal 15 Dec 2019
Word of indifference
"Couldn't care less"
'Couldn't care less' New York Times 03 Dec 2019
'Ho-hum' Premier Sunday 01 Dec 2019
Uninspired New York Times 14 Nov 2019
"I'm not impressed" exclamation
Lukewarm response New York Times 13 Oct 2019
Lukewarm response
Unimpressed response Wall Street Journal 08 Oct 2019
Underwhelmed expression
"Not really a fan" LA Times Daily 01 Oct 2019
'Not really a fan' The Washington Post 01 Oct 2019
Interjection of boredom
"It's quite mediocre"
'Eh, so-so' Premier Sunday 15 Sep 2019
"That was so average" expression
"I'm not overwhelmed" expression
'I'm not impressed' New York Times 02 Sep 2019
Not so hot
"So boring" expression
Unimpressed reaction Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2019
Utterance from the unimpressed
"I'm unimpressed" Universal 10 Jul 2019
"I am not impressed" exclamation
Unexceptional New York Times 07 Jul 2019
Unimpressed reaction Universal 23 Jun 2019
Unimpressed utterance Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2019
Blah Universal 29 May 2019
'Doesn't do it for me' The Washington Post 24 May 2019
"Doesn't do it for me" LA Times Daily 24 May 2019
Comment of indifference Wall Street Journal 15 May 2019
"I'm not impressed" word
Who cares what comes after 1000?
So-so New York Times 25 Mar 2019
'Doesn't excite me' Wall Street Journal 21 Mar 2019
'Not impressed' New York Times 18 Mar 2019
'I'm not im-pressed' Eugene Sheffer 15 Mar 2019
"So average!" exclamation
Utterance from the unimpressed Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2019
Expression of disinterest
"Whatevs" The New Yorker 25 Feb 2019
"Whatevs" Universal 20 Feb 2019
"Unimpressed" expression
'I'm less than impressed' Premier Sunday 03 Feb 2019
Expression for "Not impressed!"
Interjection of disinterest
Utterance from the unimpressed
"Doesn't do it for me"
"Not really a fan"
"I'm not impressed"
"Not impressed"
"I'm unimpressed"
Unimpressed reaction
"Doesn't excite me"
Comment of indifference
Unimpressed reaction
Unimpressed response
Unimpressed utterance
Interjection of indifference Newsday 30 Dec 2018
"Not impressed" expression
'I couldn't care less' The Washington Post 14 Dec 2018
"I couldn't care less" LA Times Daily 14 Dec 2018
"Not at all impressed" expression
Expression of indifference
"I am not impressed" response
Slang for "Does not thrill me"
"Nothing to shout about" LA Times Daily 26 Sep 2018
'Nothing to shout about' The Washington Post 26 Sep 2018
'It didn't thrill me' The Washington Post Sunday 23 Sep 2018
''Not impressed!'' Newsday 06 Sep 2018
Verbal shrug The New Yorker 20 Aug 2018
Expression for when one lacks interest
Exclamation of indifference Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2018
[Shrug] The Washington Post 07 Jun 2018
[Shrug] LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2018
'That doesn't impress me much' New York Times 13 May 2018
Word of indifference
'You expect me to clap for that?' Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2018
'Not so great' New York Times 05 Apr 2018
Word suggesting "I'm not impressed"
Expression suggesting indifference
'It doesn't excite me' New York Times 09 Feb 2018
Utterance of indifference The Washington Post Sunday 04 Feb 2018
'Doesn't excite me' New York Times 10 Jan 2018
"I couldn't care less"
"You expect me to clap for that?"
Exclamation of indifference
"I'm not a big fan"
"That doesn't impress me much"
"Not so great"
"It doesn't excite me"
"Doesn't excite me"
"I'm not impressed"
"Nothing to shout about"
Word that I guess is hidden in the theme answers, but whatever Jonesin 19 Dec 2017
Hardly thrilling Newsday 09 Dec 2017
Slangy word of indifference
Slangy word of indifference
'Not impressed' The Washington Post 19 Nov 2017
"Not impressed" LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2017
[Yawn] LA Times Daily 02 Nov 2017
[Yawn] The Washington Post 02 Nov 2017
"I'm not impressed" LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2017
'I'm not impressed' The Washington Post 24 Oct 2017
'Doesn't excite me' Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2017
Not so exciting New York Times 24 Aug 2017
Modern slang word suggesting indifference
Verbal shrug Newsday 16 Jul 2017
'I've seen better' New York Times 07 Jun 2017
A sound made to convey indifference (sounds like "heh")
A sound made to indicate boredom or disinterest
'No great shakes' The Washington Post 24 May 2017
"No great shakes" LA Times Daily 24 May 2017
'Nothing special' Wall Street Journal 20 May 2017
"I've seen better" LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2017
'I've seen better' The Washington Post 19 Apr 2017
'Not impressed' Premier Sunday 16 Apr 2017
'Whatevs' The Washington Post 03 Mar 2017
"Whatevs" LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2017
'I'm decidedly uninterested' Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2017
"I've seen better"
"Not impressed"
"Nothing to write home about"
Not so exciting
"I'm not impressed"
"I've seen better"
"No great shakes"
Verbal shrug LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2016
"Doesn't do much for me" LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2016
Indifferent evaluation The Washington Post 11 Dec 2016
'Whatever' reaction Jonesin 13 Sep 2016
Interjection made with a shrug The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Sep 2016
Word said with a shrug USA Today 18 Jun 2016
'I'm not overwhelmed' New York Times 12 Jun 2016
"Does nothing for me" LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2016
"Doesn't thrill me" LA Times Daily 23 May 2016
'Who cares?' The Washington Post 21 Apr 2016
Scoring low on the excite-o-meter New York Times 08 Apr 2016
"No great shakes" USA Today 30 Mar 2016
'I'm underwhelmed' The Washington Post 24 Mar 2016
'Who cares' New York Times 22 Feb 2016
"Whatever" LA Times Daily 03 Jan 2016
Interjection made with a shrug
"Not so hot"
"Doesn't thrill me"
"Doesn't do much for me"
"Does nothing for me"
"I'm not overwhelmed"
Verbal shrug
Word said with a shrug
Sound of indifference from pantomime horse
'Whatever ...' Eugene Sheffer 08 Dec 2015
"Not so great" LA Times Daily 30 Nov 2015
'Whatevs' Jonesin 27 Oct 2015
Indifferent response LA Times Daily 07 Oct 2015
[Yawn] New York Times 09 Sep 2015
'Whatever' New York Times 23 Aug 2015
"I'm underwhelmed" LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2015
"It's okay, I guess" LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2015
'I'm not feelin' it' Jonesin 19 May 2015
Word of indifference LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2015
'It was only OK' Premier Sunday 29 Mar 2015
"I'm not impressed"
"Two thumbs sideways"
"Not so great"
"It's okay, I guess"
"I've heard better"
Word of indifference
Word of indifference
"I could take it or leave it"
'It was only OK'
Indifferent response
"I'm underwhelmed"
"So what"
"I'm less than impressed"
Word of indifference
Like "Captain Phillips" or "Argo," according to me
'I'm not impressed'
'Doesn't thrill me'
"It didn't thrill me"
"Doesn't matter to me"
Expression of boredom
Verbal shrug
"So what"
"I'm not impressed"
"I'm underwhelmed"
"Big deal"
Not so hot
"I'm not real impressed"
"I don't care much about that"
Verbal shrug
"So what?"
"I'm unimpressed"
Sound signifying that one is not impressed
"I can't get excited about it"
Word of indifference
"No great shakes"
"Who cares?"
"Who cares"
Exclamation popularized by "The Simpsons"
"I'm less than impressed"
Verbal shrug
"Doesn't thrill me"
Interjection of disinterest
Unenthusiastic response
"Doesn't matter"
Slangy word of indifference
Sound of indifference
"Whatever" reaction
Slangy word of indifference
"Whatever ..."
"___ Lady," T. N. Page short story
Exclamation said while shrugging
"Whatever ..." (for the record, this isn't a "Simpsons" neologism, despite what the Internet tells you)
"I've seen better"
"I've heard better"
Response from someone who's heard it all before
Unimpressed feeling
[ ___ ]
"I've heard better ..."
"I've felt better"
"I've been better"
"Whatever" reaction
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